Doesn’t that photo of Trent Lott they’ve had up all afternoon on Fox News look like your drunken grandma with her teeth out just after she shit herself? Gad, lose that loser and get a real stud in there. Have him abdicate and bring Newt in in his place. Or Netinyahoo (I wonder how much Bebe could get if he changed his name to that?).
It’s Rock&Roll time, kiddies…hear that big rumbling sound? That’s the Big Turd of Our Future rumbling down the Colon of Time about to plop into the Toilet Bowl of Our Present…can I get an “Amen”? Howsabout a “whoop whoop”?
Hey, if you just swallow Alpha-Bits whole with some mineral oil, do you think you could invent a new type of scrying? Maybe call it Automatic Shitting? Maybe put a little gelatin in the bowl to keep the letters from bobbing around too much…
Sorry, all this election bullshit has made me go all colonic…that, and a fucking fruit fly just flew into my wine and I drank him out of spite and sent him into the rings of hell that is my digestive system. I hope reincarnation is real, and I just chugged Ghandi, little daughterpiss drinkin fuckin four-eyed towel-assed pervert. Or maybe Barney Frank’s mom…you know that cunt’s gotta be smokin a turd in hell.
You fuckers better ‘give me some love’, cuz I’m about to lose it. And my fucking motherboard took a shit last week and I’ve got it running on a wing and a prayer, but I don’t know how long she can hold out…fucking Slot A obsolete bullshit. Suck to crash in the middle of a titty vid…or lose a great rant.
Hey, who thinks Ted Kennedy isn’t gonna get shitcanned next election? I got a hundred bucks says The Swimmer is history…

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