Man, I Hate Mexicans…

Brown Americans (or any other color American, for that matter, ‘cept ragheads) are okay, but damn furriners piss me off…especially the illegal ones.

And any foreign cocksucker who comes here and won’t assimilate (and I include whites in this, too) should be killed as well. I hear bullshit about how illegals are breaking the law to ‘better themselves’ or their families, and I wonder what would happen to me if I commit a crime to help out my family? What about an omission, like not paying my taxes? Illegals don’t file income tax returns, why should I? They benefit from the taxes I pay, shouldn’t I be able to grab one and say “c’mere, fucker, mow my lawn”? Or, say, screw his wife to make up for how long I’ve been getting screwed by the IRS so spics can come here and screw out pillsbury popup ‘citizens’ and screw up our medical and educational systems?

These little brown turds are why a fucking Tylenol costs $40 in the hospital and my kids don’t use the lunch room at school anymore…because, forget it, if there’s a spic in line ahead of you, and he gets near the front, he motions for twenty-five other little cockroaches to get in front of him, and lunch is over before you ever get there, so your kids either don’t eat, or use their hard earned wages or allowance to go down the street and buy something at the store.

Check out the average cafeteria menu…you’ll see nothing but spic food, cuz those are the only assholes that eat there anymore…and God help you if you fight one of them, cuz then you gotta fight every fucking spic who ever lived, and their sisters. I normally think sexual harrassment is mostly bullshit and made up, but my daughter had two little spic fucks during PE class that were openly ogling her and touching her and driving her so crazy she was about to drop out before I came in and intervened. I had to do it extremely slyly and carefully, so the little bastards didn’t know where it was coming from and try to hurt her.
I have knocked mexicans on their asses in stores because they walked straight at me as if I was expected to move…surprise, assholes, I carry guns!!…pukes.
And it ain’t just the spics. When I was a cop (yeah, ponder THAT for a minute), we had a problem with the local Hmong who would heat coins red hot and press them into their kid’s flesh to ‘chase out demons’, or decapitate a dog and nail it’s head to your door as a warning of some sort.
But spics rule for being fucked up. My Mom was an RN in a psych ward where one of her patients was an elderly mexican woman from a wealthy mexican family. She’d had a breakdown and attempted suicide because she was tired of her male relatives fucking her all the time. She got an attorney and was trying to get asylum to stay here, but her family got the US State Dept involved, and one day they came and took her ‘back home’. It seems that a spic family tradition is to have the older women of the family be obligated to let the younger males fuck them whenever they get the urge…oh, yeah, and in the Napa Valley of California, it is a routine event for a mexican male farm worker, on the way back to mexico, to kidnap a young (8-13) year old white girl, rape the shit out of her all the way there, hook her on smack, and have her working in his field somewhere like a fuckin donkey til she dies. The whole community is in on it, because they turn her back over to him when she tries to escape.
Man, I hate mexicans…

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  1. David Blacd says:

    Well said. I agree 100%. I hate fuckin’ mexicans, and that includes the two sorriest cock suckin’ mexicans of all time — vicente fox and his spic ass brother, george w. bush (lower case in the names intentional to imply contempt for both these sorry greaser shitheads)

    • fukk gringos says:

      man fukk ya gringos im 100% mexicans madafuckers and really wtf who made this page lil wanna be rich thats why ya have big ears arriva mexico cabrones!!!!!

      • Your mother says:

        Nobody likes you, you fucking spic. Every time all my hot white girlfriends see one of you they sneer and say eeewww. You’re all fucking dirty as shit, youre short, you have tiny dicks, you take all the foodstamps with no citizenship or rights to anything. You’re a bane of society. Your entire country should be bombed and all you filthy stinky nast ass burrito bandits must die.

      • most gringos are racist..what can i say..i feel sorry for u amigosss hahaaha

      • gringos are bullshit says:

        yeah fuckk gringos i swear bunch of ass holes go to hell always being racist god made us all together why does color were you from matter the way we look the thing we like why do yall gringos care whaat do we do or say fuck yall always having to say bullshit about mexicans

      • THE WHITE RIGHT says:

        wow and with your lack of grammar and spelling skills i am sure you are a useful member of our society too? you know you make it so easy for people to hate you lol you breed like roaches you have no morals and your only retort ever is “FUCK YOU GRINGOS” yes because you have NOTHING intelligent to say..nothing to contribute no valid points for your sad savage race..and thats why you are a inferior species FUCK MEXICO AND THE DAMN MEXODUS RUINING MY COUNTRY

      • redsonja says:


      • no mexico says:

        You say gringos are bullshit but your people are the blight of humanity. Sooner or later all the races will come together to destroy your people and guess what? You will lose, because for all the Mexicans’ head chopping viciousness they are cockroaches without discipline or military might of any kind. Cockroahes who are nothing but invasive parasites who need to be exterminated.

      • wayne says:

        fuck you puto spic bastard

      • N says:

        LOL!!!! Mr. fukk gringos… What the hell did you even write on here? I CAN’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND A WORD YOU STUPID SPICS SAY! BTW ENGLISH IS WHAT WE SPEAK IN AMERICA SO DEAL WITH IT!

      • Micaela says:

        we all hate mexicans, that’s for sure… nobody likes them!! in america are the most hated people, ask anyone!! argentina, colombia, venezuela, guatemala… i know people from everywhere and we all hate mexicans… mexicans are scum, we should exterminate that smelly plague… but how? it would be great if mexico were a forest of impaled cockroaches, don’t you think that my friends? hahaha… we need to be united to fight against that shitty people… who’s with me?

      • beaner for life says:

        the gringo that said we aren’t smart is a retard because i have all freak-en As in Ur face and also the gringo who said we short lie I’m 5.8 Wat you talking about

      • chris farely says:

        what the fuck are you talking about im a fucking nazi i will find where you live u fucking beaner peice of shit

      • Bob says:

        You’re 100% trash, more like. You mother fuckers don’t even flush you’re toilet paper! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a spic filled mall only to be assaulted by the smell of shit tickets lining the floor when I go to piss. Your pointy cowboy boots suck. Your clothes suck. Your food gives me diarrhea. Mexican mothers do a piss poor job of raising their nineteen children. You all ending roofing at somepoint. I mean, is there ANYTHING about your so-called “culture” that isn’t nasty, laughable, or offensive? Oh, and learn to spell, you illiterate piece of shit.

      • Anton says:

        the creator did not make all “races” equal, there are many differences between them, some are more progressive than others, and the others just use what the progressive have made. Many regions outside of Europe, the America (excluding Mexico), and parts of Asia are still living as primitive people. These primitive people are centuries behind the rest of the world and they must be content with that because they don’t seem to making an effort to join the more advanced world. There are areas in America, small towns and numerous streets in bigger cities where people are living in a primitive manner just living lazily in filth and thinking with their more primal mind.

      • 1337bitchtits says:

        @beaner for life… you’re such a fucking turd. Why is every mexican so fucking stupid? its like the only smart ones are El chapo and Carlos Slim…No wonder everybody kills each other down there, they’re mercy killings! Putting retards out of their misery! Its because of affirmative action that i had to sit in front of stupid spics like you in business school, where you didn’t pay attention, and just talked in spanish the whole time with your friends. o0o0o0ooh you have an AS? pppffftttt!!! are you fucking kidding me? its A 2 YEAR DEGREE! Grow the fuck up! And this is America, anything below 5’9″ for a man, is short… dip-shit. Do yourself a favor, go back to school, be a RN- because that’s about as far as someone of your nationality and I.Q. will get in this country. That’s “wat” i’m talkin’ bout.

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        SPICS are bottom feeding pieces of shit that’s for sure. in CA these low lives are seen everywhere carrying a bunch of anchor SPICS with them and the flies around them are so fucking thick. if it was up to me i would build an electric fence along the border to keep these fucking leeches out. they are slowly bankrupting this great nation.

      • Paul Kelly says:

        You shit bag beaners! You don’t like us, stay in your own country!! You all shit your beds and kick it out with your feet! I wouldn’t piss on any of you. So, do you know what I do? I stay the fuck out of your country! Stay the fuck in yours!

      • alex says:

        fuck whites their a disgrace for human race most of them r fucking rapers or molester, their all fucking lazy fucking fire crackers viva mexico putos!!!

      • See ya just gotta spick….i mean speak spanish (dick mouth language) huh.

        Plant yourself with the wetbacks…..

      • fuck ya green what ?

      • what’s a grnegao “man”.


      • fuckkkkk white niggas says:

        y’all motherfuckers dumb as hell. we’re just taking back what’s ours. pinche tightasses

      • stupid people says:

        Wow what? I find it funny how you people can write stuff and still say nothing.

      • E says:

        Fuck YOU!!!! Mexicans are perverts, liars, cheaters, thieves……..straight up evil mother fuckers who deserve to die!

      • FUCKING GRINGOS !!!!!!!!!!

      • NIGGA YOUR MOM says:


      • White Against beeners says:

        Get some decent education you fucken looser. Learn some proper grammar skills. If you even have the nerve to try to protect your self, try to teach your people some English; get some decent education ( with out government help); become a legal doctor. And for god’s sake stop committing 90% of the crimes that occur in the US. F- an burn in hell Mex

      • Mexican haters are losers. Where’s your taco bell now?

      • Spics says:

        Nuke Mexico city

      • fuck u says:

        Gringo’s made your race you dumb fucking spick. If the Aztec women didn’t like are big fat white dicks your race would not exist.

      • Shelly miller says:

        Can you find a white person to translate this I’m almost certain your upset about something but your lack of education is obviously a problem but were concerned about you and I promise if you go learn to English we will listen because like I said were real concerned about you. NOT…….SPIC……..SHITSKIN……….BITCH

      • TheOnlyNonRacistHere says:

        @Your mother, your a fucking idiot that dosen’t know anything except what your dad told you when he was fucking you sister/mom. Did you know that more white people are on foodstamps then any race in the country.

      • Humored Mixteca says:

        I am… terribly amused by the utter ignorance being spouted, particularly by those who are suggesting others “get an education.” My dad’s a Texan of Mexican (and other Central/South Amerindian) descent. I will say, the ignorance of white people is hilarious. Particularly when they big enough losers — one ‘o,’ there, dears — that they are, in fact, hypocrites. What is that saying in the bible about paying attention to the plank in your own eye before you worry about the splinter in someone else’s?

        Now off to go watch Good Samaritan stories to regain the faith in humanity I’ve lost here.

      • Humored Mixteca says:

        Correction: “they are big enough losers.” This is what I get for changing the trajectory of a sentence after finishing it.

      • vlad says:

        When are you boneheads gonna realize this is satire and meant to be’s a joke.

      • Larry says:

        I hate dirty brown bastards, let’s kill them all..

      • Larry says:

        fuck you Mexican

      • If I bed to the stupid USA I would not assimilate or support the stupid military of retards who raped colombian children and sold it as pornography. Fuck the USA and this guy is a dead man fuck gringos fuck rednecks cowboys are not rednecks unless they are American VIVA COLOMBIA CABRONES

    • One time i saw these mexicans bringing their dead son infront of everyone into a wall greens…. how dumb can a person be?

      • you are a noob! thats how you spell it dumbass says:

        Hey this is weird! You are one stupid weird foshinki son of a god damn bitch ain’t u? If they left their dead son in a walgreens don’t you think it was to call the ambulance? You dumb turd? Well seeing as your filipino u need to open those damn chinky ass eyes and see the truth and the world! Haha fucker! And this comes from a half white half mexicanized 20 year old female so suck it! I have the best of both worlds or at least the mexican one that counts! Either way u are filipino and your mouth most likely smells like shit! Like all other filipinos! And y’all have an ugly ass color of skin!

      • Dell Conagher says:

        ^half white, half mexican? Looks like no one’s going to want your digusting trash ass piece of shit skin wherever you go, you fucking mongoloid. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

      • Cheyenne says:

        One time I saw non Hispanic white woman beg me to give her money to aid with the funerary costs of her dead child. It turned out that she was making the whole thing up to scam people out of money! How immoral, dumb and corrupt could a person be?

      • Truth says:

        Um who let you into this country wouldn’t you have called the cops??? Fucking retard by the way you think your so cool commenting here who the fuck even cares about your race I bet no one here so just wait they be talking shit to you in a minute and you’ll see how it feels idiot open your eyes literally

      • SuPadre says:

        hahahaha dell connagher made my fucking laugh my ass off!!!! this fucker thinks hes rambo lol thats hilarious

      • Cartel Gangzta Next Door says:

        Fuck y’all faggot ass putos! Hate all you want you stupid ignorant fucks! You so called Americans are already out numbered by us in most states and soon will be a pissy little minority. We’re gonna ravage your towns and gang fuck your women, just like you stupid fucks did to the Indians! This ain’t your fucken country either pendejos! You are the first ever fucken illegal scum to come to this country! And guess what I carry a fucken gun too permit or none I will shoot you, rape your bitch, and sleep like a baby!

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        A mexican can be pretty retarded compared to an average person because they have very low IQ. this is a scientific fact, a fact even most mexicans themselves are aware of. this is why despite being in this greatest country for many generations they are still useless, parasitic, welfare ridden nobodies.

      • Dell Conagher: hope you are for real. :)

        What I would do with all Mexicans? — get their blood work, finger prints. (especially the men who seems to making so many Mexican Women (Single Mothers) and then living with them. No I would not fine them or give them Amnesty. I would abolish the child anchor law. Have Orpahanges made for all Single Moms. Built by White Americans Only. All children would learn English when they could walk. Birth control given, while there. Make Bi-lingual jobs (illegal) — No welfare. Work like the rest of us. (no free handouts — like the rest of we poor Americans. (What do you think God thinks? about children being born? just to scam Welfare?) Dell, I am offended to the deepest level of my soul with this Mexican take over. I think He calls them (Bastards) and the women are Prostitutes in His Eyes. (Scary)

        I love to look for pretty rocks. I was in a lot were gravel was, next to a baseball field. 3 little street smart mexicans kids said: Is that legal? I said: I don’t know, are You legal? He called me filty names and said you are one ugly old Lady. ;)

        Sure wish this Country was filled with Dells !!!!!!! :)

    • WOW to much hate i feal sorry for u… i can see u a racist, nothing changing that..but as a mexican I FORGIVE YOU!!

      ps…i love white racist people…

      • bnrhtr says:

        Fuck you and your forgiveness you wetback piece of shit.

      • SimpleME! says:

        @juancho Perez I’m with you! I love haters they make me famous!

      • Bob says:

        Eat shit and die. If you want to “wow” me with your forgiveness, try proper syntax and punctuation. GODDAMN! You people suck ass!

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        you’ll love anything that hand you a stack of foodstamp every month don’t you monkey?

      • For fuck's sake. says:

        Why the fuck are you guys searching for forgiveness? You are the ones that are disrespecting us.
        We just want to live a fucking life.

      • Speak spanish you nasty hispanic. You want and deserve to force your language on this USA you creep mexican. Piss on you and if i had the chance all mexicans especially wetbacks would vanish.

        Who do you dirt language spicks think you are.

      • TruthSeeker says:

        Most white people are as evil as any other race, and Judgement Day is coming. Skin color does not matter to me, and never has, even as a child. Conduct, actions, personality, and such, is what matters to me. I hate evil, and doers of evil. I have met a few decent Mexican people, and was shocked, but then Mexican people have confused me for being Brazillian, among other Mexican descents. I am caucasian, and my people were born in Germany, during that horrific holocaust. Thankfully, we are not Jewish, or I would never have been born, as my parents would have been slaughtered, although my nine year old aunt(before I was ever born) was tortured to death by Dr. Joseph Mengele, I believe. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes, and had to be slaughtered for being a little bit disabled. She was mute. Perhaps a lampshade was made from her skin, and even some soap, even though she was not a Jew. Nobody was ever really punished for all the atrocities, and Adolph Hitler, along with his lover, Eva Braun, faked their deaths, and lived in hiding for many years, until their deaths. There are many Nazis in this country, and they are good at hiding out their own. The sick motherfuckers even played basketball with murdered Jewish fetuses. Damn them all to HELL eternal. Where there is no justice, there is no peace.

      • Shelly miller says:

        Oh jaunnits chingalas putoa migulea punneda Perez your so cool

      • SPICS ARE DOGS says:

        What right do you have to forgive, you spic shit. Go sweep the streets and take a shower.

    • Benny Llanas says:

      Hey minority, you came to america once and took the Indians and Mexicans land motherfucking hypocrite

      • US Patriot says:

        Fuck you beaner lover. Everybody in this country started somewhere else, so miss me with your “We were here first” bullshit. The FACT is beaners and the indians are too weak to do anything about the White European conqueror.
        Hypocrite? Do you even know what the word means moron? You sure aren’t using it in correct context.

        Oh, the beaner isn’t human so you can’t call me a racist. The beaner is a Shit Roach. O cockroach got impregnated by some mutated feces and gave birth to the messycan. messycans are half shit and half cockroach!

      • Cheyenne says:

        Hey “US Patriot:, you are correct you are not a racist , you are in actuality a self hating white person. Mexicans are part of the White race so, you are a self hating , delusional moron.

      • Bob says:

        You shouldn’t have been on our land before we got here.

      • Anton says:

        Stop using that rhetoric, the “Mexicans” and Spaniards got pieces of America in the same way, Modern Americans didn’t take any land away, they were all born in it, history has been written and nothing can change it. In addition, US citizens have done a fine job building their country but are having a hard time maintaining it with certain groups mucking things up.

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        the difference being that earlier European settlers conquered this country by force. they took it and killed all the retarded SPICS that stood in their way. now you cockroaches are crawling over the border BEGGING for low pay jobs and welfare checks like a bunch of pathetic morons. big difference.

      • Kevin Ellis says:

        Wow so many of you fucking liberal are so stuck in past your talking about that happened almost two hundred years ago. We won the southwest after the Mexican American instead of stealing it. If this is such a racist country don’t you leave you stupid fuck? Plus you should be thanking the white people in America because we’re paying for your welfare, EBT cards and many programs your properly on.

      • spic are a disease says:

        so when did your family sneak in illegally fucking spic

      • BENNY……no one stole spick land…indias. killed settelers….this was;as you say “only land”.

        The white euoropeans made a structered nation with the finest constitution ever devised….rules…laws…borders…demanded etc.speak english or they weren’t accepted and had to
        speak english to exist here.

        They came on ships and were screened for diseases criminal history
        etc. Many were sent back as they didn’t qualify.

        Wetbacks are desired by american traitors to be used for democrat votes and to work at low wages; cutting some true Americans out of work.

        Don’t give me this too lazy shit.

        The white man also allowed your stinking asses “we” had defeated to enter this soverign (USA) in certain numbers…the way the whole world enters this country.

        So it comes down to a lot of non patriot american just can’t wait to get your lousy asses up here and U want to change the language….etc.

        If it were white mexican wet backs i would feel the same….Stay away from me.

    • READ THIS SHIT !!!!!!! says:

      Ok first off you are a fukkn dumbass ignorant piece of shit. You are just discriminating our race and if you think thats funny and true then you are obviously immature and have no education. I have no problem with you being racist but putting it up on the internet, thats just because you have the LOWEST self-esteen ive ever seen. And for all you people saying that “ALL MEXICANS” are criminals and crazy you are pretty STUPID ! Im not gonna lie, Mexicans or Hispanic/Latinos do commit crimes but EVERY TYPE OF RACE ALSO DOES IT. And from what ive seen in the USA is that all the worst crimes are committed by white people just like the shooting in Colorado recently. You white people are always on medication because of your crazyass mental problems. Also for the people saying that us Mexicans cut heads and all this other shit and rape girls can only be said to the ones that are in the Cartels and in charge of drugs or what not but all this is done IN MEXICO and not in the USA or any other country so stop saying that because you are obviously HATING on us and caring about us WAAAY too much. But i bet that you WOULDNT say all that shit in front of their face because yo ass will be decapitated in seconds and your little white precious life will be over but like i said you WOULDNT DARE to say it to their face you racist piece of shit. And for the people saying that we work in mowing your lawn and doing those dirty jobs is true but NOT EVERY Mexican does that and we arent the only ones that do those jobs because ive seen many white people and other types of races do those kind of jobs. You people are just HATING on us because we are gaining in popularity and are getting prepared and taking yo motha fukkn jobs. PLEASE DONT DENY IT BECAUSE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT ITS TRUE.
      By the way i am only 15 and im obviously WAY more mature and have a better view in things in life than you do. So take you and your little white ginger kids back to school you ignorant piece of SHIT.
      I could already see the things that you might reply so let me help you and give you an answer :
      – “Your are only ’15’ so shut the fuck up”
      – “Your stupid”
      – “Your wrong”
      You might also say something regarding to what i wrote but guess what ?
      If you say something like “spell your words right or have a better grammar,” this is NOT a FUKKN ESSAY.


      VIVVVAAAAA MEXICCOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You're in denial. says:

        You’re pathetic. Of course this isn’t an essay, but you’re still writing. It’s called being intelligent. Typical Mexican bullshit. Just admit you lack the intelligence. Don’t worry though, Taco Bell isn’t going anywhere, so you’ll be able to work as long as you aren’t a lazy cockroach.

      • beaner for life says:

        you right its not a essay but no one said in the reply instruction spell things right retard. bleh :P

      • Michelle Hernandez says:

        Well said , Iam 15 also . All these people are ignorant. I could tell that all these fucks dont even know about history. You people did the same thing to the Native Americans. You took away their land. & Now look , Your bitching about mexicans ” Taken Over ” . I bet all you stupid people are Republicans lol . & Please dont brag about whites .. WE ALL KNOW YOUR TRAILER TRASH . & this goes for only the white racist fucks.

      • whitepowr says:

        fuck you wetback cocksucker all you chalupa fucking beaner skidmarks do is smoke crack before you wrap a tortillia around your dick and go down to the local junior high to play burrito time with your cousin, take your rat fucking homeboy pieces of shit back to that third world shithole you call a home and quit rotting our nation from the inside out like a fucking cancer, fuck you and all the white people who help you

      • Bob says:

        There’s no one telling you to spell correctly, and you think that because no one is bossing you around we should respect your retarded, illiterate opinion? I can’t respect someone who can’t even articulate their point correctly. The fact that your response consists of three very long sentences only shows how fucking ignorant you really are.

      • Sandy says:

        Read This Sh**,

        Well said! Their hatred is unfathomable. Disgusting, racist people.

      • Anton says:

        White crimes just get more publicity; the media doesn’t dare to mention the race of non- Whites (those that aren’t of European decent). You can look into the crime rates, for every white, a higher number of coloreds will have committed the same crime.

      • White people, cool it says:

        GOD cool it white people. Mexicans are fine, its just the illegal ones that suck. Stop being so damn small minded and nasty. Your only degrading your own race and making them all look like a bunch of small minded maniacs

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        go cry to someone who actually gives a fuck about what you had to say. stupid SPIC.

      • Kevin Ellis says:

        If your so upset about your race not being accepted here in America why don’t you go back where you belong? Because if hate are race and country you shouldn’t be here. Don’t forget who’s paying for your EBT card, welfare checks, your free Obama phone and we’re paying for your income tax because these idiot on welfare don’t pay national income tax because we have an illegal immigrant for president. So taxpayers have to work extra harder to pay their taxes and other assholes taxes to. Which is not foe because we have to pay for someone else who doesn’t deserve those benefitts. Most of these jerks receiving government are not disabled, sick or have a sick family member. So they have no reason to work because hard work is the best social program out their. If assholes come to this country not will to work they need to leave. We should be giving them are money. If they don’t got these programs in their home country let them die from their own laziness and ignorance. Because we should not be paying for people that hate us.

      • irene nueva says:

        Kudos Mr Read this shit! If today was your last day on earth…would you spend it on hate? I am wondering what part of the country most of you are in…because I didnt realize Mexicans were so hated. Im in California…or should I say Mexifornia…lol. I always wondered where they get these people on Jerry Spinger…and now I know. They came to this post. Life is too short…live …laugh…love. Find God…and have peace towards all people anf within yourself.

      • rob says:

        Wow! I’m impressed! Spoken like a true American patriot!What I don’t understand is where you are?? Are you in Mexico or USA?
        ” Viva Mexico!” implies your in Mexico.Otherwise, what the hell are you doing in the USA if your so F*******g proud of being Mexican? Your a confused pathetic piece of s***t and don’t know who you are or where you belong.I feel so bad for people like you.

      • Messcan Hater says:

        Blow Me but triton boy. You Islamic dick sucker. FUCK. mexico! Fucking Putos y Maricas!

      • GoDieInAHole says:

        How about you go back to your own country? You think Mexico is so great? Then tell me why are you living in America? “VIVVA MÉXICO” my ass. If you mean you are going to take all of our jobs you mean that you’ll take all the blue color jobs? That is all you’re good for.

      • Shelly miller says:

        Pretty soon your turning 16 and we all know what that means. Daddy brothers and uncles are gonna fuck you all night isn’t that why your race makes such a big deal out of their little sluts turning 16 I mean the whole wetback camp gets laid right. Anyway fuck you and die

      • SPICS ARE DOGS says:

        Fucking Spics are still crying about gringos taking over their land. It’s true they did, but what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing. Get over it and if you have the power, take it back! Sore losers!

