Congolese kill teachers accused of Ebola spell


By Christian Tsoumou

BRAZZAVILLE, Feb 21 (Reuters) – Congolese villagers have stoned and beaten to death four teachers accused of casting an evil spell to cause an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease that has killed nearly 70 people, a local official said Friday.

The outbreak of Ebola in the districts of Kelle and Mbomo near the central African country’s northern border with Gabon is thought by scientists to have been caused by the consumption of infected monkey meat.

But many locals believe occult forces are at work.

“In Kelle, people continue to believe that the Ebola disease is a spell that has been cast on them by witches, and four teachers accused of being the cause of the disease have been beaten and stoned to death,” said Dieudonne Hossie, a local official. He did not say when the teachers were killed.

“We call on the people of Kelle to be calm. It is the Ebola virus which is raging in the area. It is not an evil spell, it is a scientifically proven virus,” Hossie, who was speaking on the official Radio-Congo, said.

Do I really need to say anything I haven’t already said? We need to leave these savages to their own devices, and turn our wrathful eye to South America, where some serious Conquistadorianism needs to be done…

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