I never was under any illusions about this war of ours. I think Iraq was just the first beachhead. I think that while not all about the oil, oil has more to do with it than humanitarian aid. I think a large part of this is revenge, mixed with equal amounts of ‘Never Again’. I am pro any war. I think it keeps you on your toes, and provides great television. I will be pleasantly surprised if the Iraqi’s become our friends, but I will not hold my breath.
This war has been prosecuted more brilliantly than any other campaign I can think of, offhand. This administration has played the media and public opinion like I’ve never seen. They bait & switch and lie and obfuscate and then just go and do what they want…and brilliantly.
Syria’s next…maybe. The way things have gone we could wake up tomorrow and China and Russia could begetting hammered. China and Russia are sweating…not in their faces, but the real cold sweat that comes from facing a real threat…the one that causes a trickle of sweat to run down your back and into your butt-crack…and then you shiver, just a bit.
The House and the Senate have been irrelevant for so long, they don’t know how to become relevant again. Bush’s team keeps them down on the mat, where they can barely hear the count through the ringing in their ears. We The People see how irrelevant they are, and hopefully we will vote a lot, and a lot smarter in the next elections.
We are opening up an oil pipeline to Israel and Jordan that hasn’t been opened since the British left in 1955. Brilliant. We are closing the pipeline to Syria. Brilliant. I suspect Syria may fall without a shot being fired. If not, the 4th Mechanized is poised to cut through them like shit through a goose. Brilliant. We are casting a thoughtful and malevolent gaze upon Turkey. I still have hope that they will roll over and show their throat and then scamper happily along a few paces behind us. Maybe.
Unless somebody out there has a brilliant, evil plan that can stop us, the world’s paradigm has shifted. The only one I can see right now that are smart and mean and equipped well enough to hamper us is Israel. Bush better be careful with them. They have taken enough shit, and I’m not sure how much more they will take. I see the Israel/Palestenian issue as the most significant and dangerous diplomatic issue facing the United States today. We’ve blockaded North Korea and they dare not make a move right now, and China is subtly ingratiating themselves with us by tweaking North Koreas attitude here and there. China’s war doctine says that they expect to be at war with us within five years. I hope our Leaders know this and take heed.
The second most dangerous trouble spot for the United States is our still porous and open borders. Bad People carrying Bad Things are knocking at our doors. We are becoming a fanatic magnet.
The third most dangerous trouble spot is South America, from Mexico to the Cape. Between the proliferation of Fundamentalist Islam, nuclear weapons, and communism, this is becoming a pot we had better be prepared to stir, soon, and to sift the nasty lumps out of it.
In the meantime, God Bless Our Boys, and God Bless My Boys, and don’t for a second think this is over.

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