      • Richard says:

        for a 15 yr old good come back but you should study more it’s a proven fact that the majority of people in are prisons are otw other than white and the welfare line is all brown and if you look at history 3rd world countries such as Mexico have nothing to offer the us but ignorant uneducated cromag cave dwellers there isn’t any other race that’s ever invented anything of use but maybe the orientals which invented gun powder we invented just about everything else Mexicans didn’t even invent the taco they can’t even make a sewer system for Mexico they all shit and piss over a board and wipe there ass and throw the rag or newspaper they wiped there asses with in a corner plus they all use a community bathroom where everyone shits over the same board in front of each other like dogs they breed like rats and infest are country like the plague maybe if they came here legally learn English and payed taxes and quit living off of mine flew are flag pledge there allegiance to this country and we’re respectable humans instead of being bottom feeders maybe people wouldn’t talk shit about them so you should study more and not try to act like your an adult because your plainly not

    • Cantinflas says:

      Yeah, ours mexican dick in your grigo ass

      • whitepowr says:

        your going to have to pull your little wetback dick out of your neighbors mule donky you fucking piece of taco ass smelling shit

      • spic are a disease says:

        typical stupid spic that is more than likely the extent of your english

      • spic are a disease says:

        Hey Jenn go the fuck back to Denmark another useless European race you should thank us or you would still be under German control dumb fucking cunt

      • I don’t think any of you dumb ass idiots realize. With all the fags and woman in control of the world now. If you do snap and hurt your hated nemesis ,they will use these hateful words against you and label you a threat to society ..aka (being a real man)
        So to all you beakers. Stop beeping and go kill each other already. (Btw cootos to the spics for reading and writing English.) it’s a start.. they don’t speak at all in van Canada while they’re scraping concrete..

    • Renteria says:

      I hate it when people say dumb stuff about Mexicans! My tio Richard said “Be proud of youre heritage.” I dont understand why people hate us so much. In the US your mostly racist to Mexicans and african americans!

      • meskins are traitors to one another and Afro Americans make fun of meskins too. I don’t like meskins and I’ll tell em to their face.

      • stupid people says:

        What heritage. You hang out outside 7-11 like roaches begging for work pee on the sidewalk. My wife locks the door when you assholes are around and your kids run wild. I am so thrilled when one if is nice and holds the door.

      • TruthSeeker says:

        Most white people are as evil as any other race, and Judgement Day is coming. Skin color does not matter to me, and never has, even as a child. Conduct, actions, personality, and such, is what matters to me. I hate evil, and doers of evil. I have met a few decent Mexican people, and was shocked, but then Mexican people have confused me for being Brazillian, among other Mexican descents. I am caucasian, and my people were born in Germany, during that horrific holocaust. Thankfully, we are not Jewish, or I would never have been born, as my parents would have been slaughtered, although my nine year old aunt(before I was ever born) was tortured to death by Dr. Joseph Mengele, I believe. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes, and had to be slaughtered for being a little bit disabled. She was mute. Perhaps a lampshade was made from her skin, and even some soap, even though she was not a Jew. Nobody was ever really punished for all the atrocities, and Adolph Hitler, along with his lover, Eva Braun, faked their deaths, and lived in hiding for many years, until their deaths. There are many Nazis in this country, and they are good at hiding out their own. The sick motherfuckers even played basketball with murdered Jewish fetuses. Damn them all to HELL eternal. Where there is no justice, there is no peace.

    • Jen hates the USA says:

      I am from Denmark visiting family in Colorado who live near a trailer park full of nasty poor white trash. I am repulsed every time I pass you disgusting people. Everyone around the world hates Americans of all races. All Americans are arrogant idiots that will bring the US down because all of you ignorant slobs hate and kill each other instead of uniting as a country. You are nothing but a bunch of low class unsophisticated slobs that the whole world looks down upon!!!!! i can’t believe my family left Europe to live here…. I am ashamed. BTW you white americans may look similar to us but you are not like us and we do not accept you!!!

      • Colt says:

        Go back home then eurotrash if you hate it here hell I’m glad I’m not European because my ancestors left that shithole for a better life go fuck yourself!!!

      • Josh Arnold says:

        You Europeans are inbred trash. But hey, at least you’re not a spic.

      • JessePinkman says:

        Cant unite in the US, you naiive’ Danish snob, because there are too many languages and cultures all battling it out. Vs Denmark, which is on the European continent, where you have white people from England all the way east 4000 miles into Russia. In the US we have the dirty mexicans and we get illegal immigrants made up of all the lowest scum even MEXICO doesnt want, so their government actually ENCOURAGES the scum to come up here! They even have a government office in mexico to tell them how to do it! AND our zionist-jew politicians, who are hell bent on cheap labor, and destroying the US like they do in EVERY country they get their claws into, welcomes in t hese human tape worms. Instead of building a wall wtih machine guns and land mines, like the rest of the world does at their “frontiers”, welcomes them in with open arms and even gives them drivers licenses! THAT’S the reason, Blaming the same Americans who saved your wimpy danish asses from the Germans in the last century – TWICE,. Germany should have won the war and still be lording over you to this day – because they’d be the first to put a stop to this shit we allow here with “immigrants”. And they’d know exactly how to treat your muslims too.

      • Shelly miller says:

        It must suck to be you

      • Xuxa says:

        Jen, enjoy your dhimmitude when the moslems force you under Sharia law and into a burka you irrelevant Danish, eurotrash cunt. :)

      • SPICS ARE DOGS says:

        Hey you dumb ignorant Euro bitch. If you know anything about Americans, we take in the your “tired” the “poor” and the “hungry”. This was how America was founded. But seriously, we’re not as high class as you Europeans claim yourself to be and we don’t have as high standards. If you’re going to come here and look down and talk trash about US, I suggest you move out of where you are and go live on 5th Avenue in New York where there’s probably more of the likes of you. But if you can’t, I suggest you get used to where you are.

      • Richard says:

        Then get the fuck out of my country your just jealous because we’re a super power and could wipe Denmark off the face of the Earth we’re just tired of being burdened with the rest of the world’s bottom feeders that sneak into are country and live off the tax payers money if you want to be here you pay your taxes speak are language not be a criminal fly are flag pledge your allegiance to this country or get your ass out of here no one wants you as for being United what the hell does United States stand for you retard we are United with other Americans not border jumpers were not a refugee camp get the fuck back over the fence and stay in your own yard or suffer the consequences

      • S Bers says:

        Hey Jen…no one cares what you have to say. :)

    • Caroline says:

      I am Mexican, and I will not reply with “fuck gringos,” simply because that is not a suitable reply to this. I have a lot of “gringo” friends who are good people. This is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. That is what makes this country so amazing, the fact that you can openly say how you feel, and have your own opinion. However, I do want to say that I am Mexican-American and I am going to graduate college in May, as a triple major (if any of you know what that means), and I will be going to medical school in the East coast this fall. I am not stupid, or lack intelligence. I not only speak English, but I also know five other languages. Also, 1337bitchtits, I can’t say anything for those “spics” in your business school classes, but you’re a dumbass for being in business school anyways. That is why the Chinese and Japanese are taking over, because instead of learning something useful, racist white people are on wordpress ranting racist vomit.

      • Forrest Gump says:

        Oh yea totally you’re a genius, smartest Mexican alive is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome, still a dumb piece of shit and no one cares so please hand vet your burrito making degree to the nearest taco bell

      • vladtheimpaler says:

        fuck you you Danish homo,we have plenty of brothers in scandanavia,you are a feminine prick who is letting your country be taken over by muslims,so fuck don’t speak for Denmark you are probably married to one of the pricks,fuck off loser. white people don’t live in trailer parks in Colorado s I know right there you are a lying bastard.whats the name of this mobile home park?you pompus Danish faggot.,you let your women get raped and you call us low class,at least we are not you are right you are not like gay Danish at least.DNL would think the exact opposite of you ,you fuckin coward,you are a muslim doormat.thats what you are.have fun hating us we could care less.

      • S Bers says:

        Hey Caroline, are you a doctor yet? What’s that? You dropped out of medical school because you weren’t smart enough. Oh, that’s too bad. I’m sure you learned enough to take back to mexico to treat your family there so…bye bye. :0

    • Clifford says:

      This is pathetic. I’m not choosing a side but reading these comments make me sick and ashamed to breath the same air as you backward-minded fools. I agree where your anger is coming from; I live in California and see hispanics do some stupid stuff occasionally. But who doesn’t? Which race is perfect? Are white people “dominant”? WE ARE ALL HUMANS! However, the majority of hate here is all stereotypical and the amount of prejudice on this post nauseates me. For example, judging all of you from your comments, I can assume that you are all old, angry white men who have nothing better to do then bitch about other people. Grow a pair and suck it up. You are all adults but you talk as if you did not even finish basic elementary. Your claims are based purely on inner hate towards hispanics with no solid evidence to back it up. Whether you hate the color of their skin, culture, language, etc… it is truly pathetic to read your comments. Learn some manners and respect.

      • MeiPrussia says:

        I agree with you.

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        “who doesn’t” ? wow you sound like a complete fucking moron.

        you need “solid evidence” that most of these scumbags illegally crossed the bordered for free welfare (after shitting out a few beaners) and tax free employment? you are a MORON. a FUCKING M O R O N.

      • Richard says:

        You are an idiot we hate them because they come here illegally refuse to speak are language or fly are flag pledge there allegiance to this country pay taxes all they do is live off of are welfare system bring up the crime rate shit out there off spring like rats and infest this country like the plague if they want to come here then they should do it legally by going to there immigration and filling out the paperwork to come here get on the waiting list and wait for an opening to come here like there supposed to do not crawl under the fence sneak in shit out there off spring and say I american now go fuck yourself get back over the fence take your dog of a kid with you free loaders

      • S Bers says:

        Hey Clifford. First I gotta ask. Are you the “Big Red Dog”? You would be incorrect in your assumption that everyone commenting on these posts are old, white men who have nothing better to do. I am a female, not old, but old enough. I went to school with mostly mexicans. I was one of only 3 white kids in the school. I was friends with a lot of the kids until we got to high school. By then, most of the kids from grade school were now in gangs and hated any white person. I would have to say that in general (from personal experience that is) mexicans are very racist, maybe the most racist people I have ever met.

    • kell erickson says:

      I was never racist or against any group of people until I lived around hispanics. Sure I’ve hated individuals but never loathed an entire group of people. But living in the same apartment complex and city filled with his and herspanics has made me grow a hatred I never knew would be possible! I am the most friendly, helpful, give you the shirt off my back kind of person so this is not coming from me. These people (animals) have no respect for anyone because they have no respect for themselves. The fact they have kids they don’t want and don’t spend time raising just because of their fucked up religion proves they care nothing for anyone else. They fuck each other over at every turn and fuck each other literally even if they are related. Incest is barely frowned upon and the babies that come from it just end up another member of their roach colony. They feed off of others, they feed off of America so why would we expect anything different from them. I am always willing to give a person of any race a chance so if you come to me and are respectful and courteous then even if you are of Spanish decent I will view you as a person and not lump you in with these animals. But the second you come at me with that loud jibber jabber, towing 3 or more kids in the same fucking baby carriage, pushing your way past me like I don’t matter and saying that I would never work at a fast food place or pick fruit (because I have and will to earn a living) then FUCK YOU YOU EVIL SPIC! And btw, Americans will pick fruit! Americans are hard workers who have within us a work ethic that surpasses everyone but the Asians. We don’t evacuate our country because we used it up and refuse to clean it up and let it decay like spics did to Mexico! We stay here and we work hard and we make sure we have indoor plumbing and we don’t dump shopping carts on the sidewalk just because we are finished using them! Spics fucked up Mexico and now that they’re through with it and it is a rotten stink hole they come here and instead of bettering America or at least keeping it nice, they use it up too! So if you are a hispanic and tired of Americans hating you then CHANGE!

      • GO HOME SPICS says:

        good post. low life SPICS are a disease, a cancer upon modern societies.

      • Jennifer says:

        They will never change. Tey are not teachable. And to the Mexicans, I am not racist. I like you on vacations however, what I don’t like is to associate with you in real life because I can’t stand the way you operate. You would do anything to not be productive. Productivity makes us happy and you make us ill because you can’t produce. Your attitudes are sufforcating because production is what you don’t do. You don’t have the life skills. Its like efficiency is the devil to you. You say we are arrogant but the reality is we don’t want to be a bunch of welfare cases like your selves and you are so rude because nothing means anything to u. Like helpless is your way of survival. Its not to put you down or anything. The only time you are motivated to work is when you have the opportunity to bottom feed. The funny thing is that you are happy swimming in shit.

      • Jennifer says:

        I am so lucky I am Canadian. Our government does not allow Mexicans in. We don’t have the same pesticide infestation. Mexicans are upset because it puts them down as a man. What the Mexicans won’t do is learn why, They justify everything amd that’s there disease. They can’t come in ha ha ha ha. Life is good!

      • Builtdude says:

        I am 75% Mexican and 25% filipino born in the states, not going to lie, I fucking hate Mexicans especially my ex who was from Mexico fuck her and all her little spic friends who chant Mexico while they come and take our money out OUR circulation. FUCK them.

      • k says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. They do infuriating shit where I live such as; blasting shitty clown music until 2 am, setting up illegally possessed washing machines in apartment yards, let 3 year olds ride their tricycle in a parking lot with no supervision, riding around the apartments in a uber loud ATV, parking in dangerous areas making other sections of my apartment complex inaccessible to emergency services God forbid there is ever fire. They wonder why I hate them, and even worse, try and call me a racist when I complained to the LL. Stop doing stupid shit, and I will be less inclined to complain and gripe about you being my neighbors.

      • You mama says:

        You are rigth..but you are the one.and all the white,owners,of big busines,and big corporations and white,any white ,any one who don’t want to do a cheap,estupid job!because,our pride,don’t allow this,we are to good,and educate,do you remember how we use to live,on a filthy apartments,check our history,when we arrive,in USA,how they us to treat us just like,the way you express about,them they,check us,if we have any kind of disease,or if we carried no I know I understand,you don’t like them any more,but you should make responsable all the white ,esmart ass who hire them,from a white,outer of a house
        To our big farming,to our,rich,busines owners,white people like you,and all the whites,who complain about, the subject,of iligals
        In our country,because the break the law,and just jump the fence,and we need to make a big wall,you are the responsable for all this, crapp that,we having in our country,our goberment to, the imigration department .
        Why….because we are the ones who are breaking the fuking law
        We have laws we not suppose to hire iligals ,but we are fuking greedy,and we don’t want ,pay more than the minimum wage to our workers,we don’t want to work on the fields,we don’t want to work in a estupid job,8 hours we don’t want the companies push us to do a1.000,000 pices,an hour,we,are no eslaves,we don’t want to work if we feel abuse,on our work rigths.we leave,any fuking job,that the white owner,think we don’t deserve,a hig wage,we have work rigths,well this owners esmart ass they hire undocumented,we care les well we, the white people,blame the undocumented,but they are what we did in the past,work for left overs we were abused by the work owners,…we are the responsable said and the ones who brake the laws ,we shoul put in jail at least 20 years in prison with no exit,bay any law,or lawyer,to any white owner of a company,or any hose owner who hire any undocumented….jail to any one of any race,legally in our country wo breaks the law,any law,any allso any of our politicos who hire one to or our emigration members if they make a blind aye,to ,in the border.we have laws we must follow them or we must estop complaining and get a job on the fields ,or those cheap jobs,what ever,do it,show you care for the situation
        We are not Nazi Germany’s ,this people don’t belong in USA they were our enemy,they are not welcome in Germany,Germany is a shame,of them..go and make our white
        People,and any one who complain about this undocumented,people,to follow our laws they are the ones that should be punish
        Go if you realy care,make a fuss!

      • SPICS ARE GROSS says:

        I try not to be racist, but some Mexicans automatically think you’re racist if you act white or talk in proper English. WTF? I was raised here and although my parents were immigrants that worked menial jobs to raise us, I got a good education. I think that they have a conspiracy against rich and educated people because they’ll never be like them. I believe in freedom and liberty for all Americans and Mexicans can live the way they want, even if they live in rat, cockroach infested slums. It’s none of my business really. But if you think about it, their kids will be going to the same school as my kids in public school and I sure don’t want their diseases to be spread to my kids. The Mexicans’ lack of education is surely a detrimental problem to American citizens. I can see why Americans hate them so much and everything associated with them. Their way of living and mentality is totally opposite to Americans. That is why their country is so backwards. It’s hard for America as a country to advance and lead the world with Mexicans holding them back. Soon China and other countries will lead. Mexicans will turn US into a backward, agriculture based economy.

      • Richard says:

        Lol I think I love you you hit the nail right on the head

    • IHATEmexicans says:

      Fuck I hate beaners too man. I was driving today and these beaners pulled up beside me and everyone knows how when a beaner gets a car, they get all their stupid bean friends in with them, but ya they leaned out the window and started throwing orange peels at my truck from a little corola or some shit. Orange peels, not actualIy oranges, orange peels cuz their too poor for actual oranges.I was like fuck no i had just been shopping and i nailed all of them with a 12 pack of eggs i had bought. It was great It got all over their car and inside too. Fuckers, it still probably smells like rotten eggs.

      • Isaac says:

        Shut the fuck up stupid ass bitch us Mexicans work our ass off because all you gringos are lazy as fuck and don’t do shit so I would shut the fuck up if I were you stupid ass bitch.

      • Rony Farfan says:

        You’re going to judge the entire Mexican community just because a bunch of idiots disrespected you. I was picked on by a bunch of black guys, but am I going to assume all black people are like that? NO, because I know that not all of them are like that just like not all mexicans are like the ones you encountered. I know mexicans who are fluent in English and respectful.


      You motha fukka glad i dont know where you live

    • Kill them all except me says:

      Im not gonna lie, im half mexican (moms side) and half peruvian, but damn do i fucking hate beaners. I hate being fucking mixed with that turd of a race, they are an emberrasment to humanity. The type that i hate the most are the ones that think they are “gangsters” and talk like fucking retarded monkeys, i mean a lot of them dont even know how to speak english. It makes no sense why you are living in the U.S. if people cant even understand wtf you are saying. The thing that really ticks me off is when one of those damn beaners are fucking blasting that shitty ass beaner music. God i fucking hate braners.

    • Emily rodriguez says:

      Some of you fuckin white ass people don’t know shit about mexicans we be nice to you fuckers and this is what we get in return some racist white fuckers that think their all that and we’re not cocksukers white bitches are and you guys should shut your fuckin mouths up before a angry little mexican girl like me kicks your fuckin ass so don’t be haten if you don’t know shit

    • You sure hate Mexicans. So when you fall in love with one, don’t even bother! Yes, some Mexicans are ignorant. Others aren’t. Because it’s just a fucking nationality. Just like you white people can be dicks, others can be extremely cool. Their nationality has nothing to do with the reason why you don’t like them. But wait, your ancestors came here for a better life, and that’s ok? Hm. Oh. Well, Mexico is apart of the United States anyway, so I’m sure it makes more sense when people from there come here. You’re one of the ignorant white people. Shit you probably gonna stay racist, but nothing is gonna change. Oh hey, my cousins from Mexico live here now. They like it a lot. My dad, he came here when he was 17 from Mexico. My mom, she was 14, and she came from Guatemala. Wow! Would your lazy ass go through all this shit for a better life? Nope. Suck cock pls

      • spic are a disease says:

        are they legal hmm and are they breeders to give you citizenship oh yeah that doesn’t happen either there is a difference between a Mexican American and straight up illegal spics so choke on that whore

      • Richard says:

        But did they apply for immigration and wait on a list untill cleared to come here like they are supposed to or did they swim the river and sneak under the fence pop out the off spring and say I an American citizen now cuz I shit out a kid if that’s so there not American there infiltrators and should be shot like spies

      • vlad says:

        Infantry guy watch us launch the deportation train mother fucker you fart smelling mahathos are gonna get the fuck out.or we will wage war on your asses you ain’t taking over jack shit.

    • JT says:

      I myself am white. And I have to say I’m supremely disgusted with this entire rant. That you would make yourself seem so ignorant is a shame. The fact that you were a cop disgusts me even more. Racists are a dying breed and sooner or later no one will care anymore what color you are. If I ever find out who you are I will go directly to your place of residence and slap the white off of you because you’re a pathetic excuse for an American and a human. I hope your daughter marries a mexican and she pops out 20 Babies

      • Scott Howard says:

        You went to college, didn’t you? What pathetic, socialist shit. Love everybody, everyone’s equal, huh? But right at the end, you invoke a racist stereotype by saying a Mexican habitually keeps a woman shitting out brats until the sun burns out. Fucking hypocrite.

      • Richard says:

        I hope some big black jigaboo ass rapes you rapes your children if you have any then beats your parents with a club for having you then ass rapes them to if your white breed with white if you Mexican breed with Mexican same goes for black yellow or what ever you are and if you weren’t born american by american get the fuck out of my country

    • marcia red thunder says:

      Go to the nearest welfare office and look inside. Walmart trashy looking peckerwoods. Go the hell back to where you came from if you don’t like MY country. But I prefer you backwood, child molesting, incest loving bastards stay because who else would I have to look down on.

    • Ian_walker1313 says:

      Youre all dumb, you all should think about this:
      -first: its not America, its united states OF america
      -second: do you all really think you are the good ones? We (latins) we also have an stereotipe for the “Gringos”
      Fat ass people who make the same movies over and over again, or idiots that dont know how to figth, or how about the bullies?
      They will be the same thing as everyone, a drunk fat idiot guy who thinks he is the best, and also, im mexican an i know better english than everyone here.

      • Jennifer says:

        Mexicans are happy with what they have, are friendly, sexy and fun. I like the good food that they can make. They are intelligent about their own country and street smart in their country. Now, why I hate Mexicans : they are adolescents and unable to grow. They can only handle their work life. They don’t have the skills we have and are totally ignorant about how to care of others and themselves in a meaningful way.

      • Richard says:

        Your not Latin fucktard your a spic Mexican Latin is from Spain and Mexican is a cross breed of a Spaniard and a Aztec Indian you mud blood spic nigger you didn’t even spell fight right retard

    • Tashu says:

      If you don’t like Mexicans… go back to Europe or where ever the hell you’re from. My ancestors can be traced back more than five hundred years here. Fuck you.

      • Richard says:

        Who cares I can trace mine back to the Mayflower and pilgram rock still no one wants you get out whites made this country you just are a infiltrating squatter go back to shit land

    • NIGGA YOUR MOM says:

      Chido tu escrito amigo, somos pobres y jodidos y somos mas felices que tu, por mi que te metas todo tu arsenal de armas genocidas por el culo ya que de nosotros vives pedazo de escoria blanca, vele a chillar a tu madre mierda.

    • Do you know how much taxes we illegal immigrants pay? In California, they pay about $300 million a year in income taxes. In Georgia, around $250 million in income, sales and property taxes. In Oregon, as much as $300 million and in Virginia as much as $174 million in tax revenue. In Texas, it’s $400 million. And on and on. And if you think telly me that we are all criminal here how about this from 1994 to the record level of 12 million in 2007, the violent crime rate in America dropped 34 percent, and the property crime rate fell 26 percent. And those who entered the U.S. legally and illegally had an incarceration rate in 2000 of 0.7 percent, one-eighth the rate of native-born Americans of Mexican descent. And here take this as an example just to put this under perspective if you do deport us… take Arizona as an example, this state is where some of the loudest calls for tough action on immigration have been made would also fare badly. The Immigration Policy Center found that the state would lose $11.7 billion in gross state product and over 140,000 jobs if all immigrants without documentation were deported. And if you thought that wasn’t enough to loose from us then here; the price tag for this undertaking would be in the range of $420 billion to $620 billion. This process would take about 20 years. Easy to put your claims but seems like you have nothing to back up your opinions.

      • Jennifer says:

        So key is not to live in the States in places where there are a lot of Mexicans.
        Plenty of nice areas with decent people around.

        I live in Canada where Indians are the problem, however I just keep telling myself….it could of been worse.. it could of been cities of Mexicans.

      • Skid says:

        You claim that illegal immigrants in California contribute about $300 million a year in taxes.. I dont believe this is true, since they can not lawfully be employed,”above the table”. Even if your claims were true and these illegally employed aliens somehow actually contributed $300,000,000 per year, it would only cover a fraction of the cost of baby sitting their children (in our schools which were formally used for education), welfare, healthcare, incarceration, etc.

        And do you actually think that California needs $300,000,000 in illicit funds?
        Total income taxes for California workers alone amounts to $50,500,000,000 per year. Thats $50.5 BILLION, which is 170 times more than 30 million..

        – And guess where a large portion of those tax dollars go?

      • TheTruth says:

        The population of
        California is 39,000,000. Of that number, 14,000,000 are hispanics. If 14,000,000 hispanics pay $300,000,000 a year in income taxes, that comes to $21.43 per Hispanic taxpayer. $21 !!! I’m not impressed!

      • S Bers says:

        Hey Mr. I think I know everything because I am quoting some liberal bullshit website with fake numbers. IF your numbers were correct, even though we all know they’re not, I believe we could/would survive if all the illegals went back to their respective homes. Americans are strong and not afraid of hard work. At least those of us who are not of the millennial generation. See that’s where the problem lies, all the millennial’s believe they are entitled to everything without giving anything and the mexicans jumped on the bandwagon so swiftly. They too believe they should be given handouts just because. So, please do all of us a favor and stop quoting CNN liberal crap. Go ahead and take your illegal ass along with all your brothers and sisters and go back to whence you came. Don’t worry about us American’s, we’ll clean up the mess you made in our country. We’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about The US of A. Oh, one more thing, do me a favor and take all the white entitled, spoiled, lazy millennial’s with you. We don’t need them either. Thanks!


      Me too, those motherfuckers tried to bully me and my team when we were filming videos, those cocksuckers should go back to their dirty nasty country

      • Rony Farfan says:

        Not all mexicans are like that, the ones I know are very intelligent and respectful. Don’t judge the entire Mexican community just because of some assholes.

      • SPICS ARE GROSS says:

        Fucking retarted beaners think that California still belongs to them. Get your history right and record straight. California belongs to America by Americans! Not Mexico!

