I am alternately amused and nauseated by the various pundits I read that want to suck up to our enemies. Let me give you the top part of the ‘enemies list’:
There’s more, but this’ll do for now. Each of the above deserves no more mercy than you’d show a cockroach or a termite, or any other mindless destructive parasite. Trying to ‘foster understanding’ makes me want to puke. I am more educated and have studied all of the above for more years than most of the pundits I find blithering over the subject. To explain succinctly, let me give you an example:
As a freshman in high school, I had just transferred over from a private church school where education was emphasized more than social events were. I was also a very handsome fellow, and the girlfriends of boyfriends weren’t hesitant to let me know they thought so, which led to, well, me getting my ass kicked pretty routinely by groups of testosterone fueled white trash (no blacks or messicans yet, back in those days). It got to be where I knew who my enemies were, all the bullshit they would talk, the posturing they would engage in, and what it looked like just before they made their move on me. I decided to stop them while they were in the bullshit portion (to save us all the grief of having to listen to it) with a good kick in the nuts using a pair of brand new, pointy-toed cowboy boots I’d bought just for that purpose. Then I’d stomp a heel up into their face when they bent over, and hurt as many of their cronies as I could before the pack pulled me down and I ended up dragging myself home bloody and torn, but glad I hadn’t had to hear the rest of their dreary trash.
My Dad always said, when you hear a chain rattle down the steps of a darkened porch at night, you might be forgiven for gettin dog-bit the first time, but you’ll never forget that sound after that, and if you get bit again, it’s your own damn fault.
It is just too damn bad that our young people today have been steadily brainwashed throughout their so called ‘education’ into thinking that they have to ‘understand’, to ‘get along’, to ‘not offend’, to not ‘be judgmental’….
Well, fuck off, eat shit, and die, if that’s how you feel, motherfuckers, cuz I ain’t going over the cliff with you…it’ll be my smiling face looking down at you from the edge as you fall with a stupid, surprised look on your mug, wondering just who the fuck pushed you…see there? That’s me, waving….

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