I left this comment on the Angry Clam’s blog, directed to a Berkeley-ite slug who posts as ‘Mano’, who was advocating burning our flag, and supporting Iraq among other outrages…
I would hate for this little insult of mine to slide off unnoticed into the blogosphere:

“…Mano, I would call you a Cunt, but I have known many Cunts…many Cunts have been my friend…you are no Cunt.
You are just a little dick, an ill-formed log…a little piece of turd, a minor skidmark in the underwear of life, you vile, cowardly puddle of poodle puke.
Might I suggest a warm tub and a pack of safety razors for you? Pour a little blue food coloring in the tub before you slit your wrists…I can’t imagine a more patriotic display by which you could redeem your sorry, sad self…”

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