Need I Say More????

EL PASO, Texas � About a dozen railroad bandits ambushed two FBI agents during a sting, kicking them and beating them with rocks, authorities said Friday.
The agents were hospitalized in critical condition with head injuries and were in induced comas Friday, said agent-in-charge Hardrick Crawford Jr.
Other agents arrested 16 people after the attack Thursday in the Sunland Park-Anapra area of New Mexico, just across the Texas line and yards from the Mexican border. The charges included train robbery and assault.
The agents were investigating thefts of interstate shipments from the railroads, which have cost the railroads more than $1 million a year, FBI spokesman Al Cruz said.
The FBI said the suspects jumped onto the train where it had to slow down for a sharp bend in the tracks. Tipped to a possible theft, agents confronted the alleged bandits, and 10 to 12 of them attacked agents Sergio Barrio, 39, and Samantha Mikeska, 38, the bureau said.
“Two agents were overwhelmed by Mexican nationals who had already mounted the train,” Crawford said. “Those agents were dragged into Mexico, kicked and beaten, hit with rocks.”
Gangs from Mexico have been robbing trains in the area for years, Crawford said, and law enforcement agencies regularly conduct sting operations.
The suspects were in federal custody in a Sunland Park, N.M.

Man I hate mexicans, the palestenian dog-turds of the Norte Americano hemisphere…

8 Responses to Need I Say More????

  1. fuck you white trash says:

    For all you fucken white trash people who all fucken look the same….stop hating on us Mexicans just because we are fucken intelligent and know a second language. You’re all jealous because you guys fucken failed spanish class! You guys are fucken retarded piece of shits all white and shit thinking they’re the “thing” fuck no! Justin bieber is fucken white trash and he still goes for latina Mexican girls cause we the bomb bitches!!!! So suck on that white bimbos with no fucken color tryna get fake as tans not knowing that you all end up looking like motherfucking carrots! if you fucken hate us so much then stop eating our damn tacos and our delicious food u faggots. We owned America before all you stupid ass white pricks! Example for you white bitches who think they are fine as hell well guess what bitch u are not! All your dumb white bimbo red necks look at us Latin

    • Kevin Ellis says:

      Hispanics have the highest dropout rates out of all American groups. Hispanics also have the lowest test scores in are education system. We were also burn here raise on speaking English. English is our official language just like how spainish is the official language in Mexico. But you decided to come to are country and your cring because you needed to learn if it was so hard to learn why didn’t you go back to Mexico? If you hate the American people so much why do you live here? They still speak spic in Mexico why don’t you go back home their then. We were here first brought on English paying taxes. Which

    • Kevin Ellis says:

      No all you stupid Mexicans and niggers all look the same you will never find a white person who looks the same as other white folks.

  2. DCBlackbird says:

    You will always find some rotten folk it isn’t a Mexican thing it’s a mankind thing. John Hinckley is a despicable person but I’m not looking at that man as an evil “white” man, just evil. This is why I’m glad I live in the nation’s capitol so I can avoid being bunched in with the more infamous of my ethnicity.

  3. Kevin Ellis says:

    I didn’t find this article very racist it was just taking about a crime caused by a bunch of Mexicans that’s all. It wasn’t descriminating all Mexicans like the other be did but it was hillarious. It’s mostly just the illegal ones that suck. But most Mexicans in he U. S. Are here illegally.

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