I just got a call from one of my Marine sons who had signed up and contracted for a supply MOS, just passed all of his training and testing in the MOS with flying colors, and is now headed to Kuwait as a grunt…Oh, he’ll be guarding supply lines, but that is about as close as he’ll get to ‘Supply’.

Tell your young’ns this cautionary tale when they come to you with a desire to volunteer.

It just pisses me off that contracts aren’t honored any more. It bugs me that he’s going…heck, I wouldn’t want him going there as a tourist…and I could understand it if he was needed to replace a combat casualty, but this appears to me to be just more GI chickenshit.

My other Marine is gung ho to go, but they won’t let him go…appears he’s more valuable as a recruiter, hustling more wide-eyed innocents in to get fucked over.

Oh well…


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