Silly me, I should have known we wouldn’t have gone in to Irag on Friday. It’s a full frigging moon. We don’t like having our black bats bombing when they can be silhouetted against the bright moon. Poop. Well, maybe in a week or so. ‘Course, if we just started sending cruise missles in first, the Iraqi whack-ees could use the light to crawl around and find their body parts, glistening blackly in the moonlight, and maybe get some Iraqi veterinarian to try to hook it back up for them.
It would also be more humanitarian for us to bomb, now…it’s easier to find your blown-to-shit Iraqi children in the rubble with some moonlight to see by. Why didn’t anyone whine about ‘the children’ when we fire-bombed Tokyo and Dresden? Fuck, an enemy is an enemy. If you are shooting at me from your yard, and hit one of my family members, I’ll beat you to death with the twitching corpse of your newborn infant.
These pussies today on the news and their stupid little marches…what a missed opportunity for some B-52 cluster bomb strikes, eh? Fuck your ‘freedoms’…and no, I will not fight or support your right to have an opinion if your opinion is against my country, and the sponsor of your little event is an enemy of my country…what?..what dumbfuck? You didn’t notice all of the Communist and Iraqi and ‘Rainbow’ flags and signage? Jeez, I can’t wait until one of you vile traitorous retards gives me the opportunity to twist my serrated blade into your intestines like I’m trying to get a fat fork-full of pasta.
While you idiots were out buying duct tape and beani-weenies this week, I was making fire bombs and laying out fields of fire. I live in a little cul-de-sac of middle class white folk in a sea of spics and ragheads. If things go to shit, and my house starts taking fire (and it will be undeserved, because I don’t start shit, I finish it), I will go out and ignite their apartment complexes and then gun them down as they run out like rats.
What are you doing for your country?

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