    • Jonathan says:

      Hate is irrelevant and funny to me. You white people always pointing out other people’s flaws like your superior. Lmao I live in the west coast and white people can be the DIRTIEST MOTHER FUCKERS ON THE PLANET. Its funny how SOME Mexicans always find a way to make money for the family without any documention. 80% of the smelly, leather faced bums I see out here are white. You people stand on the corners asking for change to supply your filthy needles and junk. You age like milk and your all a bunch of cowards. White men are built like women hahahah. Pathetic excuse for a man.

    • Jonathan says:

      Fucken leather faces.😏😏😏😏 You white people age like milk. This hate is getting a little irritating. I pay my taxes just like everybody else. If you guys don’t want all the junk coming over are border maybe you white people should stop consuming it like the dirty smelly white bums I see at the intersections all the time. Stop lying to yourself. lmao everytime I pass a school I always see the Chicanos walking out with the best women. Hahahh now try saying something like this in person you cowards

    • Roxanne says:

      That’s putting it mildly, perhaps (not to downplay your child’s terrible treatment).
      ‘Mexicans have dignity”?!?? Like donkey shows, raping family, hanging people from bridges, refusing to learn anything and being proud about that??? Need virus specific to mexicans, or chip in head programmed to fence so will blow up when come back across.

    • You mama says:

      After reading all your nice comments
      Fuk you
      Will be nice if all of you screw each other and all of you will be
      masturbate.each other be happy
      Help your enemy suck his
      If you have none to play use my 7″”

    • Rony Farfan says:

      You’re a complete asshole judging the whole mexican community just because of a couple of assholes. The mexicans I know are fluent in English and are respectfful. I’m not mexican I’m just looking out for my fellow latinos.

    • I hate blacks,I hate spics,I hate Jews,I hate chinks,I hate Arabs,I hate mongoloids,and I hate lesbians.

      Donald trump

      Donald trump

      Donald trump I’m voting for Donald trump

      You looking kinda sexy Donny,you make me kinda hard Donny
      Donald is the best I wanna suck his dick,I like his orange face and his very juices tits

    • vlad says:

      Can’t we all just get along jeeez.

  2. ASHLEY says:


    • CARLES says:


      • Justin Bieber says:

        Racist? Who cares!!I’m racist. And? Mexicans are the ones who get under the boarder. GUESS WHAT? YOU HAVE TO WORK TO SUPPORT THEM.

      • vladtheimpaler says:

        listen to the fool with a fifth grade education calling people are racist yourself,you are racist against racists so stfu,dont feel sorry for us,we are enjoying our privleges.muthr fukr.why do chicanos support illegal aliens?because they hate white people.and you want our shit,when you havent sacrificed anything for what hapened in the past.all of a sudden you are all oppressed and tortured souls,i dont remember you being like that in school.quite the opposite,now all of a sudden you have all been victims of the white man go eat a hot bowl of deep fried dicks asshole.

    • Luis Sera says:

      Bitch don’t hate….. we Mexicans are better then you stupid hicks!!!!

      • Isaac Raphael says:

        I personally dont consider

      • Isaac Raphael says:

        Im sorry lol as i was saying i personally dont consider myself racist and dont want to be being a contradiction in all (black&white) but mexicans do act like pac rats all for one and one for all which is a good trait but it gets on my nerves how they always start shit and when you kick their ass anothe one sais “a fuuuuuu i heard you was the nigga that beat uo my homie” then they get their ass kicked then i get jumped because their not strong enough…….

      • InfantryGuy says:

        hahahaha fuck these white bitches. They mad becuz browns taking over America and there is nothing they can do.

      • fuck you mexs says:


      • fukk gringos says:

        mexico putos rednecks

      • kevin says:

        fuck you you little brown shit stane go back you mexico your race is the vermin of the earth

      • true that …….dont hate the mexicans hate ur self for racist

      • I’m black and I hate Mexicans, I only really like white people and blacks. So u Mexicans, GTFO

      • spic are a disease says:

        that is really funny coming from a filthy spic

      • JessePinkman says:

        you’re better then no one, that’s what you are so afraid of. The most mystifyingly arrogant half-humans that came straight from a jungle to modern society and still can’t shake your monkey simian thinking process.

      • Rony Farfan says:

        Don’t judge all mexicans just because of a couple of idiots. I was picked by a bunch of black guys, but am I going to judge them all? No. I’m not mexican, I’m just looking out for my fellow latinos.

      • vlad says:

        Better at grabbing their ankles

    • erik says:

      in my opinion the racism in your minds is like a cartoon because the mexican people are very tradicionals and they always think in group,I admit that the immigrant people is a problem but the legal mexcan people no because they pay in the south border of US ,every like hotels,food, and they are well edecated the legal mexican.In my personal opinion both of you are the amercian teenagers that work in a Mcdonals ,so in my opinion both need education in you minds.

    • Your mama says:

      Hey fuckn biotch kiss my ass. We r taking over alright like it o not…. In my school Mexicans are the ones taking the most AP classes and passing them cunt!. Not onl that but we pass them asshole. However, white bitches are the ones taking the normal classes (if they pass them) maybe ur dad was a fckn beaner who raped ur white vagina. Was he? Oh im sorry did i hurt ur feelings? Fuckn cunt suck my dick biotch!

      • Isaac Raphael says:

        Not to be a dick but in your skool its probably 80% mexicans and your right you guys are the closest thing to native american so technicly white ppl shouldnt even be here but every race has its downside

      • mexican h8r says:

        you stupid fuckin mexicans! i went to a school that had 4 white kids!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,500 students!!!!! 4 white!!!!! dirty dumb assholes stop in the middle of the fuckin hall and expect you to walk around them??? go fuck yourself you dirty fucking bitch ass mexican!!!! we hav an infestation of dirty dumb pac rats and an exterminator needs to be called in.

      • kell erickson says:

        If the entire school is Mexican then I have a feeling those AP classes for the gifted are based on a curve. Mexicans are not known to do the schoolwork and extra homework it takes to be in the gifted program on their own and certainly do not get encouragement from their illegal parents who teach them it’s o.k. to invade another country illegally and live where you are not wanted. The hispanic children I’ve been around for decades come home from school around 3:30pm and play and yell until 9pm or later. I don’t see any reading or studying going on. Just kids running and chasing each other for hours on end. The last thing hispanic families are into is education! And the first thing their into is each other’s pants! Although they love the free public school they use as a means of daycare that’s paid for by Americans’ taxes!

      • Pride says:

        So you’re passing the classes while passing them? You beaners are so uneducated it’s funny.

        If you’re so proud of your heritage, why not go back to where you originated from and try to make something of your awful country? Has it finally become uninhabitable from so many years of your people’s toxic existence?

        I swear, if there’s life after this, I better not be a god damn beaner. Gross.

      • spic are a disease says:

        as usual I see those AP classes are working for you huh then again it was probably in Spanish for the usual unfair spic advantage face your race can only succeed if is given to them and not earned

    • drew says:

      actually, throughout us history, whites are the race with the most rapes under their belt, including black women who were raped by slave owner,(there were many slave owners) and whites from Spain who raped the indigenous americans of mexico in which created mestizo mexicans. Whites are the race who have raped the most people throughtout history. as s matter of fact, every single latino that is mestizo and not full blooded indian has ancestors (women) who were raped by white men creating mestizos, and this is all of latin america. Yeah sure, mexicans are the rapists, if you say so.

      • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

        Weird, all you idiots think history began in the 1400’s and think white people are the terrible monsters of society. I hate to break it to you, but look around for God’s sake!!!!!! Do you ever see a white hood!?! Were there any great inventions made by Mexicans!?! And sorry buddy but its history, not much we can do about it, and thats why we whites are going to do something about it now. Also look at the prisons. Mostly black and latino. God. I hate people that are in denile!

      • frederich jr says:

        i agree with Drew. But yea mexicans actually invented the first tv with color. Sure we have our downsides, our government is kind of wack. The average looking mexican girl isnt beutifull, but hey miss universe is mexican,so is the current weallthiest man on the world: Carlos Slim. Ok Miss universe just finished her year of being Miss universe lol.

    • fukk gringos says:

      fukk lil white bitch i think u got rapped and u like it and now come saying shytt

      • spic are a disease says:

        speak in a language we understand not ghetto Spanglish you fuckin clown

      • vladtheimpaler says:

        typical filthy perverted remark we would expect from a jailhouse butt queen who gives up his ass for extra must have dicks on your mind or something you pos border bouncing anchor baby bean farting job stealing can’t even spell you moron.i got something white hanging you indian homo.

    • ugh says:

      Ok. Ashleys black

    • Responsibleone says:

      Real simple: These are genetically mutant offspring of some kind of loser Indians enslaved by the Spanish. Their country has more natural resources than any other in the world but they have no balls nor backbone and the corrupt leaders keep it all. So the coward swim up hear.

      This is neo-colonialism at its finest. Racist rims, Shit for ugly cars, women dressed like clowns, men who aspire to clean toilets, 76 percent illegitimacy rate, 55 percent illiteracy rate, 45 percent high school drop out rate, 60 per cent incarceration rate, and the highest rate of unpaid paternity support in the world. Familia is a pile of lies and bullshit that they use to hide behind every time one of them embarrasses the race–roughly one per quarter of a second.

      They have stolen cars with filed numbers and can’t drive the,. they speak some kind of mexican trash that screws up their heads so badly they can’t learn English, and for some reason ninety five percent of their women are obese to the point they could give a fuck if their life depended upon it.

      Try it sometime, have a conversation with one of them. No speak English is about all they can say, the rest of the time they are trying to sell you drugs.

      So they have been colonizing here (largely illegally) for almost a century–what do they have to show for it–well there are gangs, fatherless children, adult idiots who are clueless–no doctors, lawyers, and certainly no no contributors to the economy.

      Mexican immigrants are like sperm out of every ten million one works.

      Americans (Blacks, Whites, Asians, Jews, Native Americans, etc,)
      Give it up, let them self destruct, we have a country to build and these criminal racists want to go to prison and join gangs. Lets show our self respect and keep ourselves mentally and physically fit, educate ourselves and work hard using our American connections, and we can starve them out. For common sense starters don’t do drugs, marry carefully, build your credit, and practice birth control.

      latins are a cancer, so let it starve, drink and drug itself to death, waste in prison, and beat its girlfriends to death. How dumb can one be to move to a country that doesn’t want you and then cry because your oppressed? It begins to explain the sky high rates of mental illness among them.

    • says:

      Did you heard white teachers raped children at school that is some low grade too every type of color or race do Crimes but not all white people are racist but the ones they are racist i want to say watch your stupid mouth cause the immigrants do most of the hard job they deserved some respect cause for them you eat most of the fruits if you think immigrants are nasty then dont eat fruits they get most of the job done in our table so think about it before you post some cyber racist up in here

    • ANONIMATION says:

      YOU KNOW WHAT!!! fuck you, motherfucker, i bet yo would be pretty fucking scared if a Mexican came up to you a started beating the shit out of you for what you say. we are the reason your country has basic food why? ill tell you why, because no other fucking redneck is wiling to be under the sun working agriculture. when i say redneck i REFER to ONLY racist assholes, so if you read this and your not racist the comment doesn’t apply to YOU. whenever your country is to cold, where do most of your people go, MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA. if there were no Mexicans or lets just say, foreign people in your country, you would spend more money on importing food, and stuff, i admit there are a fuck load of bad people, but i think your forgetting that white people commit crimes too. you guys are all just a bunch of crap, no one is who to judge others, just think. WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO, if there were no HISPANICS, BLACK PEOPLE IN YOUR COUNTRY. you would all be mooching off of others like TICS. so watch all of your words, because the coin doesn’t always land heads.(ass for my comment only goes to RACIST and RACIST only motherfuckers) so CHINGEN A TODAS SUS PUTAS PERRAS GARRAS DE MADRES. MENDIGOS GRINGOS DE MIERDA

      • to late to say? says:

        I understand you are angry but (Mexicans) don’t really help there case I mean Last year I was raped by a mexican and ended up getting pregnant but its illegal to get an abortion where I live past 12 weeks and when I found out I was 14 weeks . even after the blood test proved he raped me the judge let him go off with only a week in jail and then last august he molested his own 5 year old niece while she was sleeping and his sister would not press charges because ( he was her family :( WTF lady protect your children …. not all Americans are like that (racist) but that whole thing really messed up my life and my son is a wonderful innocent child that had nothing to do with that fuckers choice … I’m not saying that all mexicans rape childerne or that because of him I hate all mexicans but while I was in the court room I felt as if I was a personal victim of not only rape but also racism the way that judge treated me she even refered to me twice as white girl but in spanish really ppl whatever happened to a crime is acrime no matter what commits it

      • Fred merkle says:

        Eat shit and die MEX…go back to the SHITHOLE mexico.
        America don’t want your ass in OUR country..fuckface go to school and take a fucking bath already…oh yeah…eat a dick…lol

      • Fred merkle says:

        Assholemexican…lol…Beat up who? Me? Just try it Bitch. I need to break in my new 45. You would look funny with a hollow point to the face.I stay packed now that you fuckers are everywhere but I can just kick you in the face you little three foot tall fucking midget…lol make me laugh dick head.

      • spic are a disease says:

        your scary I work around the non English speaking scumbags you are and the last filthy that tried that shit with me eats applesauce bitch

    • Dawn says:

      Two words; West Virginia.

      Obviously you’ve never seen a real Mexican. Because my boyfriend is and he treats me like a QUEEN. Raping little girls oh really? Lemme show you something.
      Most of them are WHITE. So using you’re logic. All white men are serial kills and rapists that will kill you the first chance they get? No, you are ignorant. And I hope your idiotic mindset will be lifted like the disease it is.

      • bnrhtr says:

        You are a moron.

      • Dawn says:

        Sorry I don’t really take insults from people who’s usernames are horseshit. And I’m a moron? People like you absolutely disgust me. You think you are so much better than anyone else because your white? So you having less melanin somehow makes you a God? Wow, this is funny, I didn’t know your skin had anything to do with your brain.

        Now tell me how much smarter than this kid you are.

      • Dawn says:

        Sorry, I don’t really take insults from people who’s usernames aren’t even real words. Don’t you know what a vowel is? And I’m a moron? I can put together much more coherent sentences than half of you here. People like you absolutely disgust me. You think you are so much better than anyone else because your white? So you having less melanin somehow makes you a God? Wow, this is funny, I didn’t know your skin had anything to do with your brain.

        Now tell me how much smarter than this kid you are.

      • SimpleME! says:

        @to late to say; Even if this page segregates Mexicans and White people and I am both….. I choose no side. I for once look up to some one who knows what they are saying. Not the worlds I would choose but I understand. Growing up no matter what race you are a crime is a crime and they should be punished for it. I am sorry that wonderful child you have could not have come from a real man, a man you would have chosen to be with. No one has the right to choose what happens to another person’s body and what happend to you is very wrong. Sorry to hear that!

      • whitepowr says:

        your boyfriend just likes wetback whores who have a nice ass and a mustache, go comb the hair on your nipples and take you and your beaner boyfriend back to mexico you filthy rat fucking whore

      • Dawn says:

        If you are going to insult me, once again do it with correct grammar.
        You are an idiot that will probably never amount to anything in life. Please do the world a favor and never reproduce. I’d love to go to Mexico but I’d still come back to my home country.



    • Mexican-American says:

      Why don’t we all just sit down and have an intelligent conversation, shall we?

      • SimpleME! says:

        Wow……. There is a grown up on this page!

      • eugenics says:

        110 million legals since 1970 (non whites)
        30% of mexico as i type is in american borders.

        talk? no, go home, enough.

        russia i pray you invade america, please help us.

    • :D says:

      Raping little girls and doing incest? BULLSHIT, i think you’re talking about Alabama.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Go back to school and learn proper grammar! There are pedophiles and rapists in every race, ethnicity and national origin. Let the race who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • hector aimara says:

        Then I shall do it. I really think mexicans are in the most part annoying because of their territorial tendencies. I also dislike mexicans, not all of them. But yea I think most look retarded and find them narcassistic. I feel the need to say that the anatomy that has come to me as a person has piqued my concern to say that all these comments put here only confirm the iddiocracy of the mexicans. Whites are better. Not the best but they are better than mexicans.

    • Darcy Meran says:

      Where are you getting all this mindless information from?

    • ABCfamilystar says:

      I am mexican. I moved to Los angeles when I was 11 and now I am 20. It makes me sick how much hate some people has for us, but let me tell you that you all probably know who I am lol! I am part of the cast of a hit TV show! I probably make more money than you white people do! And there is actually really nice people here in the US. I LOVE BEING MEXICAN!

    • Tashu says:

      You’re an idiot…. Fuck you.

    • That’s cute using your little caps lock button buddy. Here is your lesson for today, HOW TO USE STATISTICS. About 83.5% of the US population is white, and 82.5% of rape victims are white. End of lesson. Bye.

  3. hector says:

    Man, I Hate Stupid Rednecks…

  4. Ihatebeaners says:

    I hate these fucking beaners too. Thats what me and my friends call em but spics is nice too. I was walking my dog today and on one side of the street some 16 year old lookin girls were walkin to there car and the damn beaners across the street fucking whistled at them. The beaners looked like late 30s early 40s and they were fucking whistling at teenagers. By the way I would’ve said something but I had my daughter with me. Anf mark my words if they would’ve made one comment about herI woulda killed em then and there. I live in southern alabama i shouldn’t have this damn problem. By the way once i read the part of your story about that beaner walkin up to you at the gas station expectin yiu to move i wish you woulda shot em and saved some social security for my hardworking grandparents. As soon as I turn 18 I swear I’m gonna vite fir the most hardcore antibeaner republucan there is.

    • Beaner killer!! says:


    • CARLES says:


      • mexican h8r says:

        where does the bible say anything about mexicans you dumb bitch? something in there about treating everyone equally maybe, but mexicans arent people.

      • Quit Posting Stupid Comments says:

        To mexican h8r
        WTF! Mexicans arent people? That is the stupidest comment I have ever seen, that and the rest of the racist comments and by read the Bible, it doesnt say anything about Mexicans but it does say a lot of wiser and sane things in there than most of the stupid I Hate Mexican comments on here

      • beaner for life says:

        thats wat i dont get people r catholic or christian and yet they r still raciest people these days

    • frida says:

      hello Americans i am not here to say that i hate you, for i do not , America is a lovely country,and so is Mexico , every country has its bad parts that is very true, but why so negative? lets stop this nonsense my brother and sisters that god does not like to see us fiteing,if you dont believe in god than stop reading now for shall i go on and i shall, say his name and i shall pray for all of you that have the devil inside you trying to make wars to kill and to hate, if you don’t like a Mexican that you saw or met that’s OK but remember that it dosnt mean that they are all that why i have met very mean Americans but i now that there are many MANY Americans that have a full lovely peace full hart that god has touched.GOD save these peaople from wars and fites and enter into there harts and show them that if we nations are together we will defeat the hungry the angry the sick the homes less and any other REAL enemy that comes throw our path….

      i am not Mexican or American i am french i have lived in booth country’s and i known what it feels like to be on both sides but i can only be on one side and that is god

    • louis says:

      you have a daughter and you’re 18? you’re a irresponsible hick, use a condom you sick fuck. and when did you have your daughter since the mexicans liked the 16 years olds? at age 1 is when you had your daughter lol? oh and if you kill somebody for no reason, you’re going to prison for 15 to life asshole, take that into consideration before making false threats. also, who’s the mom of your kid? your mom lol. also, we have obama and hes comepletely on our side, wanna know why? we got the power to vote and we have the numbers. you will probably never see an evil republican president again. but go ahead and kill someone for no reason and see how it works out for you. Jerk

    • Robert Chretien says:

      Stupid Ass Hilly Billy Redneck! Dont you have a tractor to tend to bitch?

      • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

        Weird, I thought all you Mexicans were hard working slaves that you say you are and pick the food in the fields?!?! Nope, its the machines doin all the work dummy.

      • mexican h8r says:

        oh, are you referring to when white americans used to provide for their families by subsitence farming? is that something to be ashamed of? and robert? that name sounds pretty white to me you wanna be black bitch. im with ethhhhhhaaaa

      • Quit Posting Stupid Comments says:

        To Ethhhhhhaaaaa
        Uhhh…..NO you see, where I live all you see is Mexicans working in fields no not like slaves but you go to a strawberry patch and you see groups of mexicans working for hours picking the strawberrys so they can be packaged so you dont have to do it and my dad is a construction man and he works in the hot sun and the freezing temperatures just so you can go to Hot Topic or Hollister in your typical mall and if you go to McDonalds and see a bunch of dirty looking Mexican trying to order their food with a translater guy…well those are the guys that work their butts off doing cheap labor that most people wouldn’t do and they do it because most of them want to provide the best they can for their family because they just abandoned their beloved homeland so that they can come to the US to EARN a better life.

    • 4thalawlz says:

      This was the funniest reply yet! hahahahaha. This kid isn’t even 18 yet and he has a child yet he’s calling other people out on what they do! So funny.

    • Thesmartone says:

      Wait so you were walking with your daughter but you aernt 18 yet? That’s sad. Im not going to be the one that will TRY to end this because it wont. There are to many ignoorant human beings out there that trying wont help. Notice i used the word HUMAN BEINGS instead of listing races. I couldve just simply said whites, blacks, and mexicans, but i didnt. Why? Because we are all HUMAN! Even so it wont make a change. Since i did say i wouldnt be the one to act all goody good, ill just try to say this straight up. I HATE WHITE PEOPLE. I dont hate the entire population. I just hate the racist one that includes you in it. Since the beginning of times you have tried to rule. You came to Mexico which is now present day the United States of America thanks to your want want life style. You took he native americans home. You took the mexicans home. You took the african americans freedon. But thats not what frustrates me. What frustrates me is the fact that you took over CRUELLY. AND NOW, ITS OUR TURN MUTHAFUCKER!! Dont judge us Mexicans until you know our story. We are all coming over not for the hell of it. WE ARE COMING OVER BECAUSE MEXICAN CITIZENS ARE BEING KILLED BY DRUG DEALERS AND OUR GOVERNMENT COULDNT GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT IT!! AS FOR YOUR “GET A GREEN CARD” SOLUTION, ITS NOT FUCKING EASY! ONLY 1 OUT OF 100,000 CAN ACTUALLY GET ONE BECAUSE THE PEOPLE THAT OFFER THEM ARE BASTARDS AND WONT GIVE THEM!! But moreover, its people like you that sicken me. Im 10 years old and am turning 11 in 4 months. How’s that for “illiterate”. Being this age that i am i have better grammar, spelling, and punctuation than probably 85 percent of your ignorant kind!! That is all i have to say about this topic so before you take a judgement of a population as a whole judge your own and then talk crap about the other! Goodbye. =D

    • mexican pride says:

      listen hear you cock smoker your just mad because when im thirty ill probably be giving your daughter this bmw

    • Cheyenne says:

      “As soon as you turn 18?” , So you are not even of age and you have a child? Let me guess jobless as well …and criticizing people whom you don’t even know – claiming they are taking your grandparent’s social security. While i’m sure you have no evidence of this , I can make an educated assumption that YOU are the government leach and as a teenage parent will have a tough time getting ahead I only pray to God that you educate yourself and loose the hate. I have had old disgusting me who happen to be white ask me out ,whistle at me and I do not commit the fallacy of saying that “all whites are perverts” and that “all whites are the same”. There are perverts in every race you are only selectively identifying them through your bigotry.
      I will not call you a racist because “Mexican, Hispanic and Latino” are not a separate race from your own , they are in fact an ethnic group. Their race is actually white! Surprise! Whether they be white, blond and blue eyed or raven haired brown eyed, they belong to the “white race”. If you don’t believe it ask a U.S. census bureau employee or look it up.

      • todd says:

        Latinos can be any race Cheyenne
        Most people on the site are talking about the mestizo Mexicans through.

      • Halla says:

        The fact that the only men who look your way are old, disgusting creeps, speaks volumes more about yourself, then them. LMFAO.

    • Nuffink says:

      Wait. “As soon as I turn 18” “had my daughter with me”. No comment … I completely agree the men there had no right whistling at teenagers and doing what they were doing and they are disgusting f*cks but still I had to point that out.

  5. eze quey says:

    I fucking hate it wen little white ppl think they the shyt talkin about oo I would of killed that mexican n shyt jst shut the fuck up already!

    I hate white people

    • Beaner killer!! says:


      • Mike says:

        All the fucking whites can shut the fuk up. We native Indians will soon get rid of you.

      • Luis Sera says:

        Fuck no we were here first…… you go to hell… go to hell and you die!!!!!

      • Your mama says:

        FUckn bitch go back to england. get ur fuckn illegal as back there. learn ur history mother fucker we were here first. Fuckn white as cracker. We r becoming the majority so if u don’t like it u can fuck urself cuz we r taking over u little bitch cunt

      • Jessica says:

        Righht…because if someone were to be in helll it would imply that they had already died.. OMG When i make fun of stupid beaners I always say “Go back to England!” And omfg I cannot believe a worthless shit pile actually typed it!! AHAHAH YOU FUCKING SPICKS ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!!!!!

      • fuck u snoflake says:

        white ppl r fuckin pussies dat move to da suburbs cuz dey get fucked up by all da latin gangs pussy ass dumb hick fruity ass bitch.come wher all da mexicans live n i gurantee dey’ll fuckin kill u witout even tryin weakass marshmellow

      • Robert Chretien says:

        White people aint about shit! Fuck yall dirty ass wet dog smelling ass up.

      • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

        Idk what some of you are saying, my ancestors came to Ellis Island as legal citizens, I dont know where you think my ancestors stole land. I hate when people jsut assume that every white person is a descendant of someone on the damned Mayflower, because half of the white population came to Ellis Island.

      • mexican h8r says:

        all of you dirty mexican referring to how you were here first? in north america? no. that was the native americans. the first mexicans lived in middle america… after spanish conquistadors brought you there. unless your a direct discendant of the mayan people which were killed of by cortez… a spainard.

