The Towers…

I think they should rebuild the towers exactly as they were, with the exception of incorporating modern improvements that were made and/or discovered since they were first built. This would include mounting Phalanx weapons systems and anti-air missiles, staffed full time on the roof, changing watch only by helicopter (I think every large city in America should be protected this way).

Two new towers would be the best ‘Fuck You’ we could say, and the best memorial for the big puddle of American DNA that would be buried honorably underneath them.

I think we should, today, send nuclear capable cruise missles, most unarmed, into the heart of every muslum capital city and ‘holy’ site on the planet, televised live on CNN via ‘missle-cam’, with a presidential address to follow.

Mr. Bush would just say, “you’ve had your warning shot, next time they’re real. The next attack of any sort on American soil, the missles will be armed. The next attack on American interests any where else in the world, the missles will be armed. As you can see, all of the missles that I sent to Iraq today…were armed. Do not test my resolve, or the resolve of the American people, or we…will…bury…you. I have ordered today that all American embassies be closed in every muslim country we have them in, and in any country that supports terrorism. This includes France. I have also today ordered every non-western embassy in the United States closed, and have had all of their staffs deported. Each country so effected may petition to reopen their embassy’s here, with an understanding that any act of espionage from here on out will be considered an Act of War, and will be dealt with severely. All aid to these countries has been suspended until they petition us for aid, and agree to follow certain guidleines and restrictions regarding trade, human rights, and other issues as yet to be worked out with the Secretary Powell and the State Department. Any Act of War or terrorism against the State of Isreal will be considered an Act of War against the United States of America. This will be reevaluated if and when the current PLO government is replaced with a genuine, fairly elected, constitutional democracy. Hear my words, fear my country, and do not doubt that we have the will to do what is necessary.”
Yeah…I wish.

One Response to The Towers…

  1. wonderful says:

    You should send it to the Presidant

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