When I see people I respect linking to articulate fruits like Andrew Sullivan, it just breaks my heart. Hell, I read and enjoy Camille, too, but I recognize her for what she is: confused, twisted, and seriously damaged goods…a stopped clock is right twice a day and blah blah blah.
The time has come, I think, to choose sides…to decide which gang to pledge to, and wear their colors, even if you are afraid of them much of the time and don’t completely agree with them…and then, never forget that the maggots from the other gang are your sworn, mortal enemies…once you are jumped in, you will kill them on sight, smash them in the face with a nail-studded bat, and disregard their cries for mercy or understanding… Because, to do differently, is to invite annhiliation to yourself…and worse, to the one’s you love and care about.
Wheat from chaff, sheep from goats…it’s time.
I watched with growing horror tonight as an American football team ran choking and gagging from an unknown chemical that was released from the stands…it CAN happen here. It HAS happened here. It will happen again….

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