      • Darcy Meran says:

        Why are you so disrespectful?
        All this hate is a completely and utterly waste of time.

    • 4thalawlz says:

      I hate racism in general. I hate ignorant people. Whatever skin color they are. Seems to me there are a lot of them posting on this blog. “white ppl r fuckin pussies dat move to da suburbs cuz dey get fucked up by all da latin gangs pussy ass dumb hick fruity ass bitch” this makes me laugh. Go check out gang statistics. You think latin gangs are “fucking up white people”? Actually those gangs are destroying latin culture and neighborhoods. Everyone stop being ignorant. Just live in peace. There is no “right” way of living life, just do what you want without hurting other people.

    • kell erickson says:

      Great! Then you will be moving back to your native “no whites allowed” country right? You need bus fare? I’d love to help!

    • American Patriot says:

      You do not even know english, you piece of shit ignorant ugly excuse of an organism!

  6. Sturm_ss says:

    you hate white people?
    well it’s mutual mexican. You keep talkin your shit wetback. but mark my words, you fuckers keep flooding this country us white people’s grandfathers fought to keep. And your gonna see a new form of nazi germany .
    Your gonna pressure us AMERICANS into the same situation as the germans. And with any luck we will do worse to you than they did the jews. that holocaust won’t have shit. If such an individual comes along that has that vision for you and your fuckin family i will be voting..seeing that i can. because i’m american…hint. And if such a man does not appear then with any luck i would take his place and bring america back to it’s former glory.
    go back to your shit country now. your excused.

    • louis says:

      so you’re saying that the only Americans that exist are white and that everyone else living in America is going to be murdered by a brand new Nazi America? lol you must be out of your cracked out mind, America consists of blacks, mestizos,Spanish Europeans, Asians, whites, Jews, indigenous and middle easterners. I’d love to see you and your little white nationalist gang take over all of our races, you can’t Nazi boy, we have and will exercise our 2nd amendment right to blast your Nazi ass away if you threaten us. you fucking Nazi white nationalist terrorist. oh and the leader of your little gang turned out to be a tranny, that just shows how tough you white nationalist Nazis are.

      • bnrhtr says:

        Coming from a wetback race that never won a war never developed anything never acomplished anything worth mentioning. Your kind will never be anything but beggars looking for a handout from white people.

      • spic are a disease says:

        hey stupid he is talking just about your filthy pedophile race and yes we can vote can you doubt dirty mexican

    • Maria says:

      ok so just bcuz a lil group of mexicans decided to dosum foolish shit u decide to hate them all…most of tha ppl on this blog make no sense wat so ever….America is not a white country.It’s MIXED! It DID NOT start out white started out with Native Americans…oh and when white ppl say”we were here first” i automatically think ignorant.You may have been born here but you ancestors migrated here just like Mexicans! aw shit.everybody migrated here except native Americans so there u go again being ignorant…who wouldof thought :)

      • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

        Native Americans came from Asia dummy! Just because you say they were here first makes you sound like a child fighting over a toy. “I got it firrrst!!!” , well life isn’t fair. We cant change history.

      • Bruce T says:

        Thank You Maria U R so correct………..

      • Forrest Gump says:

        No Maria is a dirty chalupa just like you, you Tijuana mule fucker

    • jess says:

      dude fucking seriously yall shout the fuck up bout complaining about everybody you stupid fucking idiots just shut the fuck up and smoke a bowl i mean damn who gives a shit what race you are deal with it bc you cant do shit,,, and that aint right threating people and saying you will do worse than they did the jews like wtf is your prob this is the new age mother fucker shut the fuck up and lets just all get stoned and end this stupid fight..

    • 4thalawlz says:

      You’re a silly little boy. Trying to exterminate a whole race of people worked out really well for Germany and Hitler right? Anyways, now they’re just dealing with another type of people they don’t like, Muslims. There are always going to be people who bother you; you can’t just “exterminate” them. Be an adult. Deal with your issues like an adult.

      • mexican h8r says:

        yes, actually hitler and the nazis murdered 6,000,000 people…so i guess you could say they actually almost did exterminate a race of people. dumbass

    • Darcy Meran says:

      You sir, are a disgrace. A disgrace to this country and to humanity.

    • Halla says:

      Well stated.

  7. FUCK YOU says:


  8. mali says:

    fukin white trash cock-sucking a holes..get a life

  9. White Pride says:

    You’re damn right. For too long all we White Americans have heard is how horrible we are and how much we owe everybody, including these fucking marble mouthed wetback illegals sliming their way in and destroying the nation. We are being pushed into a corner and the time is coming that we will have to fight back. And as history has seen when the white race gets pissed off, shit fucking happens and happens big. And it will come. These piss ass little mexicans are going to regret the day they ever set foot onto American soil. HEIL HITLER!!

    • Beaner killer!! says:


      • Luis Sera says:

        Fuck Hitler if he was still alive I’ll fuck him up!!!!!!

      • louis says:

        ahahahahahahahah that’s hilarious, you’re a sick piece of shit. the jews got our back, the blacks got our back, the asians got our back, shit even white folks have our back, your little nazi movement is the biggest minority of the nation and you will not suceed in your efforts to destroy us, blacks, whites, mexicans, mestizos, jews, AMERICA will not let nazis win, nope, never. the U.S army does not consist of nazis and the u.s army will blast away any psychos who threaten americans, of ANY and every race. you can’t win nazi boyz. or nazi girls.

      • k says:

        White pride and beaner killer, please do the world a favor, and kill yourself. Every race has it’s 1% of shitstains and troublemakers they could do without. That’s what you two are to white people.

      • Nuffink says:

        Sorry what? Are you openly nazi? Omg it’s not the white race that liked hitler it was just racist pricks and people that completely misunderstood what he wanted to do or were tricked by him. If you and your little gang were to try repeating a nazi revolution it would not go your way since it would be the perfect excuse for the whole world to destroy the shit out of you and your country, like they did to Nazi Germany back in the 1940s and late 1930s. That is if you were able to convince everyone of your messed up views in the USA, which is nothing short of impossible. So I wish you the best of luck of trying to cause a new WW and in winning it! Meanwhile I will just go back sit and look at the statistics of how many people hate hitler and hate all nazis.

    • jess says:

      ok look for one thing its not the race you hate its only certain people you fucking hate,, man i swear yall are so closed minded quit blaming people for what color they are and saying o these mexicans keep taking over peoples jobs blah blah blah o these white people are haters.. yall need to calm down look its just certain people not all mexicans, whites, jews, germans bad its just certain people,,quit hating people for the skin just cuz you hate certain mexicans or whatever race they are , your supposed to hate that person not blame everybody that is the same color,,, there is no need for war,, seriously people make a big deal of nothing shit happens go get stoned and make another day good or at least try

    • 4thalawlz says:

      You think Mexicans are destroying America? You keep up with politics at all? I’m sure you do being a proud American citizen. Than you would know that banks and corporations are America a lot more than illegal immigrants. What is the white race dude? Tell me exactly what you mean? Or are you just mad because your life sucks and you don’t have anyone else to blame?

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      For real you beaners just fucking slither your way into our country because you fucked your own up so bad that nobody wants to live in that shithole. Your moms all illegaly jump in here then pump 20 or 30 fucking kids out of her nasty ass vagina that she cant pay for or look after so she ends up leaving half in a random strawberry field to die.The only thing mexicans give us is shitty fucking drugs, violent gangs that kill people for no reason and push the shitty drugs, Stds, ugly fucking bitches, mooch our welfare, take our jobs, take our money, and fuck up society in general because they are such low life fuckhead scums thinking theyre all cool sagging theyre pants and robbing people. I have only known two cool mexicans in my life. the rest are just so fucking stupid

    • Darcy Meran says:

      Just out of curiosity how are Mexicans destroying our country?
      Don’t be rude, I just want to know why.

  10.! says:

    im mexican and i agree with some of that shit u say..some fuckin mexicans are sooo fuckin perverted and i soo fuckin hate the way some of them act..but jst cuz some act like that it doesnt mean we are all like that!!!i fuckin hate all races..they’re all soo stupid..i hate some mexicans,some white people,some chinese people,and i specially HATE niggers!!,ETC.ETC.. UGHH STUPID RACIST PEOPLE!! HAHA

    • Luis Sera says:

      Hey fuck u traitor!!!!!!

    • louis says:

      you’re just as sick as the nazis you sick fuck, do you not see the hypocrisy in your post, you think racists are stupid but call black folks niggers? you’re just a white nationalist nazi posing as a mexican to make us look sick like you sick motherfuckers. come mierda pinche hitler.

    • Mexican Killa says:

      You Bitch Ass ugly fucking pieces of shit. I hope you fucking die and choke on my dick. You nasty ass dirty taco lookin mother fuckers. Black people hate you too. Keep actin like and all Americans will rise up and push your ugly asses back to Mexico. Mexicans are the sorriest mother fuckers to ever walk the Earth. They don’t even have the Balls to fix their own country so they wanna take from ours. Go Back to Mexico. Fix your own country and stop being pussy ass bitches.

    • fuckyou says:

      go back to mexico whore!

    • IDIOT lol says:

      Now your going to make the blacks hate you too
      hahahaha dumb ass.
      Look at all the posts here. There mostly from white people.
      Your turning on your own kind and then your saying you hate niggers. WOW your not helping yourself

  11.! says:

    by the way u people that say that hate u hate mexicans..i bet u guys like our food..and the way WE

  12.! says:

    fuckin work..we are the ones building yours guys fuckin house,fences,etcus ..etc… u guys fuckin need us FUCKERS!!!!


    • Beaner killer!! says:


      • Luis Sera says:

        Fuck no Mexican food is fucking good!!!!! I’ll put a fucking bullet in your head… you Nazi son of a bitch…… that’s right I’m talking to u asshole!!!!

      • boomhower says:

        dang ol mang ol redneck hillbilly racist son of a bitch.

      • louis says:

        but you can’t, you’d get locked up for 15 to life you sick fuck. if you do though, enjoy getting raped by your aryan brotherhood life parters.

      • mexican h8r says:

        right on! that shit suck dick. and dont even get me started about fucking mexican dessert, wtf.

    • Jessica says: I almost cannot believe it. I wish I had an excuse to kill.. exterminate you all without getting in trouble. It would be my pleasure,

      • hank says:

        you wish you could kill me, i’ll have that little red laser pointed at your forehead before you can reach for your old ass rusty ass rifle.

      • louis says:

        yeah yeah yeah, why don’t you point it at yourself you sick minded fuck? why don’t you worry about your own god damned self more than worrying about how much you hate brown skinned citizens. you can’t exterminate anyone without a true reason, this is america you psycho and anyone who want to physically hurt or kill someone, or wishes to have a reason to kill someone seriously needs medical attention. Viva America, viva la raza. And i’m not talking about the organization la raza, I’m talkin about the spirit of our people good lations. whether they be white skinned, brown, dark brown, black, white, asian or mixed. we are one and we are united, and we will not dissapear. keep on wishing and keep that hatred in you corazon, it okay, you will never free your soul like that. alratos

      • Darcy Meran says:

        Jessica are you delusional? Why on earth would you think such a horrid thought?

    • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

      A Mexican didnt build my house, a Mexican doesnt clean my house, there are no Mexican farmers where I live, ( the second state is producing corn) when I go to your restaraunts I get a hamburger, I dont have a fence in my yard, there is almost no Mexicans where I live and its a very nice community of hardworking Americans. Our town and most towns around do JUST FINE without you guys. Also, why are you so proud to be Mexican then come to America and embrace Mexican culture? Can you please explain that to me maturely? Thanks.

      • mexican h8r says:

        hell yeah. i can build my own fuckin house. i wouldnt trust you fuckin mexicans to dig a ditch.

      • Ethhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa…where do you live? I want to move to that town?

        April in Portland, OR

      • kell erickson says:

        Can I be your neighbor? I’m quiet, I don’t play loud fucking mariachi shit, I not only don’t have 5 kids but I have NO KIDS, I drive a car legally and don’t dump shopping carts wherever I go, I don’t fuck my relatives or your children, I pay tax and I’m gone for a good part of the day AT WORK!

      • Darcy Meran says:

        You see, some Mexicans come here for a better life, and also a better life for their children so they don’t have to suffer in poverty.Americans don’t see how we have it so easy while its a struggle to live for people over the boarder. And don’t spend any meaningless time typing rude comments, just stop.

      • Billy says:

        I want to live where you are because southern ca has a terrible mexican infestation!!!

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      ya ok ill admit it we need A FEW to pick our strwberries, but other than that construction is a white job because beaner cant make anything except stds and burritos

    • moonfire2012 says:

      Forget America, the way you short fat mayan little toads breed, you want to wipe us out and take over. And our government is letting you do it. They should have forced sterilization of the mexican women and destrict them to one child per family.

  13. Jessica says:

    THEY ARE DIRTY, REPULSIVE, RANK, UNINTELLIGENT, CREATURES. I WANT THEM ALL DEAD! All they do is rape white girls, they think they can do whatever the FUCK they want. They LOOK and SMELL like a pile of fucking shit, which is all they are and ever will be, SHIT.

    • Luis Sera says:

      hey FUCK YOU stupid rednecks…..Hill-billies ..and stupid hicks YOU whites people can kiss my Mexican ass!!!

      • Jessica says:

        Haha.please. Like I’d put my lips on a surface so putrid. I bet you wish I would though you worthless beaner, I am white after all ;) It’s sooo cute when you shit piles try to stand up for your dumb ass selves.

      • yurmom says:

        to: jessica

        um there are alot of good looking mexican girls in my school, and all the ghetto trash white girls get prego by 9th grade, yeah you and your worthless ass baby doesnt mean shit, cuz youll never amount to anything being races all your doing is hurting ppl.

      • spic are a disease says:

        how about that a sub human spic calling someone else names FUCK YOU SPIC

    • louis says:

      really unintelligent? would you like to test that theory out you Neanderthal sick minded degenerate soul less monster? Jessica Alba definitely doesn’t look like a pile of shit to me, and i’m pretty sure she smells excellent too. I bet shes also 70 times prettier than you too huh? wanting people dead is a pretty good warning sign that you need some type of assistance, I think you need psychological attention. A good therapist should work wonders for a psychotic, likely feminist such as yourself.

      • spick.nigger.hater says:

        jessica alba actually has filipino descent….brownie…why dont you mop my floor quickly while i go to your house and finish on your sisters least asians have intelligence

    • hahah says:

      You’re so sad. I am Mexican and I am PROUD! I will go back to Mexico whenever I please and you know what? I’ll come back whenever I please (: Then I’ll spend the $500,000 that I’ve won in Scholarships on becoming “intelligent” while you work your butt off trying to pay off community college. Since Mexicans are so unintelligent, I bet that’s the reason I attend Georgetown University which is completely paid for (apart from my scholarships). I’ll be sure to tell all my family to stop paying taxes and live off of your “hard” earned money so we can build an even bigger home to house more “immigrants” so that they can keep the pattern going. You’re so ignorant that it’s sad. Don’t worry I’ll pray for you so that hopefully God will spare your soul when you leave this earth.

      • OldScool says:


      • yurmom says:

        to: old skool

        that is the worst comeback ive ever heard

    • Jessica says:

      I hate you white people you all are a bunch of whiners !!!! You can’t do anything right you have to have mommy and daddy to do everything for you !!! You can’t stand up on your lazy ass feet regardless if you like us or not we’re here and you can’t doing anything about it… And who has the most rapes in history that means jackass throughout history even today you wretched nasty white people do look it up and if we do smell it’s because we work hard jerk off !!! And yes believe it or not we are intelligent and if your going to insult anybody about being dumb it should be you, you don’t even know how to spell go back to 1st grade genius !!!!

      • BIG CHRIS says:

        Jessica im going to start off by saying one thing and im going to try to make it as easy as possible for your small brain to comprehend: You are the stupidest fucking beaner on here “white people cant do anything right” Riiggghhhhtttttt like what you mean how good we made our country to live in so stupid beaners like you can jump our borders to try to live here instead of growing some balls to fix up your own shithole country. Or do you mean how we have invented computers, telephones, fucking spaceships, the automobile, the airplane, electricity, the camera, the discovery of atoms, cells, and DNA which has prompted the invention of hundreds of vaccinations to cure hundreds of diseases, the jet engine, and on top of all that the first ones on the moon. Believe me theres a lot more i just dont want to strain your little fucking excuse for a brain

      • BIG CHRIS says:

        while mexicans have made all the great and truly useful inventions the mousepad and contraceptive pills.

      • I don't hate Mexicans, I hate spics says:

        At least we don’t rape the government like most of you do!!! And I hope you all know there are concentration camps here in the U.S., so keep pissing off us American’s and I’m sure those camps will come to good use one day!! And I will be outside laughing when the old fat spic who lives across from me is put on a bus to go there. She is miserable with her own life because her stupid whore spic daughter can’t keep her legs closed so now she has to raise all 5 of her grand kids. And of course the mother can’t raise her own kids because she’s too busy out fucking more guys so she can bring more kids home for her mother to raise…. But honestly doesn’t surprise me because that’s what spics do, breed like rabbits and then make their own parents raise their offspring, and rape the government along with it. Why don’t the spics go back to Mexico and rape their own damn government, oh that’s right their own country doesn’t even give a shit about them and they don’t even want them back. Now I’m not talking about all Mexicans because some come here and actually do good in their lives and help make America a functioning society, I’m talking about the spics like the one who lives across from me…. She is the biggest, ugliest(inside and outside) piece of shit I have ever met in my life who thinks its ok to rape the government…. She better have her green card on hand the next time she throws a party that blocks the whole street so they can hit a piñata, and when you’re driving down the street and can’t get thru they look at you like you’re the asshole… This spic is 60 years old and she’s tried to fight me and I am 27 years old, and the fight was all over something she did, and there isn’t any reasoning with them, it’s like talking to a child…. I just can’t believe a 27 year old is more mature than a 60 year old, but she can’t help it, she raised a whore and now she has to suffer with the whores brood of wild animals, which I’m sure drives her crazy, but makes me laugh my fucking ass off!!!!!!!

      • spic are a disease says:

        we hate you fucking whore

    • You obviously don’t know your grammar!And mexicans have graduated & I just took a shower I’m not dirty.Repulsive?!so not me!Does it look like I rape white girls…no I don’t I have a family to take care of I don’t have time to mess around.I know for a fact I can’t do whatever I want & my children very well,know it to & I smell like apples because I just took a shower.You are so wrong!Actually your the uneducated,repulsive one here because 1rst of all not all of them are!Have you been to Social Studies class lately or were you busy talking about mexicans?And look at yourself your being repulsive!

    • Darcy Meran says:

      Is any of this information true?

    • Joseph smith says:

      Shut up bitch eat my white dick and tell ur kids to choke on it like ur kids. Fuk ur mom and dad.

    • Nuffink says:

      Dude, Jessica for fucks sake just chill. You sound like you had a machine gun on one hand and were killing Mexicans while you wrote that. Could you please take a second to meditate why you think that about all Mexican people? Maybe some of them do that, but so do Americans (or should I say Europeans who went to the Americas and raped Native American women and pillaged their villages.) Even though you might be very mad right now because you know you are an ignorant piece of crap and NOBODY gives a bloody shit about what you are saying because your thoughts and opinions are classified as racist and psychotic. Even though you may actually be an intelligent person you are most definitely not showing your intelligence online, in fact you are making me think of you as a person with some very serious mental problems, along with a very big sense of superiority over people different than you. This generally comes with close mindedness and that is not a good thing. I really recommend you think about what you write before you post. Also, I recommend you go to a psychiatrist, if there isn’t one in your tiny little shithole you call town you may have to leave to find it somewhere else, I recommend you use google maps to find the closest psychiatrist that is not racist or retarded. I also recommend you do not reproduce or raise any children. I also recommend you do not get within 5 meters (search it up, it actually is a valid measurement) of any human being (homo sapiens sapiens) under the age of 18 or over the age of 19 (people at the age of 18 will probably ignore you so it is OK if you attempt to fill their mind with bullshit.) Thank you for being such a great (fake) person Jessica!

  14. Hate you dumbass spicks says:

    I am sick of these dumbass turds saying “without us you wouldnt have houses” “you wouldnt have tacos” BLAH BLAH BLAH. We had houses before you dirty rats came along, the only reason youre building them now is because you stole a WHITE PERSON’S job!! Not only that, I want a HOUSE not a fucking adobe!! and WHO CARES about your gross food. Ohhh nooo what will I do without stupid ass burritos. Stupid nasty ass fucking wetbacks. WHat are you good for? NOTHING.

  15. Spicks are stupid. says:

    yoo doo not rite lyke dis okai? Omigawd eye H8 whyte peepol sooo moch wut da hellz!?

    • Luis Sera says:

      how about u burn in hell instead!!!!

      • Jessica says:

        Ooooo good one you stupid fuckin wet back. That is suuuch a clever come back. Sad thing is, you probably thought it was clever..poor thing. It’s okay though, we are all completely aware of how incredibly unintelligent you all are ;)

    • louis says:

      If my grammar was equivalent to your nonsense, I’d definitely jump off of a building for fear of dying due to forgetting to breath. crazy ass white nationalist Nazi fuck. also this is the internet, your seriously going to cry about someones grammar? lol

      • mexican h8r says:

        ok so… white nationalist nazi fuck? i dont belive she said anything of nazi origin. ive seen every single one of your posts… almost all of them call someone a nationalist nazi fuck.

  16. who gives a fuck says:

    Im sick of beaners too. They come over here illegally and expect handouts. Stay in your own country, beaner. They come over here and piss in our fields and give us e coli, take our jobs from us, get on medi-cal and welfare and increase our medical ins costs. Im sick of it. They act like they cant speak English as they turn around and stab you in the with no ins or a drivers license, drunk. Take over our schools and get free education as the teachers have to spend more time with little Jose and ignore the white kids, because Jose CANT FUCKING SPEAK ENGLISH OR UNDERSTAND. If you come to OUR country, learn OUR fucking language..GET A LEGITIMATE JOB, stay off welfare, stop popping out 100 friggen beaner kids, get your citizenship, learn to drive and get a license AND insurance. You wonder why whites are so pissed off at you?

    • Elko says:

      y no obstante nos los vamos a coger, nada más acuérdate que descendemos de iberos

    • Your mama says:

      hey mother fucker. we live in america and in america WE SPEAK SPANISH so Learn spanish biotch. And hey go fuck urslef fuckn faggot

      • hank says:

        lol, they all know english trust me, they just speak spanish to piss you off. oh, and were not in england, so learn some native american languages (may i suggest nahuati) or get the fuck out of america.

    • mexican h8r says:

      id be fine if they deserved to be in this country, like maybe fight in a major war that helped build this country up to what it is today? oh yeah, maybe not shoot up our borders and towns over drugs? oh and learn some shit for once. we can grown our own marajauna thank u very much. and maybe if you didnt start one of the most controvesial wars ever? the drug war? yeah…

      • You STUPID!Look at yourself you don’t even know how to capatalize & you’ve been posting non stop so I’m betting you haven’t even tooken a shower & please don’t argue back.You make yourself look very,very much more stupid!

    • man, your laws arent worth shit. they arent fair and arent just. fuck outa here with your SHIT job hunting. pathetic fuck. mad cause you hate our way of life yet you want to be our way of life by kicking out immigrants to work jobs that are OUR way of life

  17. Beaner killer!! says:


    • Luis Sera says:

      How about if i kill u…….you redneck fuck!!!!

    • michael says:

      i’ll have a little red dot on your head before you can reach for your rusty ass rifle redneck. we can be friends or we can be enemies, as an individual, you chose your path. click, pop goes the cracker.

      • louis says:

        that’s hardly necessary carnal, this man “mr beaner killer” is probably just a lost 15 year old white kid who has no other purpose in life than to insult minorities and Jews. one day he will probably get a good ass whooping and will learn his lesson. If not, he will end up as a bitch for the aryan brotherhood.

      • Forrest Gump says:

        I’ll choose to be enemies, Mexicans can’t do anything on there own, and since when does a Mexican know how to work a gun? By serving the Mexican military? Ha! What a joke, anyways… Go make my burrito already Jose! Pop goes the chalupa

    • Nuffink says:

      Dude chill. I don’t know if it’s just me but you remind me to someone I have met? Oh I remember! I watched a documental about you! If I remember well you are one of the most hated men in the world and took an enormous part in one of the biggest genocides the world has ever seen. Your name was Adolf hitler! Not joking now, dude you honestly make yourself sound like the typical retarded dude everyone hates in the films that always goes with his rifle and kills every single person that disagrees with him. Dude this is why I think Europe is way more civilized than America. Not because of the immigrants or the beans (WTF) as you call them but because people here sound like they were fucking cowboys taking justice in their hand goin’ around just blasting bullets in other people’s heads cuz they disagree with ’em. Bro I’ve met people like you (unfortunately) and most of them were extremely dumb, when I say that I mean they believe everything they read in their one favorite conservative and white nationalist newspaper and they had an IQ of something in the low 90’s. Please make the world a favor and disconnect your computer from the router and don’t ever go online again, and if possible don’t ever reproduce. Thanks a lot!

  18. vatos locos KILLER says:

    yo i want all these little gangsta wannabes dead

  19. Aaron says:

    I am Mexican, but I am tall (6.0) and blue eyes and I don’t have that stupid blond hair, and Yes, I do fuck white girls ’cause they are so HOT, and they act like bitches all the time. Your girls always are looking for some dick, since I was in Junior High.

    And remember you are settle in our lands, but the glory is not forever, you can see it in roman history and so on, in a close future, you will be sucking other country’s dick. Probably Chinese, already that the US is dying all the money is gone hahaha.

    Stupid red necks, you’re always complaining and crying you just are sucking some pussy and some of you some big dick and fucking some black girls. You are really pathetic.

