I Heard The Other Day…

…that more people die from the flu each year than die of AIDS, and yet I fail to discern a flu ribbon on the lapels of the soft hearted and softheaded.Instead, I am expected to send my tax money overseas, so some African baby-raper can live another day to bust open some screaming little infant girls pussy, and then pass the poison into her.

I read today that two Palestinkian boys, ages 8 and 13, were apprehended in an Israeli community (in Israel) while they were in the middle of an attempted murder spree.

Yes folks, the little bastards are being ‘jumped in’ to criminal gangs like Hamas and Al Aqsucka’s. To ‘make their bones’, they must go forth and kill Jews. These little fellas were enthusiastic, but luckily for their targets, they just weren’t any good at it.

I don’t know why or how the little wastes of skin survived…Jews are either exercising restraint like I never knew was possible, or Jews are just shitty shots.

Some little raghead swine breaks into MY house and proceeds to fillet my little son or daughter, the Jews in the trash bag suits are gonna be sponging up bits of him from all over my house, later. Then I’d mail the little fuckers head to his mom.

I bought myself a little Koran the other day…

Ornate-looking piece of pagan gimcrackery.

I tried wiping my ass with a few torn out pages, but the resulting ink-stain on my starfish was hard on my briefs, so, instead, I now just tear off a page, and drop it down in the mess, and piss on it, and then flush.

Hey, you got your candle-light vigils, don’t mess with mine.


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