Rachel Lucas is taking a break, maybe for weeks, maybe forever. I don’t care, because I didn’t read or comment in her site. But, I found it interesting that she justified leaving her site up but closing down her comments section with the following reason:

I want to be able to go days at a time without checking my e-mail or monitoring my comments section for trolls and psychos.

Hey, that’s why I don’t have a comments section! Well, one of the reasons. I can handle the email, it’s the mindless blithering and furious exchage of facts that wears me out…I wanna hear what you think! I wanna hear what you feel! I don’t care what the Baron De Roqueville wrote about the plight of silversmith’s and hatter’s in 1782 and how this relates to the struggle for civil rights and why Bono sucks dick…geez.
I keep this site up for me. I give not a tinker’s hoot what anybody else thinks unless they agree with me, and then it just becomes redundant. I have enjoyed the occasional exchange of emails, and have blocked the occasional moron. C’est la guerre. I do not give a wet shit about ‘netiquette’ or what is considered de riguere for ‘the blogosphere’.
“Fuck You, We Do What We Want!” used to have some meaning…I haven’t forgotten that.

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