    • Luis Sera says:

      hey I’m with u brother FUCK these rednecks….. they can all line up and suck my dick….Fuck ALL REDNECKS!!!! i say take your Confederate flag and shove it up your ass!!!!! Long live Mexico!!!!! Viva la Raza!!!!!! viva el pueblo mexicano

      • spick.nigger.hater says:

        you love the word dick i see….im guessing your a bitch-spick but i can’t tell because of your common name you cane cutter

  20. al degghi says:

    We took your land once , If I were you beaners I would shut the fuck up, Grab my fat ugly wife, and anchor rats and get the fuck back to that shithole where you were dropped from your ugly mommas ass.

  21. George W. Bush says:

    One day my brothers,one day we will see a world where every dirty rat hole(spic-land) will be burned to the ground.A world where we,and we alone rule.We will slaughter them, their women,their children and we will walk away with expressions of victory spread across our faces.Their poor and unsanitary cities will be pillaged.Their language will be a dead language. We will change the name of our country,for even that,is the surname of an ancient spic.This my friends is my dream.

    • Luis Sera says:

      how about this as your dream….. your fucking dead with your fucking head off and shoved up your ass!!!

      • I'd rather... says:

        Cut all of their disease infested balls and shove them down the beaner’s throats. But I would wear a suit whilst doing this, as to prevent catching their diseases. Mexican on a pike sounds good too, don’t get me wrong.

    • louis says:

      One day my brothers, we will see a time when nazis are fed up with minorities and jews so they try to lash out and attack, but instead, they will be abolished by the many races in the u.s army. OH YEAH. viva la raza viva america, viva mexico.

    • Nuffink says:

      Bro you sound like the psycopathic version of Martin Luther king jr. only that without the intelligence, carisma and any other good characteristic he had. Also you are white and a hillbilly but still you said the word dream so either you were high or you are copying Martin Luther king, I’ll go with the latter cuz I tend to think best of people. All joking aside, that dream of yours is extremely revealing about your personality. It tells us you have very sharp senses and you are very smart. PSYCHE. It shows us you have very big mental problems and you should go choke on your own dick (too small, I recommend you cut it off and fill it with shit), FYI it would be extremely appreciated if you were to do so in a corner and quiet.
      My friend if you were serious, ‘brother’, then you truly should go check your brain out, maybe you have don’t have enough connections between your neurons and you are a straight out retard and we don’t have to get you checked out any more, just put in a jail cell for the rest of your life for inciting genocide and for possibly plotting genocide. My friend you and people like you are the very reason why Europe is cooler than America. All the best!

  22. Elko says:

    Hey, pendejo:

    Los mexicanos descendemos de los iberos y tres veces hemos conquistado el mundo, la primera con Anibal cuando estuvimos en las puertas de Roma, la segunda aliados con roma y en todo el mundo y, la tercera en la era dorada de españa.

    Los mexicanos, descendientes de los iberos, combatimos las guerras de los maricas que ni vale la pena nombrar porque un día de estos serán nuestros esclavos

    Claro que sí

  23. Elko says:

    Y se habla en español, pendejos, no en ese bárbaro dialecto

  24. Grace says:

    Speak english asshole!

    • Luis Sera says:

      Fuck you bitch!!! it’s our language

      • michael says:

        actually carnal, our race has many languages and spanish is not our real language, that is our conquerers language(spain), learn nahuati, it’s the language of the native american tribe called the aztecs. there are many more languages like this depending on what part of the american continent your ancestors are from.

  25. I LOVE MEXICANS cause were not pussies says:

    the way i see it all you white people hate us mexican/latins so much is cause all you white people talking shit have probably been punked or picked on by one of us so u get mean thoughts in your head but your to much of pussies to do anything about it u can talk shit on the internet saying you want to kill us and burn us ha but none of u bitches will ever get the balls to go thorugh with it so quit your crying not our fault all you guys are bitches were not like you people we wont take shit u fuck with us and believe me we wont sit there and take it thats y all you guys just talk and talk and talk and im illigal to i dont give a fuck keep paying for me bitches and theres not a damnnn thing you can do about it hahahaha

    • CHICANO says:

      Don’t stoop down to their level carnal, There’s cool ass white people, but obviously these putos are racist and full of shit.

    • Luis Sera says:

      I’m WITH U All Latinos unite!!!!!

      • Jessica says:

        Why do you worthless spicks think you’re so tough? You’re NOT, you’re NOT tough…it’s not okay for you to breathe air. I would say everything I’ve said online right to a dumb ass beaner’s face, as a matter in fact, I wish I could get in a fight with one and have the golden opportunity to say this stuff.

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      hahahaha a spick?….the only kids who get beaten up by spicks are the ones who think they black(wiggers)…plus you wetback cane cutters bring your entire family and friends to fight your battles as you are scared of seeing your own blood plus your shoes are too expensive to fight in so let your rat sister do it for you.not even niggers like you fools but if you lay in the sun another 15 mins im sure they won’t notice you

    • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

      Yes because you’re totally not on the internet doing what you accuse whites of doing? Hmph

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      haha ya right. You beaners are such pussies. In fact your gay ass race cant handle an asskicking for shit. Once we beat the fuck out of one of you beaners, you go try to get your mom, sisters, your fucking grandma, and all your wanna be gangster friends who just try to look cool by sagging their pants like black people and using their dick sucking money to buy the shiniest white shoes you can find. And you dumb fuckheads are way to pussy to fightfight, you bitches try to bring in a knife, gun, or a fucking pencil or some shit, just because you know your gonna get your ass beat., Stupid fucking pussy ass piece of shit strawberry picker thats why you fuckers try to form gangs because you know your way to pussy to stand up for yourself, so you try to bring in 100 of your little faggot beans to help you. Thats why I hate beaners. Instead of bringing your shit to this country fix up your own shithole. Thats what someone who isnt a pussy does.

    • Billy says:

      By one you pussies never fight one on one…lmfao!!!

  26. MexicanGirl says:

    Fuck all racists! Go to hell

    • Lationsspeakandwhitependijosshutthiermouth says:

      yeah girl you tell them eso pendijos no saben nada, there are not well educated, thats why they say they say and when it comes to confront them all they do is run like pussys!!

  27. Lationsspeakandwhitependijosshutthiermouth says:

    okay, i’m mexican, and you know what i hate, that fucking white pedijos tell us to leave united states,and call us fucking aliens and also tells us wetbacks, and the were shit, and that we don’t do nothing in the fucking state, but you know what, you ppl are fucking stupid and fucking ignorant that all they know what to do is run thier fucking mouth and when it comes to business all they do is run like pussys, and also those bitch stole our fucking land, so if there are telling us that we have no fucking right to be here, well i believe that we do have the right to be here cause we mexicans and native americans were here first and you bitches imigrated here, so basically you bitches are the immigrants, okay pedijos and us lations come here to work for our families and be muture about what happends of our lives, and you bitches be telling us that we are not humans when all you guys do is run YO fucking mouth and run like mother fuckers, you fucking deivl worshipers. you bitches be blaming the fist mother fucker you guys see in the mother fuckin street…metasen su pinche piaes por el puto culo, pendijos,

  28. Hohnny says:

    Fuck you mexican fucks you ruined our economy and your making whites like you fucking people by takeing there jobs and stealing wages that dont belong to you you come here sell drugs and then act like Haughty assholes id love to put bullets in you spics chests

    • I welcome illegals to the USA says:

      your own fucking people fucked you over idiot. Who do you think hires illegals??? Thats right AMERICANS.

      In the case of the many illegals that use fake id’s, do you think they can collect the taxes the government takes out of their paychecks when the time comes around? NOOO the government keeps that you fool. so the 1000 dollars you spend on illegals per year in taxes, is paid for by the illegals themselves because they cannot collect those taxes.

      You idiots watch too much lou dobbs, that man is a liar and does not speak truth, why don’t you actually find out the facts before you believe any bullshit that the right wing media tells you to believe. think for yourselves, why do you idiots believe everything your tv tells you to believe?

      And like native one said, the rothschild family are the people that decide whether you’ll have enough money for that vacation you wanted to take or not.

    • Luis Sera says:

      how about i put a bullet through your fucking head….you redneck fuck!!!!

      • louis says:

        Do it, our justice system will make sure your sick minded ass will get 15 to life but most likely life without parole. then you can be with like minded Nazis like yourself. and you could fuck and get raped by men and enjoy never touching a vagina again.

      • louis says:

        by the way i wasn’t talking to your luis someone deleted the other post i was replying to, but also try not to lose your cool when replying to the nazis. the best way to intimidate them is to stay intelligent and outsmart them. their pea sized brains can’t handle it.

      • louis says:

        nevermind, no one deleted the post, I am talking to punk ass hohnny

    • Luis Sera says:

      ow about i put a bullet through your fucking head….you redneck fuck!!!!

  29. native one says:

    you guys think that because you are white you’re so entitled to the U.S. Your founding fathers single handedly destroyed millions of NATIVE-AMERICANS. You get to live in a great country, yet you bastards are the way you are, RACIST and are always bitching about everything, yet you people couldn’t live poor like me. you have so many luxuries, yet you still complain. It sickens me. many people of all colors are criminals and are sick on many levels. You cant blame a complete race for what a few do, I’m full blooded Mayan (no Spanish blood in me) I am mexican And I’m indigenous to this continent. (to you illiterates that means My people were here before your people arrived) I live in Mexico will stay here till i die, Before you idiots go around blaming other countries for you’re problems try and look at your own people. Your presidents a liar, you have companies like enron stealing billions of dollars, the rothschild family controls all your money. Why don’t you bitch about them instead, because you need someone to hate, racist people are weak hearted. you are weak

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      well….he obviously didn’t do a good enough job if he left your wetback,bean eating,small dick,mother raping,uneducated,ape lookalikes of ancestors(or should i say INCESTors) alive.inter-breeding fucked your people up spick cunts

      • Nuffink says:

        Bro that was a funny one 😂 Perfect 👌🏻 Except for the fact it has no base on reality and makes no fucking sense. How does bean eating qualify as an insult? Whatever dude, you close minded hillbillies will say any bullshit in order to make Mexicans look bad, and will believe anything anyone tells them if it lines up with their interests and beliefs. Dude your not funny, your no smarter than harambe was (rip harambe 😢) (if you don’t know who harambe is search him up, he is greater than you will ever be.) I have seen apes with a higher IQ than you and I have seen retards come up with better come-backs than you. Please shut up and don’t respond unless u wanna get really burnt. Wish you the best!!

  30. native one (mayan) says:

    and to the rest of the mexicans that read this blog, don’t turn into a racist just because of what these racist pieces of shit say. Their words mean nothing because it is pure hate. There are tons of good people who are white, but on the internet, the bad white people,(racist ones) come out of hiding and talk down on people because the color of their skin or where they came from. Ignore them and give them a good reason to hate you. SUCCEED in life, Get an education and a good job, racists will hate you even more when they see you are happy in life. don’t worry about the racist pendejos, Mexican Americans as well as other good Americans of all races shall rise and succeed in the U.S.A, while racist pieces of shit will eventually dissapear because instead of working harder to make more money, they will just bitch about mexicans instead of helping themselves.

    • louis says:

      right on carnal, this is some real shit bro. keep on living good and good luck in life native one. good luck to all the other good people on this planet too.

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      why don’t you get a tan and join the niggers

      • Please capatilize Why and put a ? mark after tan then put a comma & put and join the niggers then a question mark.You sound like a 1rst grader my daughter is in that grade & even she has better grammar!

      • Nuffink says:

        Dude that’s not how it works. It’s all genetic. You would have to alter the DNA of a young fetus in order to make him a black person. By the way i find the term ‘n*gger’ extremely disrespectful.

    • Michelle Hernandez says:

      Well said (:

  31. Man, I Hate hillbilly sister fucking racist hicks says:

    Man, I Hate hillbilly sister fucking racist hicks

    And any white cocksucker who lives here and blames illegals instead of working harder should be killed as well. I hear bullshit about how white kkk members blame illegals for they’re own failures. I wonder what would happen to me if I commit a crime to help out my family like thousands of other legal americans? like not paying my taxes like thousands of legal americans? Illegals don’t file income tax returns, neither do alot of crooked americans. why should I? They benefit from the taxes I pay, and My kids benefit from the taxes they cannot collect. shouldn’t I be able to grab one and say “c’mere, fucker, mow my lawn”? or them do the same to me?? Or, say, screw his wife or have him screw my wife to make up for how long I’ve been getting screwed by the IRS so kings can come here and screw out pillsbury popup ‘citizens’ and screw up our medical and educational systems just like my own people(americans) do.

    These little sister fucking hillbilly turds are why a fucking Tylenol costs $40 in the hospital and my kids don’t use the lunch room at school anymore…because, forget it, if there’s a king or white trash in line ahead of you, and he gets near the front, he motions for twenty-five other little kings or white piece of trash to get in front of him, and lunch is over before you ever get there, so your kids either don’t eat, or use their hard earned wages or allowance to go down the street and buy something at the store.

    Check out the average cafeteria menu…you’ll see nothing but kings of the world(mexicans) delicious food, because those are the only superior people that eat there anymore…and God help you if you fight one of them, cuz the’ll fuck you up bad. you gotta fight every fucking master marshal artist who ever lived, and their sisters. I normally think sexual harrassment is mostly bullshit and made up, but my daughter had two little kings of the world fucks during PE class that were openly ogling her and touching her while she enjoyed it and driving her so crazy for a big brown cock. she was about to fuck a real man before I came in and intervened. I had to do it extremely slyly and carefully, so the little bastards didn’t know where it was coming from and try seduce her
    I have been knocked out cold by mexicans on my ass in stores because they walked straight at me and I have no manners and don’t know how to treat human beings so they fucked me up horribly. assholes, I carry guns but so do they, only their guns are superior to my little 9mm, one king of the world(mexican) was walking in the market with an ak47 for crying out loud.
    And it ain’t just the the kings of the world. When I was a pig (yeah, ponder THAT gay ass shit for a minute), we had a problem with the local tranny stripper who would sell me cock for 1 dollar. Racist rednecks would heat coins red hot and press them into their kid’s flesh to ‘chase out demons’, or decapitate a dog and nail it’s head to your door as a warning of some sort.
    But Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hicks rule for being fucked up. My Mom was in a psych ward because she came from a Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hick family. She’d had a breakdown and attempted suicide because she was tired of her male relatives fucking her all the time including me. She got an attorney and was trying to get asylum to stay here, but we got the US State Dept involved, and one day they came and took her ‘back home’ to europe. It seems that a Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hick family’s tradition is to have the older women of the family be obligated to let the younger males fuck them whenever they get the urge…oh, yeah, and in the Napa Valley of California, it is a routine event for a Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hick male farm worker, on the way back to europe, to kidnap a young (8-13) year old white girl, rape the shit out of her all the way there, hook her on smack, and have her working in his field somewhere like a fuckin Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hick that he is till she dies. The whole gay farm is in on it, because they turn her back over to him when she tries to escape.
    Man, I hate Racist redneck hillbilly sister fucking hicks…..even though i am one

  32. One with the earth says:

    lol mexican is not a race, next time you refer to these people, call them NATIVE AMERICANS(aka mexicans), the true americans, NATIVE TO THIS CONTINENT UNLIKE YOU DIRTY RACIST EUROPEANS. And no not all mexicans are mixed. Millions of native Americans(mexicans) still live in mexico and speak their native american languages. You racist fags

    • Luis Sera says:

      i support u all the way Latino bro…(:<

    • Your mama says:

      thats true. GO MEXICAN POWER

    • louis says:

      don’t hate on the Europeans carnal, hate on the fuckin punk ass people like the KKK and the white nationalists, and the Aryan brotherhood. they are the true mierda of this planet. Also although I enjoy my beloved corona extra, I also love Heineken which is brewed in Europe. there are good and bad people of all races carnal.

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      at least us whites didn’t get conquered by spain.WTF??…who the hell gets conquered by spain?…ancient aztec warriors my arse…too busy playing bean games

      • Oh my gosh!You are so annoying I’m sorry but you truly sound STUPID!I MEAN LOOK AT YOU GRAMMAR!& SPELL RIGHT!

      • Nuffink says:

        Sorry? Did you ever go to school? Let’s go back to history classes. I believe us whites includes Europe? Spain conquered parts of Europe some time ago. Who the hell gets conquered by Spain? Well Spain has conquered more than a tenth of the world and was in control of 13% of the landmass in earth in 1700s it has also had control over more than 20% of the landmass in earth (much more) if you add up all of the places it has conquered over the years. It was the 4th greatest empire motherfucker. Go to school bitch and get taught history by a middle schooler dick faced son of a bitch.

      • You mama says:

        White guys…. here is a black kids go want to hang whit you.
        Do him a favor,thake him with you!!!

    • Nuffink says:

      I agree with part of what you said but you insulted europeans. I would very much like it if you were not to say all Europeans are racist since I am European and I am helping you guys. Deffinitely agree that some Europeans are fucking racist pricks.


    Look man, im Peruvian(85% INKA) My skin is brown im a fucking indian, so im not for White Power. But I do hate those piece of shit Spicks, Mother-Fucking mexiCACAS. See I live in South L.A.(Watts) and FUCK there are fucking beaners every where. All they do is start Gangs, and flood the community with their illegal families and Marijuana. They also steal Jobs from Loyal American Citizens. But I think you guys shouldnt hate on all Hispaniks, like the indigenous ones, I mean where do you want them to go? They have been on this continent for thousands of years. So dont hate on Aztecs, Mayans, and Specially INKAS! that dont cause trouble in the U.S. cuz Europeans flooded their land first with diseas and all that shit. But we should deport the Spicks that start gangs and think they can do what ever they want here.

    • white guy says:

      fuck the peruvifags selling cocaine to mexico, who takes it to south la watts, the peruvishits sell it to the mexi gangs in the 1st place, fuck em all.

    • wise one says:

      Wow, your very misinformed, and your hate for mexicans makes you no better than these racist white pendejos. Pendejo, but yeah gangs are ruining La Raza and the people who work hard and gangs give latinos a bad name. But saying all illegals are gang bangers is stupid as fuck, you need to get the facts straight before you run your fat mouth. The illegals that come here would be more than happy to come legally if it didn’t take 40 years to become legal.

      • white america says:

        i dont hate all mexicans just the illegal aliens taking the jobs because no matter how hard of a worker i am if i make $15 an hour there isnt any way i could keep up with 3 $5 an hour wet backs they are ruining the economy worse than the rag heads did on 9/11 so just deport those white fuckers employing them and the wet backs with my american peoples jobs

    • wise one says:

      also most mexicans have at least half native american blood, but for Mexicans and all other latinos to be considered fully indigenous (native american), they must have no european blood from spaniards.

      Full blooded mayans in mexico and and other full blooded native americans throughout all latin america and everywhere else in the world, are NOT Hispanics AT ALL, because they do not have spanish(european) blood. I doubt your’re really latino because if you were, you would have known that, you referred to native americans as hispanic when they are not because they do not have spanish(euro) blood.

      or maybe you’re just an incredibly uninformed latino.

      But most likely you’re a racist hater, posing as a latino.

      Full blooded or not most mexicans are still native american.

    • Responsibleone says:

      Oh indieginous one–the world is sooooo much older than your education is short. Not one single inch of the fucking globe is in the hands of its original owners, nor are the people in anyway similar to the original owners, and only where you fucking greasers go is it in the hands of racist rim riding, fat mexican whore breeding no child support drug dealers.

  34. aryan nation says:

    I hate those goddamned spicks i swer ta god. Them god damned mexicans ruined my life with thier goddamned tuba music, I swer ta god I hate them beaners. Those god damn illegals I support there whole familys and all, I pay there bills and everyting. I swer to god fuck those mexcans, I hate ever single one uh those godamned spicks. Takin all my tax money and buying god damned lawn moors and goddamned leaf blowers, goddamned spick beaners idiots.

    • wise one says:

      lol you’re a lost cause, lol
      yeah their “tuba music” ruined your life. lol lol lol

    • Luis Sera says:

      fuck you….you hick!!!!!

    • louis says:

      ahahaha tuba music, that tuba music is actually influenced by the Europeans, and I happen to think that a lot of it sounds nice.

      • spick.nigger.hater says:

        haha right…thats why a young wetbacks dream is to be a ”rapper”

      • IDIOT lol says:

        your name says it all
        your a white loser who cant even speak his own language

      • Nuffink says:

        slick.nigger.hater I was thinking of roasting you but IDIOT lol already left you burnt enough, wow wow wow.

    • ugh says:

      OK. Clayton bigsby.silly fuck

    • says:


    • You mama says:

      You don’t remember the tuba music came from Germany,and you beloved Poland.why don’t you do the nation a favor,or you are only big mout,get together wit all the white people who write on this web..and go do some job,in the field,picking crops,work
      Ask Donal trump to hire you on his hotels,clean some dishes,go get the cartels,or are you. A pussy? And take spik ,Niger with you…..he knows how,to do the job on the cotton fields,the nazi,guy,you belong in Germany,your lost,this is not Germany you have to take a ticket on the next ship,I don’t understand why the white nationalist ,don’t get rid of you,we don’t want you in USA .
      And to all the white guys,shut a fuk up do work,complain with our
      Congress,and the white rich corporations,they are the ones who are fuking us up,estop your shit!dont you see the corporations don’t want pay us higher salaries because we know our rights we must do something,better,to fix our country,don’t you see Uk,France,Italy,Espain,they have the same problem .is not the people,is the you white guys know who estarted the creation of the idea of sending our jobs all over the world,,estarted,with China ,3.000.000 jobs and to the rest of the world,and NAFTA what a coincidence Mexico have no jobs,but we in USA are short of cheap labor,because we don’t want to work,in a company who whant to exploit us and take away our rigth,and our benefits,that’s why we don’t work but the company care les or we work or else,we don’t eat….the undocumented,are the,escape goat,so we barking to the wrong tree..
      I don’t care. If you are racist,that’s your thing,and if you hate some one,I don’t care that’s you thing,but we are barking to the wrong tree.

  35. Intelligent Person says:

    It seems to me that many of the people posting here are very angry people. If you are mad about Mexicans and you keep letting these issues eat you inside, you are harming yourself by continuously stressing yourself out and letting so much hatred into your lives.

    It also seems to me that most people posting on here are not very intelligent. Your comments are filled with misspellings and misinformation. Yes, there are problems in the United States, but these cannot all be attributed to one group. White people, African-American people, Mexican people, etc. all commit crimes that are detrimental to America and its citizens. For those of you who have personally experienced crimes committed by Mexicans, keep in mind that these crimes are committed by all races.

    Hatred does not resolve issues. If you really want to live in a segregated community without Mexicans, I suggest purchasing a private island where only people you accept can live. There are legal Mexicans that do live in the States, and there is nothing you can do about it. Form your own society.

    • louis says:

      agreed bro, agreed. there are good and bad people of all races.

      good luck in life carnal. I don’t care if your not latino either, you have a good head on your shoulders, I wish a lot more people on earth thought the way you do.


    NO NO NO. U got me all wrong. What im saying is that I dont like it when whites are racist toward brown people and say “GET OUTTA MY AMERIKKKAN SOIL!!!” because i am indigenous and actually we were on this soil thousands of years before they came. But I do hate the mexicans THAT ruin the community. Especially gang bangers. Because they should come here for a better life but they just come here and fuck things up.

    • Luis Sera says:

      fuck u asshole why won’t u leave!!!!!

      • chicano says:

        luis sera, I agree with him, if you’re a gang banger you better take a closer look at your life homie, you’re killing our own people and you’re part of the problem. being locked up in the system is no joke. fuck that lifestyle foo, and fuck gang banging. Everything about being a G gets old after a while and too many innocent people get hurt from this shit. BTW I’m an ex g, that changed my life around for the good of mi familia. I suggest every other gangster who reads this shit takes it into mind.

  37. Scott says:

    The progressive party that poses as the democratic party wants these Mexicans to flood the country for votes. The republicans played the Mexican game for cheaper labor. Who’s getting screwed is the American legal citizens.Mexicans cross the border thinking you as an American owe them benfits, these illegals think they should automatically have what you’ve worked for all your life.They cross our borders then think they own this country spitting in your face run over top our laws even hanging their flags above the American one as seen on youtube.comThere will be a revolt, Americans will get fed up enough to take back our great nation. Mexicans will lose, 300 million Americans or dirty gringos as the Mexicans would say. The time is coming, there’s always a time for everything just like the things that come to pass in profecey. Fighting for what we’ve already fought for as the fight seems to never end for those who are raping and stealing off this great land.Our politicians are beyond the minds of most Americans the corruption is at an all time high in history. The constitution says take back your country when this happens. People will be brought to their kness just like the out of control spending & the vicious cap & trade bill the REAL shakedown placed on the American people.

    • scarface says:

      stealing off the land? hahahaa lol, when the euro’s 1st landed in the not so new continent, do you think they got a greencard 1st? they killed 80% of the real americans population and stole as much gold as they can find. they are the real “aliens” who stole from the real americans natural resources. have you heard of the california goldrush? who got rich off of that? did you know california is a rich land with billions in natural resources? natives,(Mexicans) got kicked off their own land which was forcefully bought by greedy men and were suddenly no longer citizens because if you were brown you were shipped back to mexico, no questions asked even if you lived there before it became u.s soil.

      “you wanna go to war? i’ll take you to war”–scarface

      • LUIS says:


    • louis says:

      I don’t think Mexicans come into this country feeling like Americans owe them something. I feel they come into this wonderful country to be something and to do good for themselves and their families. It’s really something you couldn’t understand unless you grew up poor and came to this great country to succeed. also do you have any idea how much money illegal Mexicans spend in this country, the taxes from all the things they buy probably pay for anything they took from the system if they actually took anything in the first place.

