Hearing Today…

…that the Liberal-tarian Party supports ‘immigrant rights’ is the last straw for me. I’ve been skeptical about them all along for their drug stance, now they just may as well run Nader as their candidate.

What limp-wristed assholes…there will NEVER be a successful third party in a nationwide election in this country, and the other two parties are nearly indistinguishable. It’s been said before, if you want the job, you shouldn’t be allowed to have it.
I think every American at the age of 18 should have to take a test, kinda like a cross between the SAT’s and an immigrant style citizenship test, and get a certain score to be able to participate in the benefits of society, i.e, get a driver’s license, drive on public roads, etc.

From this pool, a supercomputer would pick, lottery style, people to fill in every position from President on down. Then, elections will be held for every position every four years, and Americans will vote with their social security number for the candidates. Any irregularity (i.e., multiple uses of a number) will lead to that vote being discarded and a letter generated to the last known good address of the SSN holder to allow them to clear things up. Any candidate who fails to recieve a certain percentage of votes would ‘lose’ and be replaced by the computer. Fraud carries an automatic death sentence.

Voting would last one week, and your voting receipt would give you one month out of the next twelve to be tax free, and be an automatic entry into a National Lottery where the pot is never below $50 million dollars. There would be no term limits.

Every candidate chosen for governerships on up would also have to take a psychiatric exam. All successful candidates would be paid extravagantly to avoid the temptation of corruption, and would remain tax-free for the rest of their lives, even those serving only one term.
Those pigs in Washington would never allow such a thing, of course…I think I hear the Black Helicopters already. I better go get a last beer outta the fridge before they kick in my door…goodbye…

One Response to Hearing Today…

  1. Kevin says:

    You sir, are a douche

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