“…U.S. forces are not permitted to follow al-Qaida forces back into Pakistan when they flee.”

October 29, 2002

Boy, there’s that dog-chain rattlin’ down the porch steps again… The Gulf? Laos/Cambodia? Ring a bell? Shitheads never learn. Of course, like Laos/Cambodia, Nixon bombed and insurged anyway. I have high hopes that Bush is just collecting satellite and drone imagery preparatory to a massive B-52 strike (Gosh, I wish you could pay to sponsor a bomb and have your own message put on it. It’d help the war effort, and be a heckuva lotta fun for the folks back here playing at home!).
I have high hopes that we’ve made a secret alliance with India, so when the balloon goes up in Iraq this November, India nukes the piss out of Pakistan, parts of China, and we nuke the parts of China they missed. Russia’d go along with it, too, if the plan was tight and they were cut in on the booty. Heck, give the Russkies operational control of the launches, and have their observers everywhere but on our subs!
Using tactical nukes and air power to supplement India’s First Strike, the Chink War Machine could be decimated within, say, a week at the outside. With Pakistan shattered, and the US pounding the crap out of any Muslum country who doesn’t just shut the fuck up, India could send in whatever manpower was neccesary to mop up in China. With a decent propaganda effort, we could probably convince the surviving Chinks we just helped them out!
I’m not convinced that this would bring on Armegeddon, and I’m a little disappointed about that. Oh well, we’ll just have to try harder next time.

Just In Case You Think I’m Bullshitting…

October 25, 2002

…or some kind of lying-ass pussy, you should frisk me and search my car.I am never more than a heartbeat away from a deadly weapon. I keep two guns in my car, a sneaky one, and a heavy caliber automatic, each with ten magazines and two boxes of ammo, and a magazine loader…

Machete, boot knife, badass Spyderco, brass knuckles, a two foot steel pipe…my wife keeps an automatic loaded with Glazer’s in the diaper bag…

O’course, I’m fucked if a member of the Religion O’ Peace snipes my ass from his car trunk while his teenage boyfriend (“…for pleasure, a young boy…” The Koran) sets up the shot.

Get smart, my Bruthas From Anutha Mutha, prepare to deal out death as needed… there is no safe place, anymore.

It’s 1 am, you’re half kakked, trying to get the waitress to sell you ‘jus wun more drinkie’, and some fuck-monkey throws in a grenade and opens up with two Glock .45’s…yeah, you better be ready!

… cuz I don’t want to hear all your whining from that special circle of hell reserved for wide-eyed retards.



October 25, 2002

Thank God for plane crashes, eh? Too bad Teddy missed the plane. Clinton probably had that commie bitch Wellstone snuffed because he was doomed to lose, and now Mn’soatans will give the new Demo-fag candidate a mercy-fuck vote. I wouldn’t knowingly let a Democrap blow me, or even lick my dogs ass clean. What this country needs is a decent 5 cent civil war…


October 24, 2002

Okay, they’ve caught two of them…where are the rest of the team? You who know, know just what the fuck I’m talking about…


October 23, 2002

Take heart, America. Three monkey wrenches have been thrown
into Japan’s well-oiled economic machine. It’s only a matter
of time before that powerful engine of productivity begins
to sputter and fail.

What could cause such a sharp turnaround? High interest rates?
Increased unemployment? Lower productivity? No, it’s something
much more economically debilitating – and permanent.

Three American lawyers have become the first foreign attorneys
permitted to practice law in Japan. What’s more, two of them
are from New York!

The decline has begun.

Japan has one attorney for every 10,000 residents, compared to
the U.S. ratio of one attorney for every 390 residents. For
every 100 attorneys trained in Japan, there are 1,000 engineers.
In the United States, that ratio is reversed.

But a law that became effective on April 1 permits foreigners
to practice in Japan for the first time since 1955. Already,
an additional 20 American and six British lawyers have applied
for permission to open practices in Japan.

If anything can slow the Japanese economy, it’s the presence
of American attorneys. What better way to even our balance of
trade than to send Japan our costliest surplus commodity?


October 22, 2002

This sniper crap is such whitewash it’s painful. If it is being used to cover up something I am for, that’s okay. If it is deflecting public view from our invasion of the Muddle East, that’s fine. But I don’t trust any politician, and I’d like to know what vital, sneaky thing is going on in what ‘coincidentally’ is the political heart of our nation. I can think of no better way to impose a sort of martial law than what is going on in the Maryland area right now.

We need to get together a bunch of guys…

October 20, 2002

…with really big feet to go over to Indonesia and just start crushing them little fuckers flat.

Fuckin little Ferengi are really startin to piss me off. Their muslum ‘soldiers’ all look like they dressed up in their dad’s uniform and gear for halloween.
I think we should arm the native Christian population over there with the baddest shit we have, including tactical nukes, and then lettem clean house…support em with Special Forces advisers, B-52’s, and naval gunfire wherever they ask for it.
And who gives a shit if an American tourist sticks his head somewhere they’ve been told not to, and gets it whacked off? Fukkem, they were warned. And that goes for missionaries, too…like we don’t have starving people over here and suchlike that need ministering to.

Don’t get me wrong, you kill an American, your whole shitty country should get smoked…heck, if you so much as snatch an American wallet, for that matter.
They keep telling me we’re a ‘Superpower’…yeah, right…when did we become such a nation of money-hungry pussies?