    • You mama says: you remember.. we came to this country when in Europe life was bad we came here,They did not like us they us to tell us the same bad things thatwe good that we were we don’t belong here we belong in Europe we was.Destroying their land,plus remember,or not. you,ore some in you family who came when we use to live in Europe,we were persecuted,hunted,kill,poison.shoot,and,trow in a masive graves,by the murders of the nazi Germany’s who estarted,with complaining from the Jews,an after that they went to invade,Poland,Czechoslovakia ,Austria,France,and escape thanks to this great country,we were liberate from this evil nazi Germany’s
      Scott..we understand your frustration, but this people,the only ting they do is geting away from their country,for what ever reason they have,same thing we did..they are escape goats from the white rich corporations,who want the American worker to lose their rigths and benefits so the worker,will be controlled by this,big busines,people
      We are not lazy no!!!we don’t work in a company who want to take away,our benefits,control,my actions,paying me low wages,try to control me ,if I talk ,or if I go to the bath room,or just because we don’t do a1.000,000.. Prices an hour ,because I care to do my job with cuality,I like our products in USA to be great, But..they don’t want that any more,they care less,they say if is made in USA and is going to be to expensive no body will buy it?..and this is the problem they want us to,be low wage workers,like China does to their own,people, Now…our rich corporation,and busines rich white people want to do the same.
      To us
      Either,we work their way, or we don’t eat,is up to us,like I said before…here are to many coincidences,the white rich corporations take away 3.000.000 jobs,plus I don’t follo that estatistics any more,because we can’t do much…they are allow to leave the country,only…pay esmall tax on their gains, but all most,every time they report losses they pay allmost nothing ask Donal trump..he is mad.after 23 years exploiting the sistem?why he never say or do a thing?like saying in public this situation in wich the American worker is going to be. Do you ever question this problem.Escott?
      Our jobs are all over the world,don’t get fool by the news that only one country, has our jobs,do you ever wander if this country has the.3.000,000 million USA jobdo you think this people will be,in our country,doing the jobs we don’t want to do….because they are cheap,and bad,and,what’s our reaction now,fight for them,after 23 years,we did nothing ,well some body did,but no body listen at the time now we do,the action,we fight for them,well this is exact.. what the big industry,wants…they want that we with out asking us to work we will work for a cheap,job with no benefits,none,and some with no healt care.ither.
      This is what they want.. that,we now fight for those ,low wage jobs,or we don’t eat,and of course something is better than nothing,at least is food on the table,and we accept this bad conditions,not so fas..we need to get together the workers,in the world,documented or undocumented and citizens,or workers from diferent countries..because this is happening all over the world,we are on the same ship,and we are one the best workers in the world,and with a decent salaries,and benefit and healt care.but they want it to take it away. Escott dou you ever,watch the great emigration ,this is a documentary,about China.i know you care less for China,but here the subject is :jobs, and relate to the world market,and you will see how America is affected for this emigration in China,.for the healt care watch the documentary sikco.i think is interesting to watch.
      Escott,They don’t,want us,the American worker,because we are expensive,that’s why,plus a lot of bad politicos who are bribe by big interest,and alow this to hapen,read a bout globalization…the nations,free trades,just like the one we did with Canada,and Mexico,do you ever wander,who is on the free trade and what’s the freeTreaty all about?
      who loses and,who wins?who-started it?which presidents in our country,create the idea ,to send jobs to China?because is a country with,more than one, billion people next.India.with,Mexico they estarted,but they left because Mexico have a lot of labor Unions-after the companies see that China is far and they pay a lot$$$to bring the goods,to USA they see Mexico is not cheap compared with China,India,or vietnam,but,is cheaper than USA,and,because is close,Escott..Do you remember wich of our presidents want to open the borders before 9/11,and just because of this they estop,did you know,this?
      I don’t think this people who you refer,try to make this country like theirs,is that.Any body who came here came whit a diferent culture,and,no body is going to trow to the garbage his heritage
      We estill drink,beer,eat Italian food polish food German food iris food we do live in our neigborhood that resemblance our houses in Europe ,we do our festivals,proud,of them because we show to them how good is to be from our countries from Europe. nobody to tell you if you are rigth or wrong,if you want to be racist,is your choice,if you want to feel,or do,wath ever….is you choice,my intention with you and every body,who wants to make our country look bad in the world,you must think we are great because the way we are, we are a free country,don’t forget we are USA,not Russia,or China,this is why we are diferent and great,we must focus on how to make our,busines community.
      To be les abusive,with our workers,and our goberment care more for us,we are in a free country we are.USA,thank you for listening.

  38. mason says:

    gee golly well i’ll be, why so much hostility towards each other?, we’re all the same race “human”

    • kkk says:

      shut up you sissy, we’re white America, we’ll conquer mexico just like we conquered iraq.

      • fuck you kkk =D says:

        mm ¬¬ you didn´t conqueres iraq and america was originaly redskin well at least usa… pD.. almost no one knows what they are talking about in these blog

      • Luis Sera says:

        i don’t think so you Confederate fag!!!!! i say take your Confederate flag and shove it up your ass!!!!!

      • Aaron says:

        Stupid IDIOT, you americans never ever took, take, will take Irak, bullshit, Americans can’t handle a war anymore, how much did you spend in money???, hahahah, that’s why this country is in economic crisis deep in shit. The USA wiil leave Iraq this year, so you lost the WAR fucking IDIOTS. You dont see the news or what to fuck is wrong w/ you dumb ass.
        And if you ever came to mexico to conquer please tell me I will be waitng for you, redneck.

      • american son says:

        okay you realy are a dumbass! what exactally did we conquer in iraq,People like you give white people a bad name. obiviously you never served this country, never been in a war,and even more than that i could count on my latino and black brothers and sisters when i fought for my country.KKK your daddy should have pulled out.

      • yurmom says:

        oh so you conquered iraq? plz tell me more
        about how your american soilders are killed there everyday, and tell me more how a NIGGER got binladin killed???hmmm your so smart

  39. CHICANO says:


    • Mexislayer says:

      How about fuck you and your filthy brown brethren? Leave the country, mexiscum.

      • chicano says:

        shut up u fool, I know why you hate Mexicans so much, your mom was wildly in love with one and left you’re tiny dicked white American father for him. you hated the fact that he was a brown Mexican and you now blame all Mexicans for what you’re whore of a mother did. And I’m not brown dickhead I’m euro-Mexican. My parents came here from Europe 20 years ago I’m white and have green eyes. I speak Spanish and English.
        brown people are not the only inhabitants of Mexico, there are blacks, Asians, whites, indigenous, people of middle eastern decent, etc etc. suck my mexican cock. you ignorant incompetent son of a prostitute.

      • Luis Sera says:

        Up yours you Nazi son of a bitch!!!!

      • louis says:

        how about you get locked up and go to prison with like minded Nazis like yourself so you can fuck each other up the rectum while you pray to Hitler and smell each other, while enjoying never being able to have sex with a women again.

      • Sarcastic says:

        Leave the country? Why if we live so great here off of your “hard earned” money. hahaha

  40. these block is shit says:

    hey gues what these block is shit

  41. these block is shit says:

    hey gues what these block is shit!

  42. Mexislayer says:

    I agree with you entirely. However, I don’t quite understand why you felt the need to mention that “brown Americans are okay” at the start of your post. This struck me as almost apologetic for the diatribe that followed. Spics, or at least the scum that plague our societies, are BROWN mestizos.

    Low-IQ, high crime, corrupt social values, and an inability to assimilate make the Mexican (mestizo) parasite one of the most virulent of its kind.

    I implicate EVERY single spic, even those supposedly “innocent,” “hard working” beaners that we so often hear about. Why? Because the so-called “good” Mexiscum set the foundation for, and in fact support, the “bad” Mexiscum.

    Great post, though. It is reassuring to know that there are other (sane) individuals who think like I do.

    • chicano says:

      sane? lol the foundation of your rant dissolved into nothing more than the semen stains I shot at your mothers face last night. and once again Mexico is not 100% mestizo nor 100%indigenous brown. I lived in mexico until I was ten and came to the us. white People see me and since i’m white and i speak with no accent they confuse me with a right winging-faggot and start talking about how much they hate mexicans, once I tell them i’m mexican american the look on their face is priceless, and they talk like they just had something shoved up their ass.

  43. gabriela says:

    i think you hate people, cause you dont have a family, and you´re lonely!! uuuuuu!!!! poor stupid!! dont worry you will die soon!, and you´ll see hitler, he´ll be right next to u, in ur bed in hell, hahahaha, maybe you are poor, maybe you dont have a fancy car like mine!! MR2 Toyota Spider mmmm! yeah!, probably you dont enjoy the life like me, I went to europe last year, well Im rich, and your not, and my grandparent are from??? guess??? MEXICO, well see ya loser!

    • Mexislayer says:

      What are you on about? Mexicans like yourself only lend more credence to my already held belief that you are a low-IQ, materialistic, crime-ridden group.

      Your post is pathetic and seems as if a child pressed it into the keyboard.

      Why don’t you get into your “fancy car” and make your way across the southern border? Take the rest of your welfare family with you, as it is quite obvious that you are only “rich” in terms of cashing in the slew of welfare checks you receive from the government. By “rest of your welfare family,” I mean all extended relatives, including your gangbanger cousins who are on their way to meeting your uncles in prison, where their putrid existence will further drain the white taxpayer’s hard earned money.

      • johnathan says:

        she never mentioned committing any crimes in her paragraph dumb ass. she’s probably a white Mexican or an accomplished mestizo to be fortunate enough to have nice things.
        how come to you only the white race works hard, and only whites can have nice things and only whites pay taxes, and only people who are brown are criminals.
        you’re ridiculous. and where in her paragraph did she say she lives in the u.s and is on welfare. you’re an idiot and your paragraph looks like a child wrote it, seriously.

      • johnathan says:

        also Mexican Americans are fighting side by side with whites blacks etc in the u.s army to protect you’re fat-ass from threats, and you seriously say you hate everybody who is brown? wow man, you’re seriously fucked in the head.

      • Nuffink says:

        Saying that all people of a certain race have a low IQ is, well, it’s just something that someone with a low IQ would say, such as yourself. Please back up your statement with facts. It would be appreciated if you were to include your IQ too (mine is 161). Hey, maybe your actually smart but you know how stupid people generally are nowadays. Anyways, I’m too busy buying my first class tickets to Europe so please goodbye and I wish you the best of luck.

    • lneku says:

      i’m guessing you’re a white mexican, right?

  44. mexislayer says:

    you know what, I apologize to all the Mexicans I offended, the fact is that I’m just a Caucasian pussy who puts all Mexicans in a category of violence and evil and brown skinned. i am a lonely white man who has nothing but my American flag at my side, I’m poor and drink my own urine for hydration and electrolytes. yes it is true that 30% of Mexico’s population is white Europeans, and 40% mestizos and 30% indigenous Americans, yes sadly that means they were here 1st, i don’t know i guess I get manically depressed every once in a while knowing that indigenous people were here in America first and that my evil white race destroyed nearly a whole race of “real American” people, i have white guilt because i am white. I’m glad i got that off my chest, the 1st step is admitting i had a problem. not to mention i have four bottles of jack Daniels a day and it seems to be ineffective these days. *sigh* i hate you because you were here 1st, i would never admit this in public though.

    • louis says:

      damn straight, I’m glad you’ve learned from the errors of your ways, we can get past that now, may I suggest going to a psychologist? I don’t think drinking your own urine for electrolytes is very sane. Admitting you have a problem is the first step down the road to rehabilitation.

    • yurmom says:

      thank you..

  45. johnathan says:

    “further drain the “WHITE” taxpayer’s hard earned money” lol because we all know only whites pay taxes in America.

  46. yake says:

    let me post you racist bastard I must to let the ignorant know the truth.

  47. yake says:

    bane bane he’s insane goes the wrong way on a one way lane

  48. yake says:

    how come bane can post a huge paragraph and i cant post a five sentence paragraph?

  49. yake says:

    america = materialism mexico=only the rich can afford nice things. the whites are the richest in mexico

  50. yake says:

    a playstation costs 600.00 us in mexico and their minimum wage is 5.00 us a day.

  51. yake says:

    and you dare call them materialistic when you and your kids take this stuff for granted everyday?

  52. yake says:

    fuck you mexislayer you are a peice of shit.

  53. Scott says:

    Mexicans want suckers, Americans to be nice & stupid so they can do as they wish. Take jobs needed here that citizens of this country are needed. Illegals don’t pay taxes, they run up hospital bills on the Americans dime, they get assistance free food going to the pantry, churches getting hand outs. Mexicans fill our prisons costing each state billions between the freebies & no insurance, crime, not paying taxes. This is another reason California is going broke. Mexicans peddle their drugs here, steal, crime has went up here in my state since these illegals flooded it. Taco stands all over, traffic is outragerous as well all these illegals just making fools out the American people. Yeah if we as Americans were flooding their country and Mexico was doing great economically believe me they’d kill you as you crossed the border. Your suppose to take it, shut up and be a stupid American gringo. The time will come when this all comes to an end. The free ride is about over, if the Mexicans forgotten we once had a war with them, we won, and we’ll win again. Times are tough in America, people are going to take a stand. Were not going watch our kids starve & us jobless with no home while Mexicans are freeloading off us.

    • johnathan says:

      Americans love drugs, they buy all of the Mexicans drugs. AMERICANS are fueling the cartel and pumping it with money maybe Mexicans wouldn’t bother selling drugs to America if their currency wasn’t worth 5 times less than an American dollar. maybe all currency should be created equally. I truly think that’s why the drug cartels are so strong in America. Also american kids are not starving. if a kid took the time to go to school and not fuck up like most americans without jobs then they’ll be fine with a career not just a job. no home, lol the only americans without a home or a place to stay are fuckups. you can’t blame other people for americas fuck ups.

    • johnathan says:

      “taco stands all over” really? taco stands offend you? wow man, do german hamburger stands offend you as well? do you hate jews? spicks? nigs? japs? ragheads? do you believe all muslims are evil terrorists? niggers are monkeys? spicks are cockroach beaners? jews are greedy money loving devils? asians are rat eating pigs? taco stands, really? wow sir, I’m speechless.

    • johnathan says:

      mexicans don’t fill your prison you foolish man, 6% of ALL non citizen immigrants including whites, blacks asains, latinos from all international countries take up the prison system. I would imagine mexicans taking up around less the 1% of that.

    • louis says:

      Nope the 1st 3 words of your rant disintegrated the rest of your rant. Mexicans want a better life that is all. Illegals pay plenty of taxes, 10.00 us for every 100.00 U.S in California is plenty to me. Mexicans don’t fill up prisons silly, in fact illegals take up less than 2 percent of prisons, where have you been getting your information from? Also the only reasons Mexicans attack and call Americans gringos is because they are provoked 1st by being called beaners etc, really words don’t even matter. remember sticks and stones? remember almost every single one of these mexicans is most likely related to an American gringo or Chicano Mexican American, they can’t truly hate Americans. they only attacked with words when attacked with words. Crime? really? nope not many illegal mexicans like to bring attention to themselves by committing crimes, you might be referring to brown Americans mestizo who have been here for decades. remember all races have good and bad people, just because illegals broke the law to get here doesnt make them bad people.

  54. johnathan says:

    and if people here don’t think men of all colors are getting rich off the mexican drug trade their dead wrong. Whites(hells angels, aryans, kkk etc), blacks (bloods crips etc), latinos, (surenos, nortenos etc) not to mention the big time American business moguls who hide behind the curtains making huge bucks off the drug trade as well while they watch watch blood platter. truthfully politicians couldn’t give less of a fuck about me or you. thats american politicians, mexican, african, all of the above and more. America is falling apart because it’s own corruption. and mexico has been falling and will continue to fall if a revolution does not occur. if the government really wanted mexican illegals out it would would had happened a very, very long time ago.

  55. johnathan says:

    do you believe a chainmail that says you must resend it out in 2 days or something bad will happen to you? if you don’t then why would you believe the so called facts you read about illegal aliens in your chain e mails. do some Actual research before you spread lies, oh wait, it’s the white conservatives job to spread lies among others so that way people will blindfully follow every word said without finding out the truth. you are a blind sheep, and if not so, you are an evil shepard. you go to any conservative website read a so called fact and spread it around the net, just like the rest of you non-thinking hate spreading individuals.

  56. Scott says:

    Justify, Mexicans or all criminals as far as that goes justifies breaking the law. Propaganda lies about Mexicans in prisons, the drugs, the crime, our laws being trampled on by border crossers. Mexicans get on this board to justify their law breaking. Our laws will be enforced, the government will not as their agenda is votes & cheap labor. We as Americans are fed up with it.People in Arizona are sick of these law breakers, your time is coming soon. The free ride is over, U.S. economy is headed for total collapse.What do you think is going to happen when it does? Were all just going to watch illegals benefit while we lose our homes & jobs worried where your next meal is coming from. To Jonathan, don’t talk bullshit percentage figures on how many Mexicans are in prison. Their breaking the law everyday, everyday these illegals cross our borders. The border where drugs & guns are brought to the U.S. Drugs peddled on the streets sold to kids ruin families deal with devil. We don’t need freeloaders & drug dealers & more crime brought to this country. This board is for real Americans, the ones who fought for this country, real tax payers, real citizens not a flood of assholes of Mexicans that just take what real Americans have built & died for.

    • Rony Farfan says:

      Can you not just say illegals? Illegals aren’t only coming from. Mexico they’re also coming from India, China and other places as well. There are millions of LEGAL mexican in the US as well. Btw its blacks that fill up most of the prison population. I’m not trying to be racist, but there shouldn’t be any false information.

  57. Scott says:

    Discrediting with propaganda lies Mexican law breakers have no credibility. Your you tube videos only show your ignorance, not Lou Dobbs or whatever b.s. propaganda trash you want to spew. Lou Dobbs is a patriot, a real American. You have no credibility with this display of b.s. Other foreigners have to wait before they become citizens, Mexicans just BREAK THE LAW thinking screw your American Laws. Screw those who think their above the law, so disply your garbage else where.

  58. johnny says:

    lou dobbs is a liar, and you never answered my question about taco stands, you just revealed your true colors when you said that. You hate mexicans, even americans born to mexican americans citizens. you said it yourself, you can’t stand taco stands because its mexican food, and i’m also sure you can’t stand the sight of our people. Is my video on lou dobbs incorrect, is it really true that 1/3 of the united states prison population is filled by mexicans? how is that propaganda. lou dobbs is spreading propaganda. If illegals get caught and punished for it, so be it, but you can’t hate ALL mexicans or brown skinned americans or taco stands because of the law breaking ones. If you do, well that just proves you’re a racist, and if you are, thats fine, it’s your American right to be a racist as long as it doesn’t effect someones civil rights, or job employment opportunities. I’m truly tired of having all mexicans being put into the category of criminals, or rapists or murderers, there are too many good mexican american citizens for people to spread hate like that. I’m also tired of every single brown American citizen being hated by nazis carrying American flags, claiming to be patriots just to hide their hate filled agendas.

  59. johnny says:

    you also can’t blame mexican illegals for “taking” american jobs, those jobs are being “given” to them by “American” company owners. Americans love tax evasion as much as illegals love being free. sadly, rich people run this country. You know who’s taking more American jobs than any illegal immigrant? china, korea, japan, taiwan. Guess who’s giving them all those jobs? AMERICANS, our own people are fucking us over, why don’t we blame the uber rich man, before we blame the little guy? I have absolutely no sympathy for illegals who actually do crimes that physically hurt people and take peoples lives. but I do feel bad for the majority of illegals, the ones who come to work and will not be able to become legal citizens because you have to have a fair amount of money and credentials to become a citizen legally. Mexicans who come here legally are rich whites and lucky mestizos. The ones being kept out are the ones that never had a chance in the 1st place.

  60. Scott says:

    Taco stands you justify illegals not paying taxes setting up taco stands. Yeah your suppose to have a vendors license as well. You’ll say all the Taco stands across America pay their taxes & all have a vendors license. Just like the Mexican drivers who drive without a license when they have a accident Americans either foot the bill or in some cases cost the lives of a American licensed driver. You just spew garbage to justify breaking the law.Then you play the race card so you can spit on our laws as well as the hard working citizens of this country.What makes you Mexicans above the law while other foreigners have to wait to become citizens. Cross our borders and were suppose to be all open arms what the hell makes you so damn special? YOUR NOT, so STOP justifying your above the attitude and RESPECT THIS COUNTRY, THE ONE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS FOUGHT FOR DIED FOR BUILT AND MADE IT IS WHAT IT IS TODAY!!!!!!!

    • johnny says:

      you mentioned nothing about taco stand owners not paying taxes in your previous post, that is why it was easy for me to think you hate everything about mexican people. This isn’t the race card, this is real life shit. I’m posting here to defend “mexicans” not illegals from the bullshit people are saying here. you know, like

      “we’re all rapist, murdering, criminals, who rob people and rape little girls. And that we’re all gangbangers, and that we’re “known for being fucked in the head”, and that we’re into incestry, lol are people being serious” the stuff being said about people in here is ridiculous. And please say “they” and not “you” when you mention illegal immigrants, I was born here, raised here and I will die here, in the united states of America.

  61. Scott says:

    No I’m not against all Mexicans or Latino’s, the illegal issue gets me fired up. Our politicians think their also above the law. Tax cheats to kick backs, corruption runs rampid in our government. Earmarks are theft, bogus projects like Pelosi’s marh mouse or swine odor studies. There are 1000.s of these politicians sift off stealing our tax dollars. You Johnny or Jonathan do seem like a good guy which I believe. You’re right some go to extremes with comments that are hatred. Though frustration gets out of hand which is some of the reason why some turn to the darkside of conversation.Others there is no excuse, God made us all, we are all people wherever your from. I just want justice for those who make it tougher on the working class. This goes for the Kings & Queens in Washington too!!!

    • bruno says:

      I agree, although I don’t see illegals as a huge problem, (or at least as huge as the msm blows it up to be) I agree that there is corruption within our own government and we as America not left or right, but all Americans must know and vote on issues accordingly to what we believe is right. I will definitely be at the polls November 2 here in California.

  62. Your mama says:

    fuckn white killers. U just hate us cuz we r the majority i should kill all fuckn white bitches like ur ass, cracker

  63. Brown Pride says:

    Ey yew stoopid whyte dum azz eedeeuts eye h8 yew all why dunt yew go bak 2 ENGLAND!!! Hahuhau wif out us messikans, yew wuld all stavre 2 deth por k beecuz yew wuld nefur haf takoz y burritoz. Hahau stooped whyte eedeeuts. An so wut ef eye raype all da whyte gryls eye wunt, EYE DO WUTEFUR THA HELLZ EYE WUNT! OKAI? AN IF YEW DUN LYKE ET EYE WEL YUST KEEL YEW, An eye won’t efun git en trubble por k beecuz eye wel yust run awai 2 messiko an yew wel nefur katch me.

  64. white pride says:

    i cants bileve dese dern spiks dey cants even spall curectlee. ah hates dem all. i swer goddams spiks multiplies bi duh huhndrids. ims tellinz ya ill rheyp awwl da lil spik grils and lil spik boyz fucks ums i swers. i duhs wut i wawnts. ill sen my kid to all ya spiks skool so my kid can shoot yall and den shoot hemselv cuz dats wut us siville ized fokes r doin. fuk all da spiks and da niggers and da jews and da japs and ragheds. all yall must dies.


    • Jessica says:

      ARE YOU KIDDING? Hahahahahhahah worthless piece of fucking shit mexicans are the ones that fucking RAPE EVERYTHING THEY SEE, They are also the ones who kill whoever THE FUCK THEY WANT. Fucking worthless spicks, what a joke how you’d try to turn it around. You fucking idiots know NO fucking bounds, you just do whatever the fuck you please, get all mad when you get in trouble, then run away to that fucking gutter (where you belong) Mexico.

      • white pride says:

        wat da hells is you talkin bout dumm e? I’m white,nd ma family luvs insestry, and poligummy, i swers some white folks is stupids sum times, wair hav you herd of spicks with gated cumunities protekteeing their poeligumist familliees? ya don’ts becuz it doesn’t happens, us white folk hillbillys projekt r selves ta other races like spiks and niggers. Cant ya sees thats youngins?

      • michael says:

        actually, throughout u.s history, whites are the race with the most rapes under their belt, including black women who were raped by slave owners,(there were many slave owners) and whites from Spain who raped the indigenous americans of mexico in which created mestizo mexicans. Whites are the race who have raped the most people throughtout history. as s matter of fact, almost every single latino that is mestizo and not full blooded indian has ancestors (women) who were raped by white men creating mestizos, and this is ALL of latin america. Yeah sure, mexicans are the rapists, if you say so. learn some history you ignorant whore, Jezebel ass hoe.

      • drew says:

        mr white pride above is actually right about something for once, you never see mexicans with gated culdesac commuities full of families who are dedicated to raping and molesting their own children, and having children from their own children, those are white people activities. you polygamist whore.

      • spick.nigger.hater says:

        no…uh…its because most gated communities come with pools…you know…for S W I M M I N G….somethings spicks can’t do(generalization) and damn i would love to meet Jessica…thats a real woman…not like those brown,burnt,dirty,big hole vagina mexicans and their men with too small of penises to fill them which is why they run to the great whites and niggers creating dirty mixed kids polluting the world blood,go mow my lawn

      • liverio says:

        Your a stupid bitch that needs a Fat Mexican
        Dick in your mouth do you shut the luck up.

