All Volunteer Military…

I can think of three words that should paralyze our enemies with fear, if they had the brain power between them to power a piss-ants moped one turn around a dingleberry…

‘All Volunteer Military’

…think about it…

“We all cared so much about our country and our way of life that we joined up, gave up our freedoms for a time, make shit wages, put up with grande servings of bullshit, all to get the opportunity to kill you and your family members and flatten your shitty turd-world country ON PURPOSE!!!! Yeah, you little cocksuckers BETTER run…but wait, I hear yer regrouping…goody, here’s another phrase I hope you intercept before a Big Scary Noise goes off over your head…”troops in the open!…Fire for effect!!”

A zipperhead by any other name is still a zipperhead…they never learn, so ever so often you gotta respray. Mercy is something you leave in a little box at home when you leave, and hope you can find your way back to when it’s over. Rules are for pussies and fools. There is no more Marquis, and his rules merely glossed over the savagery that was going to occur anyway.

These ragpickers…these snaggletoothed filthy degenerate boy-fucking retards in filthy nightshirts, will rape our prisoners of all three sexes. They will torture for information and amusement, but mostly for amusement, so ‘just roll on your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier’, as was written once by one who knew.
Boys and girls, if it won’t take it’s hands out of it’s pockets’s, shoot it full of holes…if it turns around to walk at you and makes pleading motions with it’s hands, shoot it full of holes…you are the enemy, they want to die killing you, your duty is to assist them as cleanly and humanely as possible…unless, of course, you need one screaming in agony to freak out his brethren and cause them to make a mistake.

Hey, they’d do much the same for you…

Semper Fi

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