December 30, 2002

These are just some excerpts from http://www.right-thinking.com where I have been enjoying a spankfest:

Me: Whenever some little Ragfuck’s hellspawn bites it with a rubber bullet between the eyes, they were always going “to buy sweets”…”hey mom, I’m just going to step out into this hail of gunfire because I am really jonesing for a box of gobstoppers”…yeah, right. I frequently go to Amnasty International for an unbiased opinion on Jewish self defense procedures. If the Israelis REALLY want to do something effective, they’ll rocket the next funeral procession…a street full of gun-toting Hamas terrorists out in the open? Priceless!
It’s a well known fact that the Palestinkians use their old women on roofs for lookouts, and their mini-terrorists (‘children’) to resupply gunmen with ammo and the transport of other contraband and messages. All things considered, the Israelis are remarkably controlled and reserved in their response to the vermin.

Posted on December 30, 2002 @ 9:21 am by Cindy

You see Lee, how do you expect people to take ANY of your views seriously when most of those who support them are as blatantly racist, unreasonable, aggresive and intolerant as Bane.
I visited Bane’s little “page of hatred” he calls a blog and noticed that he doeasn’t allow any comments on there. So much for freedom of speech or the right to reply.

Posted on December 30, 2002 @ 11:51 am by Bane

I don’t allow comments because anything you have to say will be wrong, and people I care about read there. Folks can email me and chat, and I can block turds like you. People like you are NEVER going to take people like Lee seriously, you’re just not wired correctly. You have freedom of speech in America, and I have the right to free association, and I don’t choose to associate with knobs like you and Roy, except when kicking the sand in Lee’s sandbox in your face. Lee can tell me to leave if he’d like, and I would without a look back, but you little sand fleas just keep hopping around and taking little nips and irritating people.
Email me one interesting opinion you have that I care about and I may post it and give you the credit for it if I agree with you. Fat chance of that ever happening…

Posted on December 30, 2002 @ 11:57 am by Bane

Oh, and twinklet? You forgot homophobe…

Go there…enjoy…give Lee money, I think he likes it…oh, and don’t be rude, unless you know how to do it properly…


December 30, 2002

Just an update for those of you who may disagree with anything I’ve said: YOU’RE WRONG!.
Thank you.

PS: To those Nazi’s that try to suppress free speech by getting accounts pulled, I have all of my wisdom archived, and I know how to build my own website. I’ll always be around…kiss kiss

This Is All Just Too Depressing…

December 29, 2002

People going on like anything matters…like there will ever be a Christmas again, at least one where many of the presents don’t say ‘made in China’ on them.This is like watching a movie where a burning fuse is racing towards a keg of TNT, and no one in the film notices, no matter how loud you yell at the screen.

We are living in those last few seconds in Terminator 2, just before SkyNet drops the hammer on ‘life as we know it’.

Pundits are prattling on about their usual empty-headed nonsense, people care whether some frog twat made a pop’n fresh baby…even I care about the Raider’s chances to be in the Super Bowl, when I know in the back of my reptile brain that there is an excellent chance that Oakland will be under several feet of radioactive mud come this time next year.

Don’t agree?

Doesn’t matter…the trees whisper, birds migrate, spreading their virii…Norwalk, West Nile, maybe even Ebola, scientists say…doesn’t matter…the birds are getting lost, flying down chimney’s, looking startled and surprised…whole flocks of them.

Grown men have sex with little babies, film it, and then trade the pictures to other grown men.

Some of these babies were sold by their mother’s for drugs…and then those babies sometimes survive to become adults themselves.

Children are being taught from kindergarten on up to accept evil as good, perversion as the norm, and we act surprised when they grow up and kill us in our beds.

Don’t worry, though…because it’s too late to worry. Arm yourselves, store rations, it won’t matter…just save the last bullet for yourself.

Sweet Dreams…because you have been dreaming, haven’t you?

Dreams like you’ve never dreamt before. Do you wake at odd hours in the night, listening? Were those hoofbeats you heard? Do the dead ones from your past appear in your dreams as if it was perfectly natural for them to be talking to you? Do you wake because you just struck out in your sleep at something you were sure was peering intently into your sleeping face with a knowing smile?

The trees whisper secrets to each other…the house moans in it’s sleep, everyday things you’ve always taken for granted look somehow…different.

The end is not near, my friends, it is almost here…

Good night.



December 25, 2002


I finally got ahold of a used Abit KA7-100 motherboard from ebay, and have the machine up and running. I’ve got to get a UPS to keep this from happening again, but I am such a procrastinator.

I thought we’d be all the way at war by now, not just picking listlessly at our plate, taking the occasional bite.

Oh well, just adds credence to my theory that the plan is to fight on several fronts at once…kind of a winner takes all proposition.

Has anyone thought of what kind of pickle the Homefront would be in if something drastic happened to our Armed Forces at their various places of deployment? Including our National Guard?

Mexico, or whoever, could just walk in and take over. Remember all those Boeing’s we sold to China some years ago? Wouldn’t those make lovely troop transports? Gut those planes and put in proper seating, give them civilian paint jobs and call signs, and they could land unopposed all over the USA and start wreaking some real havoc.

That’s what I’d do…

Merry Christmas!