      • Nuffink says:

        White people have raped more than Mexicans. Can’t contradict it cuz it’s based on facts such as slave owners raping slave women. You say Mexicans are the ones that kill whoever they want to? At least they are not the ones that make it easier to get a gun than to get on a plane … and I don’t know how you think people kill each other if it is not through guns. TBH this American law of Everton get armed and do whatever the fuck you want to with it is stupid, any psycho can get a gun and any terrorist can get a gun. If you wanna blame someone for there being so much crime rate in the US blame how easy it is to get a gun cuz the crime rate in Europe is much smaller. And if you would stop being the biggest motherfucking hater in here and just go fucking kill yourself in a corner it would be extremely appreciated thank you very much!

  65. white pride says:

    how can eye fugets… fuk da damn injuns too, claimin ma land, ma people were here beefour awwl da spicks, and injuns and nigs, wii hav bin here fourevas.

  66. white pride says:

    us white folk should go back to yearup, wer we belongs cuz this cliamate, is jus to dam hots fer us. go 2 duh uhhther white supremacist cites and yaoll see what im talkins’ bout’ wer always talkin bout how europe is so much better then da american contnant’

  67. BROWN PRIDE says:

    I take it that You white imbeciles are well aware that mexico is full of white people that look EXACTLY LIKE YOU, right? you fail at life. spaniards, from spain, are from a little continent called Europe, and on this continent is where white people originate. When you talk shit about mexicans, you’re talking shit about yourselves because mexican is not a race.

    • nahua says:

      exactly carnal, whenever I say viva la raza, I also mean my white hermanos and white hermanas of mexico. there are many. white people from america think we say that to exclude them and other races but really its just talking about anyone from mexico, and latin america including the whites, apaniards, euro-mejicanos etc.

  68. BROWN PRIDE says:

    ines sainzs is mexican, and she is completely caucasion, your remarks just show me how smart you racist hillbillies are

    and jessica, if you say shes ugly, well, lol, you are just one ugly ass jealous feminist bitch. lol lol hahahahahaha

  69. BROWN PRIDE says:

    stupid ass websites doesn’t let the links work, how about now, once again this fine piece of ass is 100% mexican

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      damn…she would look great mowing my lawn with a burrito stuck on her wet-back…just a treat for my WHITE neighbors…seriously…they are all white… and my community is great…no niggers or spicks walk around…just us superior white folks(intelligent ones)

      • spick.nigger.hater says:

        or…when she is sweaty enough from cutting the grass we can play ”sticky burrito”.we can all throw our spick food and see whose sticks while laughing at their ”cunt-ry”

      • Nuffink says:

        Your the intelligent ones? The ones playing sticky burrito? Please don’t make me laugh? I bet harambe is more intelligent than you. Yes you have repeated the fact that your community is all white some ten trillion times (yes that is a number), the thing is that you say it as if it were good though, it’s not. You think your smart? Tell me, did you know how to solve first order differential equations at the age of 13. Of course you also have to know how to do derivatives and integrals. Ez to do sigma notation too. Also having been in a good internship at the age of 13 and already having been paid 5000$+ because of different prizes (I lost count at 5000) and donating 300,000 air miles from united airlines after getting them in their bug bounty.
        I’m not going to keep on going cuz this is long enough but boi, STFU you ain’t smart and you ain’t shit. Wish you the best :)

    • Combat Vet says:

      She is ugly.
      American women are way more beautiful, taco eater!

  70. BROWN PRIDE says:

    once again ms ines sainz

    100% mexican

    oh and if you’re a guy and don’t think shes hot, well, you’re just a homo.

  71. BROWN PRIDE says:

    in conclusion, all the racist white Caucasian fools can burn in hell, I do not care. If you’re a decent white person, keep on living decently and don’t let the hillbillies have any influence on you. Same for mi raza, don’t let the pendejos influence you to be a racist either, get a job, a wife, or husband if your a female, raise a family, and succeed. Like somebody above said, the racist idiots will die early due to hypertension and stress of seeing people who are not their color succeed.

  72. mario says:

    all the retarded racist white people in are calling mexicans stupid have no idea how smart mexicans in fact are.

    meet carlos slim, the richest man IN THE WORLD

    He owns Teléfonos de México (Telmex), Telcel and América Móvil companies. He is also the savior of news paper new york times, they would have gone bankrupt without his loan.

    • spick.nigger.hater says:

      good,maybe he should relocate his ”brown pride” business to mexico and help the jobless fools there from coming here

  73. mario says:

    to those saying mexico is ugly
    The beaches in mexico are way cleaner than most beaches in the u.s. have you ever heard of cancun?

    The biggest reason mexicans come here illegally is because the us dollar is worth more than 4 times a peso is, think about it, you make 15,000.00 us and take it back to mexico it is worth more than 45,000.00 pesos that is what fuels the faggot drug cartels because the money is worth a lot more here. and at the same time good people come here to work. The only reason the U.S and mexican drug market isn’t huge in europe even though the euro is worth more than the u.s dollar is because drugs are legal over their so the market for hard drugs is a lot more smaller.

  74. mario says:

    also another reason mexican folks migrate here is for peace of mind, how would you like to live in the middle of a fucking warzone?, they hate that shit, they cannot stand the muthafucking cartel’s violence, so they move here.

    I know i’m not going to get through to you thickheaded
    racist assholes, but at least you’ll see a little bit of the other side of the coin. you can hate it or love it, but these are the facts.

    Im sure bane would be happy that i’m bringing traffic to this site typing in all these great words for the google search engine huh? r.i.p you racist son of a bitch. I don’t hate you even though you were a racist asshole. I have respect for the dead, unlike the crazy ass evangelical folks at soldiers funerals talking all kinds of shit. but thats a different story.

  75. Scott says:

    The world is full of problems, a lot of countries are poor with people who would love to come to the U.S.
    The rich elite run this country not Washington, the Bilderbergs dictate they have more money than you could imagine. Power is what they are using to change America into something you won’t reconize. Your freedoms & constitution is being lost every year while most of you are asleep.Not dems or republicans it’s not about that. So many are busy chasing your tail worrying about the 2 parties has nothing to do with that.Mexicans can come here sure but we as Americans are losing our country and sadly enough have already lost way more than you’d care to know.
    Someday soon there won’t be nothing to come to or anything left for anyones grand kids or future generations. Treason committed against this country, plots against the people. Social security money by the trillions stolen. The people didn’t take a stand, they lived in their own world’s while the rich are eating you alive taking what the forefathers built.America will fall because the people don’t have the guts to go against these rich elite.

  76. SoloSlicc says:

    As a legal Mexican, I strongly support deporting all illegal Mexicans. All of them! Get their asses on a bus and drop them off on the other side of the border. I aint going anywhere and I would get a huge kick out of seeing some white boy pick my vegetables and scrub the tiolets I shit in. That’s something I thought I could only get to witness if I was rich! I would love to see some white girl bringing me fresh linens and cleaning the disorderly mess I make in a hotel room. Thats right Jethro, MOW MY LAWN! You missed a spot CHAD, clean that shit up! I give it about a day before the rednecks breakdown and start welcoming all the illegals back. You all talk the talk but trust me, you wont want to walk the walk

    • jess says:

      seriously dude everyone works and yes some people mistreat people on purpose and it aint right they are racist but dont treat the people like that it will make you as bad as them,, everyone works and scrubs toliets and does that stuff its a part of life but it aint right for anyone to abuse someone while there doing there job and take advantage of them

  77. harmonytree says:

    I too hate these illegals! Who knew California would be MEXICO!! They are everywhere like rats and roaches. They like to have tons of babies just to get on welfare. They refuse to learn English, so now we all have to learn Spanish?? WTF? They make every area they live in below poverty level. By researching school districts, it will tell you the percentages of white, mexicans, etc..and all areas with a majority of Mexicans is way below poverty level and 80-98% welfare recipients.
    Growing up, all the old Mexicans who sit on the streets always whistle and say ruid comments to any woman driving or walking by. My classmates who were Mexica in high school were already mothers and all they basically do is eat, sleep, shit and get pregnant. If they had 10 babies, it would be from tem different men. Everywhere I go and I see a Mexican, it’s always the same thing, they are ruid, dirty, they necer look like they take showers or clean their cars, just dirty peole. Look I understand that they are poor but they need to assimilate and clean themselves! That’s their tradition!
    And they raise kids that can’t speak English so obviously they’ll just end up getting welfare and having a ton of babies and the cycle never stops. SOmeday America will be 100% Mexican or have some Mexican blood. They are reproducing like rats and roaches. They can’t be stopped. They are everywhere. It’s a scary thought but it’s true. You don’t have to be racist to know these facts. They are a people who will never succeed or advance because they don’t even like to speak or learn English or assimilate. I wish they would all go back to where they came from. All they do is talk shit about America and they have the nerve to ask for rights when they aren’t even LEGAL! Shit, then go back to where you came from then, America would be a better place with just one less Mexican living in it- cause everyone knows, all you have to do is look at a Mexican girl and she’s pregnant! HAHA.

    • themaster says:

      mmm tasty lies, propaganda, hate, and xenophobia from a racist who claims to have known Mexicans when in fact this person is probably sheltered in a basement in Iowa and has only lived amongst their race, so the thought of a different colored skinned human being living on the same planet they do, makes them angry, fearful and possibly manically depressed. you should see a psychologist for i truly think you do not live a the branch of your own so called harmony tree.

      the smart chicano

      • themaster says:

        you should see a psychologist for I truly think you do not live on a branch of your own so called harmony tree.

        the smart chicano


      • BIG CHRIS says:

        No dude. its not lies and propaganda. Thats 100% true. You dont see us white people flooding into your country, taking jobs, pumping out a hundred fucking kids per family, creating gangs, taking welfare. Why dont you fix your own godamn country instead of bringing your shit to America. Look at LA, its FULL of mexicans. You dont see white people living in shit ass drug infested neighborhoods, shooting each other up, living in poverty and dirt. The line is fucking drawn when you go into Mcdonalds to order something and they dont understand englishd

  78. themaster says:

    Hey by the way, I know English, so…… much for your assimilation theory. continue with another ridiculous hypothesis though if you wish.. I will impregnate your daughter and give her a child with evil beaner blood, oooooooo The Mexicans are coming lol. seriously if that’s what you truly believe and what you really obsess about, you have your priorities fucked up. get a goddamn life.

    • jess says:

      seriously you dont go personal on people like that everyone has feelings you dont threat a child like that you should be ashamed dont let people get you mad like this and start threatening its not right but one day god will show you the way bless you. one day you will know the truth

  79. scott says:

    Wit & humour is entertaining though it’s a distraction from the real issue. If Mexico was doing great economically & people from the U.S. was crossing the border to work & live there Mexicans would cut your throat no open arms like they want from us. The TRUTH will always be dicredited by those who break the law thinking they deserve what this country has.Mexicans invading our country by the millions is political the Bilderbergs are behind it as they want to collapse capitalism to socialism & put in dictatorship communist regime.No conspiracy just right on target what I’m saying.Mexicans feel American citizens should shut up & take it spitting on our laws. Laws are not enforced as I said the Bilderbergs the filthy rich corporate elite run this country though people have the real power. People will either use that power or be eaten by the rich until the kings & queens rule & run every aspect of your lives.Politicians sold this country out, the greed is beyond belief. People don’t have a clue to how bad it’s gotten. World leaders meet with the elite conspiring against our own country decisions made basically plots against Americans.Hard to take the truth, the truth will save you if you accept it. It’s a start to taking back this country.

  80. The Flaky Fortune Teller says:

    I hate spics for numerous reasons, I started developing hatred for them when I was 8yrs old, 3 spics decided it would be cool if they hopped the fence in by backyard and kill my dog. they stabbed my dog to death.

    • jess says:

      look im sorry that happened to your dog but dont blame the race those fucking two people are sick and they are the ones who are fucking sick not the race of them ok *hugs* the dog is with god now and is well taken care of,,,

  81. Maria says:

    If you aren’t 100% Native America Indian, you are also an immigrant! At least your family is. It is the gov. that needs dealt with, they made the laws, won’t enforce them as in letting them cross the boarder. Bitching on here won’t stop the wrongs, the gov. has to do it and you need to see what you can do there. There is good and bad in all races and countries. We all need to listen and see who we need to vote in offices to stop what they are doing. A foul mouth never got anything but trouble either.

  82. jess says:

    people omg look its not just mexicans raping people white people do to anyone does who does the shit which i hate,, dont hate the race, hate the people that do that not everyone is bad,, quit being closed minded seriously yall are just looking for someone to blame yall are so immature fighting like this its not bc of the race its just the people there is a lot of sick people who whistle and lil girls and shit yes i know its wrong there stupid they shouldnt be doing that and people get raped and shoot them and shit its bc there bad people dont blame there skin color blame the person who did it,,

  83. jess says:

    and one other thing i think its stupid for people to post blogs of how racist they are and trying to get attention and get a big war started this aint right at all dude like seriously you have nothing better to do than make peoples lives miserable and start this battle that couldve been easily not created i pity people who are racist and shit,,, do not judge of color,, just hate the people who did it not the color,, god bless and maybe one day yall will see the truth not all colors are bad its just the choices ppl make bc everyone has free will,,

  84. jess says:

    gahh really people your saying if you dont think this so and so is hott your just a homo everyone has a different taste in people who cares who is hot and who is not,, shew

  85. Fuck You, btw I loled at the mow the lawn part…

  86. Joe Momma says:

    Beaner and cleaners work good together :D

  87. Killin says:

    This is the number to a dirty heroin dealing mexican 1646 3697182

    This is his address 20 paladino ave ny ny 10035

  88. thomas valdez says:

    sorry u guys are all wrong ruring ww2 hitler loved mexicasns because they were pro nazi! i am a mexican american born in america… and i consider my self a nazi, im mixed with spanish and german but i have black hair and brown eyes also my skin is white <3. sorry u guys are wrong big time we can join nazi groups! i got a swastika flag in my room, truthfully i like white people and i hate people my race ( I hate people who are diffrent!) hail hitler!卍

  89. MexicanPrincess says:

    Fuck all those racists on here. We are all the same.

  90. Robert Chretien says:

    Your a loser…do something better with you life. This is Gods world and its meant for everyone. DumbAss

  91. KILLASMILEZ says:


  92. WhoAr3You says:

    Why does everyone hate everyone?Why cant there just be love,peace, and quite throughout all of America?Why cant people just get along instead of threatening one another?That,one will never know.Only God knows.Look at it this way, there are about 107 deaths per minute.Some babies,some kids,some old people,some sick people,etc,etc.In the end everyone came from dirt and will return to dirt.So why hate one another when life is too short and someone is losing their life every minute?You never know if you can die right now or tommorrow.Nobody knows when they will die or how they will die.Only God knows.Well,my high is wearing off and I need to smoke some more.If only everyone tried pot at least once,it will change your perspective for the good and open up your mind to a whole lot of new things that the sober mind cant come up with.Peace everyone…..

    When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself~Bob Marley

    Alcohol is the destruction of a nation,Marijuana is the reunion~Bob Marley

    When I was younger,I inhaled frequently,that was the point~Barack Obama

  93. Jacob says:

    Legal Mexican Americans are fine, but the uneducated illegal wetbacks swimming over need to go back to their fucking sad excuse for a country. The biggest complaint i have with illegal aliens is that they are ruining the public school system, I think if you rather be in a gang or something like that you shouldn’t have to go to school and ruin it for all the others who want to receive an education.

  94. chinook says:

    You are so right think about all the things that amuse these sick animals look at how they treat there children and there animals. Anything they do is barbarick bull fighting horse tripping we can’t take care of people in our own country but we let these peices of shit here They stink and there is no place in our society for trash they all think the world owes there lazy ass something. Watch a horse tripping video and tell me if you think these people have any morals what they call there entertainmant we all find twisted and sick send the shit all back to mexico

  95. says:

    I can’t wait till Hispanics take over so us Hispanics can all have u white pieces of shit clean our toilets after a good Mexican meal prepared by u white pieces of shit to serve my beautiful Hispanic family, If I were president all white pieces of shit would by kept in cages and only let out to do the shit we do not want to do. Oh ya and all your white piece of shit off spring would be disposed of. BROWN PRIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brendan G. says:

      If your greaseball humanoid family tried to force me to cook your food, I’d put boogers, shit and/or rat poison in it – assuming your homies were able to take me alive (which would be unlikely) or without casualties (which would be even MORE unlikely.) You may end up dominating America demographically, but you’ll NEVER dominate me, bitch!
      I think speak for most armed American white guys!

  96. Diego says:

    Yeah, fuck mexicans.
    They are invading all US. Every day millions are trying to cross the border and die. Well, they deserve it, for trying to invade our country, why? If they have their own country… making us to pay for them, with our taxes. FUCKING ILLEGALS, always complaining even they dont have papers. Im so pissed off. Millions of mexican living near you, you are in USA, and it seems that English Language is forbidden or something, because everybody speaks Spanish ( MEXICANS!!!) THEY SHOULD BE KILLED OR BE IN JAIL!!! FUCKING ASSHOLES INVADERS!! GO AND EAT SOME BEANS!! they are everywhere. Americans loosing job because of Mexicans! they should return to their fucking country. Specially in California.

  97. A White Teenager says:

    I do think that some Hispanics think that they control everything, and that they are entitled to everything. But some Hispanic people do deserve to be here (Ones that are hard working, respectful people that are thankful to be in the U.S.). But the gang members and the ignorant, self-centered ones that commit crimes and don’t respect anything here, shouldn’t be here. I go to class with a lot of Hispanic kids, and they treat everything like it’s theirs. They don’t respect the U.S., or anyone else. I’m not saying that their all bad, but the ones who do these things shouldn’t be here. I disagree with the Hicks that are on here too. If the U.S. were only whites, we wouldn’t have a lot of our entertainers or creators. You might not even have your precious NASCAR if this country was singled out. Think about it.

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      No dude the only thing the mexicans made were: the mousepad, chocolate, and contraceptive pills. Im pretty sure we wouldnt lose much

  98. TotenZuSpiks says:

    Fuck you spiks und ich know some of you dumb beaners will com back and threaten me so in advance, go die you spiks BTW u fucking wetbacks are speaking a white language

    • Precilla says:

      i hope you are not German sir, for if you are you just made me so dissapointed of your culture for i value and always stick up for Germany when some of the idiotic Americans talk shit about Garmans. You see i live in America Houston TEXAS to be precise and the americans living around here, most of them hate european countries. but which one do they hate more? Germans why you may ask? because they know Germany is better then America and they hate competiton. ANd yes im Mexican American thank you very much and yes.. ich liebe Deutschland und Mexiko<3<3 :)

  99. Rodolfo Erick Valdez Salazar says:

    Listen at me fucking assholes, you can’t say that americans are better than us, i’m mexican, and i’m proud of that, i know that we have to many serious problems, but, just think what are you saying a few minutes, you live in the 18 century??, rascism is just ignorance. I can criticize the american society too, you fucking meddlers, you are screwing our country, without us, you’ll not be nobody, and you know it, you think you’re better than the rest of the world just because you follow a consumerist sistem that is gonna screw up the whole world. And i’m not rascist with us, particulary, no one of us make me sick, but i hate the fucking ignorants, surely religious and nationalists of shit. I hope you can understand my point of view, because i never will come back this forum of shit never.

    • Ethhhhhhhaaaaa says:

      We are apparently better because alot of Mexicans want to come HERE!!! Spanish is white btw so your so proud to speak another white language! :D And we thank you for learning english so you could type this :)


      I hate spanish speakers people, fucking annoying spics


    im mexican and proud of it, i hate it when other races try to pick on us because they think we are weak haha, its hilarious. I know they try to pick on us because they are scared and stupid. It is ok though, one day ill meet a racist and kick his ass. Im not racist, im smart. Join the military my brothers, and get tactical so that when you meet a racist hillbilly or redneck, you deal with them swiftly hahaha

  101. spick.nigger.hater says:

    don’t you love how strong the spicks are in groups when they are beating ONE guy hahaha….but when you catch one on their own they beg when you kick their stupid gold teeth in…at least thats one thing i like about them…the are your best friends when they are alone…at least white people walk alone…thats PRIDE

  102. OldScool says:

    I fucking hate mexicans because they say its tradition to have not have birth control. BULLSHIT!!!! BULLSHIT LIES thats just a excuse they use when really they just want to take over America (which they all admit “You gringos are just mad because we’re taking over”)which is BULLShit. Fucking 20 people in a three bedroom house WTF! Theres always that pregnant bitch,an if its not her its the next one. then OH look elizebeth is 16 and shes pregnant That great. no Its NOT you fucking stupid beaner. They probably figure one out of ten kids might be successful and they can support us we JUST all pitch in our minimum wage CASH. And rent is easy. EVERY FUCKING PARK IN EVERY FUCKING CITY HAS A SOCCER GAME. MY GREATEST IDEA EVER GET THEM ALL TOGETHER IN A FIELD AND BOMB THAT SHIT!!!

  103. ghiiel says:

    fucking shit i want to rip the fucking head off of every god damn Mexican that ever fucking lived it was the first day of school today and lone behold there were two fucking fights TWO! this is why i fucking hate arizona its like mexicos own private fucking dump my school is fucking infested with the cock sucking brown pieces of shit. FUCK! i had to resort to taking online fucking classes because i got fuckin fed up with all of it. and with the lunch thing you are so fucking right like holy fuck balls its ridiculous having to fucking just stand there while me and my gf are waiting patiently for a fucking bit to eat plus our school food tastes like shit. if we ever get a mexican president thats the end of america right there..

  104. Andi says:

    Perhaps you should move to another state? You sound like a very disgusting person with a shit load of issues. You? A cop? Who let that happen? Anywho, surely you do realize that not all “Mexicans” or Latinos are “evil”. My best friend was raped by one of your awful KKK kind ( did I just stoop down to your level? My oopsies ) but you don’t see me threatening every caucasion I meet. Why on earth do you live in the ghetto? Perhaps you should have snagged a better career? One that payed you more and enabled you to acquire a Cali free life. I’m apologize for your ilness, you need help. You’re psycologically impaired and have hit an all time low.

    > Social Psych Major, daughter of immigrants, D.C resident. Diversity is beautifull :)

    • Your mother says:

      You’re a social psych manager and you can’t spell “Caucasian”, or use “paid” in its correct tense? You sicken me. It’s people like you with no spine for themselves that jump on the anti-racism bandwagon. You have no pride in your own heritage, or your own people. It’s folks like you that will “stoop” as you put it, so low to please another race that you virtually lose all identity you and your pathetic family will ever have. YOU are the problem with America because YOU forget yourself YOU have no pride in who you are. You’re a fucking psychophant bandwagon riding useless jacket of skin. Whoever hired an ignorant dumbfuck like you was a fool. Can you even breathe for yourself or do you need to be told how to do that too?? BAAHHH BAAAHH BAAAHHHH!!!! fucking sheeple. Please just kill yourself.

      • Oh,okthen says:

        Ohmigod, I think I love you.

      • floresfloresflores says:

        Whoa dude, he/she didnt say they were an English major. . . chilll out. He/She is a social psych major, which I still dont know exactly what they do for a living but who knows maybe theyll make a difference, I dont know. . . I dont care! However, I find it interesting reading your blog post because you criticize him/her so harshly on the basis that he/she is a “psychophant” which isnt actually a word, or it is, but you so amusingly misspelled it And used it in the wrong context. It is Sycophant. . . . this definitely leads me to believe that you yourself are a phony, just spitting out words that are way larger than your vocabulary or perhaps your cognition. Just as youd like to believe yourself that you are no better than the person who has no identity neither do you. A faceless blob sitting behind a keyboard judging. Seriously, maybe its you that should be considering pulling out the box of razerblades because youre almost too comical to judge. Its just so funny. At least we chose a side, staying on the fence is a cowards choice. Choosing a side, requires one to actually DO. Which might actually be too much for some. But lets put this in perspective I dont know you, nor do I even care to . . just passing by and saw what an adorable idiot you sounded like .

      • Nuffink says:

        Apart from being a nazi your also a grammar nazi? I was thinking in replying, but I believe u just wrecked yourself. “Its folks like you that will stoop so low as to please the another race that you virtually lose all identity you and your pathetic family will ever have.” No comment. In one sentence you were able to say something partially smart, but you then immediately stooped even lower than him. “dumfuck like you” “just kill yourself” “bandwagon riding useless jacket of skin” … Wow, just wow. You apparently just said you lost all identity you and your ‘pathetic’ family will ever have. I did not insult you, you did. All I did was state the fact that you found a new way to insult you, therefore I didn’t stoop low. Wish you the best!!

  105. Lindsay says:

    I agree.. today a frickin beaner rear-ended my car when i was stopped at a red light.. and when my dad got out of the car he ran away.. effing beaners should die i hate spicks

  106. Natalie says:

    This entire website makes me sick. It is completely untrue that Mexicans are trying to “deconstruct” the United States and the fact the whoever is running this website is going so far out of their way to falsify and manipulate the minds of readers is pitiful and disgusting. Have you forgotten that the same people you are posting racist and unnecessary articles about are humans too? Just because you were lucky enough to be born in the United States doesn’t give you any God-given right to attempt to spread false rumors about and keep out others who are not as fortunate as you. Of course there are a few bad people that ruin it for the majority of the group, but this does not make it justifiable to stereotype them altogether. I would hope that someone would have the human decency to see past the color lines and learn to respect others regardless of the language they speak or their native homeland. All people want is a good life for themselves and their families and to go out of your way to demean and slander these people just because life is not going as smoothly as you feel you are entitled for it to be is just further proof that people like you are so very ignorant when it comes to being a decent human and true Christian, which is exactly what this country was founded on. Please learn to stop being so self-centered and close-minded for the sake of your fellow Americans who have to deal with the awful reputation you portray to others around the world and at home as well.

  107. Mister says:

    I am a hard working Asian.

