The New York City Police and Fire Departments have been the most bloated and corrupt institutions in this country since the 1800’s…I think this about says it all:

Firefighters Outraged By 9/11 Looting Accusations
Book Claims Looting Began Before First Tower Fell

POSTED: 6:53 p.m. EST November 18, 2002
UPDATED: 7:40 p.m. EST November 18, 2002

NEW YORK — Author William Langewiesche says something secret and sorry was mixed in with the rescue, sadness and tumult of the attack on America on Sept. 11, 2001.

“The looting was shadowy, widespread,…” he writes in “American Ground,” referring to less heroic actions of some firefighters, police and later, cleanup workers.
Peter Gorman, president of the Fire Officer’s Union, has organized firefighter rallies against the accusations at readings and book signings by Langewiesche.
“For him to insinuate that a firefighter got off the truck that morning and told his captain, ‘I’ll be right with you Cap, let me go down and grab a couple pair of jeans and I’ll be right back inside,’ is disgusting,” said Gorman.

But as NewsChannel 4 first reported last spring, the existence of looting at and around ground zero is undeniable.

Tourneau’s marketing boss said then that his downtown inventory was wiped out, and not by toppling towers.

“There was maybe 20 watches left in the store out of a few hundred,” said Andrew Block.

In the recently released, “American Ground,” Langewiesche writes about a fire ladder truck recovered from the pile of fallen debris.

“Its crew cab was filled with dozens of new pairs of jeans from The Gap,” he writes. “It was hard to avoid the conclusion that the looting had begun even before the first tower fell, and that while hundreds of doomed firemen had climbed through the wounded buildings, this particular crew had been engaged in something else entirely.”

“These accusations are completely without merit,” said Gorman. “And any looting down there I believe was minimal. Who was doing it? I have no idea, I’m not a police agency.”

The widow of one of 343 firefighters who perished in the World Trade Center attack said having this book is like having one more kick in the stomach.

Alantic Monthly magazine calls Langewiesche an experienced and levelheaded reporter and the facts were vigorously checked and rechecked for five months before the articles came out.

Fuck those Yankee con-jobs, I’m glad they got squished…

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