We need to get together a bunch of guys…

…with really big feet to go over to Indonesia and just start crushing them little fuckers flat.

Fuckin little Ferengi are really startin to piss me off. Their muslum ‘soldiers’ all look like they dressed up in their dad’s uniform and gear for halloween.
I think we should arm the native Christian population over there with the baddest shit we have, including tactical nukes, and then lettem clean house…support em with Special Forces advisers, B-52’s, and naval gunfire wherever they ask for it.
And who gives a shit if an American tourist sticks his head somewhere they’ve been told not to, and gets it whacked off? Fukkem, they were warned. And that goes for missionaries, too…like we don’t have starving people over here and suchlike that need ministering to.

Don’t get me wrong, you kill an American, your whole shitty country should get smoked…heck, if you so much as snatch an American wallet, for that matter.
They keep telling me we’re a ‘Superpower’…yeah, right…when did we become such a nation of money-hungry pussies?

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