I finally got ahold of a used Abit KA7-100 motherboard from ebay, and have the machine up and running. I’ve got to get a UPS to keep this from happening again, but I am such a procrastinator.

I thought we’d be all the way at war by now, not just picking listlessly at our plate, taking the occasional bite.

Oh well, just adds credence to my theory that the plan is to fight on several fronts at once…kind of a winner takes all proposition.

Has anyone thought of what kind of pickle the Homefront would be in if something drastic happened to our Armed Forces at their various places of deployment? Including our National Guard?

Mexico, or whoever, could just walk in and take over. Remember all those Boeing’s we sold to China some years ago? Wouldn’t those make lovely troop transports? Gut those planes and put in proper seating, give them civilian paint jobs and call signs, and they could land unopposed all over the USA and start wreaking some real havoc.

That’s what I’d do…

Merry Christmas!


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