Man, I never realized how much I hated John Gruden until I watched that shitty game tonight…he reminds me of every little frat-rat preppy fuck I’ve ever punched in the face just for being stupid…Go Raiders!…especially now you’ve got a real adult man for a coach. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish…

And didn’t that little baby-smacking Irish dog cunt-bitch become a media super star over the weekend? Nobody mentions how she dyed her hair so’s she could run…ahhh, who gives a shit, OJ proved all you need is a sharp knife and sharper lawers to get away with…whatever.

If we had a future, you could trace the coming fall of this country to the juxtaposition of the OJ trial with the Clinton presidency. All of the chickens from the sixties finally came home to roost…stick a fork in us…we’re done…game over. When Clinton’s final perfidy is revealed, which was the sale of the cream of America’s technological secrets to China…all any True Amurrican is gonna have time to do is bend over and kiss their ass goodbye…and you won’t have time to wash it, either.

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