I blogged on the Marine parachute jumping ‘accident’ last September, and had a little fun with what must have been one scary-ass day for some of our young troopies, and now we have this:

“…Lance Cpl. Antoine Boykins, 21, of Baltimore and Lance Cpl. Julian Ramirez, 25, of Los Angeles were charged Feb. 12. They have been in the brig at Camp Lejeune since January. Boykins and Ramirez are air delivery specialists with the 2nd Transportation Support Battalion, 2nd Force Service Support Group. Their attorneys did not immediately return calls Wednesday….”

A black guy and a Mexican. Figures. When I was in, we had to deal with black and spic gangsters all the time who had only come in to steal, sell dope, generally fuck things up, and get some of Uncle Sam’s good combat training to take back to their gang when they got out. Now, you guys got all these Black Muslum and La Raza motherfuckers coming in….My Troopies, I would look very carefully to my left and my right at who was ‘standing tall’ beside me. If you hear anti American rhetoric, or see a Koran, mark that SOB down for a good fragging when the shit starts, cuz that motherfucker would gladly sell you out or kill you himself. Already the gang problem is so bad aboard some ships (including carriers) that gangsters are throwing their enemies overboard to settle scores. And cutting ‘chute lines…geez almighty.
I was in a hard charging light infantry unit, part of Reagan’s Rapid Deployment Force, and we expected to be sent in to Iran or somewhere every damn day. The NCO’s and leaders among us, including some very good black and Mexican soldiers, had an unofficial, known only to ourselves plan on who would be having an ‘accident’ soon after we unassed the plane or chopper wherever we ended up. You may think us vile, but we had trained long and hard with these people, and we knew who would jeapordize the mission and get us killed. Life’s a bitch, and like W.C. Fields once said, “anything worth having (in this case, our lives) is worth cheating for“.
Stay alert, boys, it’s gonna be tough enough staying alive in this one even without some of your so-called ‘comrades’ trying to ‘send you into the light’ as well.
God Bless You…

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