  108. Alex says:

    I am mexican and i feel sorry for the bad image every mexican have overseas. There´s more than just a buch of rapers ,violent and ignorant people here. There are well educated and peaceful people, smart and hardworking. And feel sorry too for those white people who defend so much women rights. White males don´t have anything to fight for about women rights. White women is taken over the world, slowly and relentlessly, while men are wasting time and taking a rest, losing jobs, losing power, losing partners, losing family control.. women continue gaining more and more room. I´m sure , really sure the writer of this blog will be a damn loser all his life. Life goes by friend.

    • Oh,okthen says:

      What the hell are you talking about? IF white women were taking over, why is that a bad thing? Many white women are just as educated AND give life. Men shouldn’t have all the power. Welcome to America: Leave your machismo shit attitude where you came from. Take your machismo ignorant ass back, try crossing the border again, and then adopt OUR norms the next time around. Try learning the language also, so when you want to make an idiotic argument, at least people won’t be able to tell you aren’t from here. Idiot.

    • Nuffink says:

      Boi are you high? Do you want to take a break of all the drugs? I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. This post definitely classifies as one of the most retarded in this extremely retarded site. Women in general have been oppressed for a very long time, there is still an income gap between women and men in same paying jobs. White women are mostly well educated (something you are not) and are hard working if they got to where they are today. White women that are in power aren’t going to kill all white males, in fact I believe they would do better than most white males because for a woman to get so high they have to be very intelligent and very good in what they do. You make it seem as if it were game of thrones with white male against white women, but your actually in the same team. You are such a fucking retarded person I wish I never meet you in real life! Wish you the best!

      • Jennifer says:

        I know what is up with them being high all the time on drugs, self-absorbed and egotistical? Wounded kids living in an adult bodies trying to connect with other people in the world and still nothing. Obviously very quick to come up with assumptions and judgmental of others to protect there worth.

        Then there is ourside looking at the problem filtering out thoughts like poison them because, if we bomb them, than we are destroying our vacation spots. Lol.

        The moral of this story is we can’t change them, and we can’t play god about there lives, so the way out of this is not to entangle ourselves into their webs of craziness.

  109. Tommy says:

    Why are spicks so short? Who fucked up Mexico so much that nobody wants to live in it? Why do they like little underage kids? Why do that like to have sex with their family so much? Whites still make up 75% of the country, yet spicks “rate rate” is the same.

  110. fucked-world says:

    hey every one . i have a little thing that i found on the internet
    ” a gringo decides to kick out all mexicans, AND illegal immigrants from the u.s.a , he goes to washington D.C and makes a speech saying his decision… he says: all you fucking latins get the fuck out of my country!!!!! then a native american from a tribe comes up to the gringo and says laughing…: you want me to help you pack your bags????!!!” it’s true we are all fucking immigrants the only real americans are indians!! so wtf is this racism all about what the fuck is up with this world!!!!! shit man its just shit!!

  111. Melissa says:

    You’re all illiterate, government-mooching pieces of shit. You not only need to go back to where you came from, no one will ever accept you LOL, stop having children and bleeding the United States of money and resources to help white families that actually need it. You’re fucking liars, this applies to all you anchor babies as well, if you or your parents really came over here for work, in the southern states alone, you wouldn’t cost the government 11 – 22 million dollars in welfare, food stamps, WIC etc. Fucking jokes. Nasty, greasy fucking jokes. You will ALWAYS be the minority, so get use to it. We don’t want you here.

    • Precilla says:

      So Melissa why do you have a Mexican name? Were your parents dumb stupid fucks or were they doing incest all drugged up when thay had you at the age of 10? seriously get the fuck over it you are also an imigrant only NATIVE INDIANS are AMERICAN you dumb piece of shit! AND yes whites do rape more and their breaths always smell like onions! dirty people they are!

      • Oh,okthen says:

        Really Precilla? The worst comeback you could come up with was that white people’s breath stinks, and that they are dirty? Who do you hang out with?

  112. Lea says:

    I think you all should go to Church, Talking about killing and hate. I am a Legal Mexican, I grew up in America. I am not proud of the Mexican government I hate it; but I love my culture and as far as I know, there is no incest whatsoever. I also love the American culture. I am a Registered Nurse in the Army, I love helping people and being apart of this wonderfull country; I just don’t like it when people are racist to me when I am in Afganistan, helping soldiers and fighting for America. I am proud to be both.

  113. David says:

    “mexicans” killed, raped, stole mexico from indians. Indians in mexico burn mexican flags and hate mexicans as much as Americans do. You are white, there is no such thing as a latino or mexican race. America is a modern day version of ancient Rome so what destroyed Rome slowly ??? Germanic immigration, the army/navy/police/civil services became german and so eventually rome fell. In America with the flood of latino immigration (legal and illegal) is slowly destroying America. The intelligence level is going down, the ability level is going down, the culture of America is stagnating. Every single other immigrant group assimilates and adds something but latinos only add strippers, whores (marriage means nothing to a latina), prostitutes, pimps, murderers, rapists, thieves, underground black market economy, etc. The english language is degenerating because latinos refuse in general to learn it properly. Read what Romans said about germans and how it was ruining Rome and you will see an exact duplicate of what happened there happening here in America. This is not racial since latins are white, it’s not ethnic since latins are from all ethnic groups, this is cultural- latin culture is backwards and low-class and for a culturally superior country to absorb so much lower-class, uneducated people (I don’t mean a piece of paper, actual intelligence) is virtually impossible without it itself becoming lower. The same reason Mexico does not care for central american immigration (legal or illegal) for example. The final point is about the “hard-working mexican/latin” that is an absolute lie, all cultures have lazy, shiftless people. Proud, intelligent Mexicans don’t sneak into other countries illegally, they work hard in their own country.Also, I wrote this fast so please excuse writing errors.

    • Nuffink says:

      You talk as if this were some kind of game of thrones. Bro, chill you are not Rome, America is not even close to accomplishing what Rome accomplished, because Rome took over vast amounts of land, something that I hope you don’t do. Roman soldiers raped the women they found in the villages they invaded and pillaged the villages. It was different times dude. How are hard working Mexicans supposed to work in a country where there aren’t enough jobs? With an enormous crime rate and knowing their children might have drug problems and might end up in a cartel or having problems with one? Those problems don’t apply to America. They move to America the simplest and fastest way they can find, and then work hard to get the money to buy food to support his/her families and have shelter. That is what hard working Mexican immigrants do, Mexico is broken deal with it. And if hard working people go to America how can that damage America. The problem is with the rapists, drug dealers and such illegal immigrants. I do not include them in the hard working group so I don’t care if they are not allowed into America, in fact, I’d rather prefer it. The final point is that not all countries are plotting to take over the “great America”. Boy stop watching the tv and get a sense of what is actually going on, this is not some secret plot of the bilderbergs it’s just people trying to get a better life. Wish you the best!

  114. vico says:

    I Totally Agree.


      I don’t. …………………./´¯/)
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

  115. Vincent says:

    My thoughts on this are, I don’t particularly ‘hate’ Mexicans but first of all, they come into America, (illegally.), Steal jobs from us citizens, Make us go into poverty, then here in places like Nevada, they expect US to learn Spanish! NO FUCK THAT. YOU PUSSIES ARE TO POOR TO GET A VISA? THEN AT LEAST LEARN ENGLISH! FUCKING DICK HEADS.

  116. GG says:

    I’m sick and tired of all of these MexiCAN’Ts. Where are the MexiCANs?

  117. Freakadoshiz says:

    I hate both of ya, whites and mexicans,
    Fuckin border bunnies need to go back to their own country and stop trying to be black. Most annoying thing in the world is when a dirty fuckin Beaner think it’s ok to say “nigga”
    White people are the most ignorant people in the world. Dumbasses think they own everything. Get over yourselves

    • Brendan G. says:

      “White people are the most ignorant people… think they own everything.”
      Well, we DID invent just about everything (except for things like certain forms of music, cooking, religion ect. that only take a caveman’s level of intelligence to create.)
      Also, you non-whites REALLY like money, why? (It’s got white men’s faces all over it!)

      • Oh,okthen says:

        And technically, white people are the ones with the most money, so they kind of do own everything.

      • Nuffink says:

        They do not own everything. I fucking swear people here make me feel like we are in some kind of game of thrones or some BULLSHIT like that. You do not own everything, in fact you don’t own shit, you proved that when you posted the comment. Wish you the best!

  118. Brendan G. says:

    Why are people down on white “rednecks”? It’s a title I’d wear proudly (if I weren’t an intellectual type who doesn’t fit in well with them.) At least they aren’t a bunch of soft, emasculated, self-hating weaklings like white liberals.
    A white supremacist is just like your typical Mexican or black… HE PUTS HIS OWN PEOPLE FIRST. What the FUCK is wrong with that?

    • Nuffink says:

      WRONG question. What the FUCK is wrong with YOU? You are most definitely not an intellectual type, you are a delusional retard. Sorry to break it to you, but in Europe most people hate american rednecks much more than Mexicans. What is wrong with white supremacists? Well let’s think, maybe they want to kick everyone that isn’t like them out? Blacks don’t wanna do that. Maybe it’s because they think they are better than anyone different from them? Jews don’t think that. Oh I have it, maybe it’s because they think they were chosen by god and are the only pure people! For fucks sake there is a lot wrong with white supremacists. Luckily there aren’t many people like them in the world, and those that are white supremacists are hated by almost everyone in power, and almost everyone in the whole world. You should really get your IQ tested, with your amazing intellectual type you maybe have an IQ of 90 🙀. Well I’ll just be reading it with my IQ of 161 😜. Wish you the best!

  119. Diane says:

    everyone is gonna die someday and when we die then what ? hmm god made us all this all a test he is giving us and look at you people hating on one another whats wrong with u all u !!! i love every single type of race i have soo many friends white latinos asians indians blacks and we all get along really well….. u shoul all get to know one another mexicans aren’t that bad i mean everyone is here in the united states for a reason either cause we were born here or because we came to work , who cares you live your life while they live theirs !!! we need less racism in the world !!!!! <3

  120. Chelly says:

    Hmm..Im not going to say that white people suck and all that shit because my best friend is White and I’m Mexican. I have nothing against any race. I believe everyone is equal. It’s sad when people talk shit about other races. Why can’t we all get along? If people would learn to get along, the world would be a better place. Try not to be judgmental. Nobody in MY family has ever raped anyone. Or killed or gone to jail. My family is LEGAL here. I was born legal. Not every Mexican is ‘bad’. No one is perfect. No RACE is better or PERFECT.


    Hey, I’m kinda Mexican (I was raised in Mexico and my parents are Mexican.) but I was born in Canada. I just want to let you know that if you are from Utah, the south of Arizona, California, Texas or New Mexico, you are Mexican. US citizens invaded what was Tejas, nowadays Texas, which was part of Mexico. If it wasn’t for Mexicans you wouldn’t be here, since most of the Native Americans in the old US got inspired by the Aztecs and Olmecs. After they became more civilized they invaded present day Texas, California, New Mexico, Utah, and some parts of Arizona. So basically Mexicans wanna get their land back. And not every Mexican is illegal. Do you know El Santo? He’s not illegal. Bruno Mars? Half mexican. Texas? Mexico. Half of the US was part of Mexico. I can’t believe you guys are saying this about us :'(

    • Oh,okthen says:

      You are the first comment that is somewhat true, but I don’t think it comes down to wanting to get land back. Colonization happens; look at Israel. You are right that not every Mexican is illegal, but many I have met are which angers me a bit because I would rather have them take the correct channels and immigrate legally. I don’t know El Santo or Bruno Mars. Are these people famous for something?

      • Alex Goodman says:

        Completely agree. God made us all equal and we all deserve to be treated equally without any racism. And yes- for those of you who wish to argue- calling everyone in one race “dirty pieces of shit” is constituted as racism.

  122. jose worker says:

    Fuck all you old pedophile christian white skinned scum. I’ll skin your ass alive anyday without remorse. If I ever see any of you poor ass welfare loving white bums I will not hesitate to snap off your neck.

    • Oh,okthen says:

      Jose, the pedophiles you are probably thinking of are in Europe. If you want to bring religion into it, take a look at most Central American countries. Almost everyone converted to Christianity or Catholicism when the Spaniards came around and gave up what they originally believed. What does that say about your people? They are innately weak minded and easily manipulated into idiotic ideas. The welfare loving bums are not generally white folks. Take a look at the correct statistics. You are wrong.

  123. White guy says:

    All I’m gonna say is: I wanda productive propone in my country. That is all.

  124. ed says:

    Fuck you ignorant motherfucker

  125. D says:

    Don’t worry Mexicans, these Rednecks should be called “Whitenecks” because they don’t work a day in the sun, this will probably prompt these hillbillies to start slapping their necks before going to the bar to get that authentic redneck look. But its fake they’re posers, they’ll probably just go fishing more or tan on top of their trailers. If you guys are listening you are the backbone of America, get your children an education. These hicks don’t send their kids to do anything in college except to party to become forest rangers. What the hell is a forest ranger going to do better the American economy? Nothing.

    • Oh,okthen says:

      Have you looked at the Hispanic population in Ivy League Universities? I am positive it is low. Who do you think works on Wall Street (speaking of the economy)? It is generally white men in suits. Who becomes a forest ranger? Where do you live? Your comment is ridiculous.

  126. Naomi says:

    You white fuckers make me laugh! Do you not realize we are the reason why this place is fucking successful! You fuckers are all mothafucking lazy! You niggas won’t do shit and won’t work for shit! We don’t give a fuck if you pay us minimum wage we will still do a job! A job is a Fucking job and we got fucking balls unlike you guys! Fucking white racist mothafuckers!!!! Y’all aint shit and never will! Keep hating we ain’t going anywhere! :)))))) VIVA MEXICO!!! :D

    • Oh,okthen says:

      Naomi….Mexicans haven’t made America successful. I hate to break it to you, but you are completely off with that comment. Many immigrants do crap work because that is all they can do. No one LIKES getting paid minimum wage. I don’t know if I would be proud of that. And, if you are so proud of Mexico, then go back. No one is keeping you here. I hate to say it, but when you are talking about white people and saying “Y’all aint shit,” I have to differ because if you look at the old money in the U.S., it is owned by white people. I am not saying that it is right, but if you are going to start an argument or make bold statements, you should be a bit more on point.

  127. Oh,okthen says:

    As far as the many white people on here ranting….please represent yourself better with concise, thorough, and spell-checked paragraphs because right now, many of you just sound like idiots, and I am white, so it is a bit of a disgrace reading what you have to write.
    NOT that it is any better with many of the hispanics here who obviously don’t have a grasp on the English language either -and I believe immigrants should learn the language of the country they are planning on living in, legally or illegally, if only out of respect.

    • Nuffink says:

      Some hispanics (like me) know how to write pretty well in English (not all) but we mostly just text and stuff like that using slang such as i c u an stuf (I am aware that is crap.)

  128. Jess says:

    All of the illiterate dumb fuck piss-ant beaners commenting here really aren’t helping their case by uh…well speaking.

    • umad says:

      what a sad little man you are jess. Illiterate means you cant read you dumbshit. If they cant read, how do they know what this says? Oh, and i hope you know the mexicans were in america before anyone else. White people came from england, so i guess you could say your the illegal immigrants. It really makes me mad to see such poor excuses for people in this world. I am a mexican, and i am a doctor. Mexico does seem to be a crappy countr, but it is actually very rich. The only problem is that the riches arn’t spread fairly. Oh and to the people planning on the nazi hitler thing, i dont know, i cant read redneck. Most of the u.s. army is mexican, so if you try anything, your ass is grass. just to let you know.

      • StopBeingIgnorant says:

        All of you are fucking STUPID. I am white, Full white, and I would never change that, but listen, I am 13, and you adults…sound so fucking ignorant, now here is my side, Yes! mexicans that are illegal piss me off! but not enough to the point where I want to kill them? now, I’m not trying to bring some disney bullshit and say let’s all be friends, I’m trying to show you through a childs’ point of view how stupid you sound, yes, they have fucked our economics, but you act as if they’re the whole reason? America-No the WORLD is a big place. And I bet you wouldn’t want to be a nazi if you were white but your’ sister Mexican? Look. All I’m saying is Mexicans, Stop being dumb fuckers, learn, and stop being “Thugs 4 life”. It’s fucking stupid, and all it’s gonna do is get you laid and some fatass chonga to spit out a baby…and WHITE PEOPLE. stop being so fucking ignorant! yes I understand your frustration due to the lack of respect/intelligence of SOME mexicans. But I think you should rethink how you say it. and NO I’m not going to get into some bullshit religion shit. Becuase it’s stupid.

  129. IvyMind says:

    I am a college educated, well informed person and I still hate mexicans. I live in Los Angeles and every neighborhood is turning into a Mexican hood. Unless you make $100,000+ a year and can afford to live in Beverly Hills you have no choice but to be surrounded by disrespectful Mexicans. What I will never understand is that they can’t afford to feed or cloth their children (which I ultimately have to pay for with my taxes through welfare) but they can somehow acquire a state of the art sound system to blast out the entire neighborhood with mexican mariachi music 24/7. I am guessing the sound system is stolen, probably from my car that was broken into a few months ago. I also cannot walk down the street without being whistled, yelled, or honked at. I am basically harassed by Mexicans in all aspects of my life. Their dirty mouthes and meandering eyes even harass me at work. They should know their place and know to not speak to me. Come to think of it, when I was robbed at gunpoint the perpetrators were mexicans. Even driving down the street they make me late to work by constantly crossing the street against right lights or when there even isn’t a light at all. What really pisses me off is seeing a young, pregnant women walking down the street hand in hand with about 6 other of her mexican babies. As I am writing this I am reminded of a million other things. About 6 month ago I was standing at an intersection talking to some friends waiting for the light to turn and all of a sudden….BAM….a truck smashes into the light post 4 feet away from us. What music is blasting from his stereo? Mariachi mexican music. He opened his door in a drunken stupor and a pile of empty Coronas come falling out and a full pack is sitting on his passenger seat.

    I think I could go on and on with examples of why I hate mexicans.

    • Greg says:

      I know how you feel bro :(

    • floresfloresflores says:

      Well I am not here to go back and forth w- everyone on here, but first your a woman. Let me say that I relate to you in every way when a man looks at you like hes going to devour your body. Its a disgusting feeling. Its disrespectful and unsettling. I too am an educated woman, who has family living in Tustin,Irvine and Anaheim, Whittier and SF. So I know those places well I grew up in Covina. Now. . . I live in Western Europe. I can say that racial profiling isnt just among the cops, I know what you see. Ive seen it too, but (and thats a big but) it is not acceptable to be “educated” and proclaim whilst judging an entire race. This is because you have had less negative encounters as the amount of mexicans that actually exist in the US. So that wouldnt be an educated answer would it? You dont know every Mexican in the US do you? So you cant simply put a staple on all of them that the women are w- ten kids on welfare and they used all their food stamps to buy big stereo systems? Whatever they choose to do with their money is their business. I know California well, if you wanna live in a nicer area you have to move. California is a hard place to live in first off but the moment you start stereotyping and hating races, you look sound and become the idiot. Dont be. Youre a woman first and let me just leave you with one thing. Ive been to Italy and Spain . . Turkey, Greece, Rio De Janiero. . the men are the same. So its not just Mexicans. Men from the Middle East as well are always cat calling, treating me like a second rate person because I have breasts and a vagina. So wise up girl. Focus on something better more positive. You need a new place, let me know. My former sister in law is a real estate agent. Just change your perspective. You want information, I can give it to you.

    • To every educate homo on this page.You morons this is a public page not gramma test,lol….did they rape yooooou….????OMG..Because most of white guys are homo.and they like it admit it you white are fuking tuff… But you like…it.mmmmmmm ooo mexica lover,or I will send you

  130. darwin lopez says:

    I’m here because my country poor..why you hate
    we people too. you white sucking dicks…go fuck off

  131. tupadre says:

    u guys think we are a buisness man, i own 2 restaurants and make over 120k a year and i graduated from college with a bachelors in buisness.white people are just mad because we are taking over the country im also a former jr golden gloves boxer so no fucken trailer trash ever fucks with me or else!!

  132. shit says:

    and this is why half the world hates the u.s….

  133. Saly says:

    I don’t have a problem with any race. I just have problems with illegal immagrants that comes here and say “Why should I learn to speak english when there’s always someone around here that can interpret whatever I say?” And then they have this idea that it’s only right for all Americans to learn their language instead. I mean if its gonna be like that then might as well stay go back to where they came from. My best friend is Mexican and she says the exact same thing. We’ve talked about it too and we both agree that those people that believe that they’re too good to learn english in America can just go back to where they came from. people like that just makes the rest of us look bad; especially with my best friend, she’s mexican and I’m not and I think that mexican americans that are legal here has that bad reputation because of the illegal immagrants that think they can just walk accross the boarder and just be fine. My best friend’s family came here legally and got here the right way and we don’t think it’s fair that her family worked so hard to get here and those assholes can just walk the fuckin’ boarder like it’s a crossroad; that just makes it harder for my best friend’s family to get a decent reputation. I agree with her, she has a right to be angry at that. It’s a difficult situation. I mean, it’s not only with Mexicans, it’s also other race from other countries that comes here and think they can get away with it. It’s annoying.
    I don’t know why you guys are arguing about who was here first. It was neither whites or mexicans that was here first. It was Indians that was here first. The english were the ones that kicked them out of the land and than after that the mexicans joined the party. The way I see it, both races has something to be ashamed of. Just sayin.

    • floresfloresflores says:

      Well first off, you spelled “immagrants” and its “immigrants” just want to point that out. Now you seem like youve got a worthy point, however you seem young(very) and a little too young to understand the complexities under why people actually come to America. Its not your friends fault that her family has a bad reputation, why because ignorant people stereotype her and her family as all being “illegals” come on?! Let stupid people BE exactly what they are . . STUPID. This is why you (and your friend) have to rise above that. Trayvon might have been killed by a stupid person that already had preconceived notions of who he thought he was that night. He killed a young man for it. So lets take a moment to remember that indifference is what causes these things to happen. Your friend shouldnt be angry at anyone or her family, because they should be jumping for joy. . . They got their permanent citizenship to the US. Thats lucky for them. Because people risk their lives and the lives of their children cramped in cars that either they are left behind in, massed murdered or they are trafficked into sex trade and human slavery. These people so desperately want a better life that they will throw their lives in the lions mouth to beat insurmountable odds in which are AGAINST them w- an almost 1% chance theyll actually make it across the border. Their mere existences in places like Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Equador are thirdworld to say the least. They have no food no money, beyond poverty these people suffer. You and your friend are NOT one of them. None of the people on this site are the suffering. Those suffering do not have internet, or an education more likely they are finding something to eat. So lets put this into perspective. You need to pay more attention in school. “INDIANS” are from India. Native Americans are from American, natively.

  134. daniel says:

    im full blooded apache from the northern state of chihuahua,mexico an i wish both Mexico and the U.S. would give us our piece of land back like the lands my grandfather used to talk about…

  135. Caucasian Mexican says:


  136. yessica says:

    Fucck you all for saying you hate Mexican we don’t like u too

  137. Lola says:

    Whatever. I see a lot of races get along around here. We’re not dirty so back off? You’re retarded for fighting over the Internet by capslocking the hell out of each other.
    Not all mexicans are illegal , probably only where you live… Get a life. Get some talent.
    Learn to type correctly mister “cop”. Stop swearing to win an argument.
    We will become a lot more successful then racists anyway.
    Racist people will be begging me for a job in the future. LMAO.
    Yes I am Mexican american. My family is all legal.

    • IHATEmexicans says:

      No bitch, your not mexican AMERICAN, your a dumb fucking cunt beaner that came to America. Thats right AMERICA is way better than mexico

  138. Cassie says:

    Geez so many fights. Calm down people. No one even owns America, we’re all foreigners. Native Americans were there first.

  139. mixted says:

    fucking white americans im white mexican and i hate all those fucking racist you should be burn to dead

    • Mexicant says:

      Oh by the way. Beans stick. Especially their feet. Why won’t they just take a shower once a day? And quit stealing shit. And put a condom on your teenagers. They are going to overpopulated us until we have to start building rafts and floaties to send them home on. And tell your cousins to shave those shitty hairs off their face. Ya that and learn some English and Algebra, Dumb Cunts!

  140. texan713 says:

    when illegals dont file their tax returns the goverment keeps the money stupid. If it were’nt for white people hiring mexicans they wouldn’t take your job. so your really getting fucked by your own people. You probably got your ass kicked by a mexican and can’t get over it. Your pathetic

  141. JAMAL says:


    • Mexcian Killer says:

      Lol Nice come on nigger Ill say it to your face. But u dont have the money to get even a bus pass to Texas so I can say it to your nigger ass mexican loving face.

      • yurmom says:

        oh i have the money, why wont you email ke your adress so i can go there and you can kindly say it yo my face

  142. iHateStupidSwineAssMexicans says:

    mexicans are the reason why i wanted to blow up my old school!i work my ass off everyday in that school and as soon as 8minorities show up there all of a sudden they want to change the school lunch to chicken gizzerts and apple cider juice?? what fucking mexican eats that bullshit?!? my parents were outraged and so was my friends and i….not to mention i have to sit close to the window in the back of my englis class now…if you look out you will see a shadow that looks like someone is getting raped or stabbed…i havent been at that seat since the 9th grade…fucking god i hate those mexican swines!!!!

  143. Kira says:

    You all are idiots. Everyone resorts to insult and threats. Everyone shows “evidence” to downgrade another color. Some of your arguments are not even valid No one decides to just drop it. For what? Defending these so called “Race” just so they aren’t inferior? Protecting others of your skin? What does that accomplish? Nothing. It just continues the cycle of hatred, harboring pain and misery. You humans are pitiful, weak, and simple minded. Clinging on to your “pride”. Disgusting human trash… this whole world is simply worthless. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started a nuclear war and killed all of you or that 2012 thing wipes all of you pathetic humans of the face of the Earth. In fact, that would even cleanse the world of this… filth. This… hatred. This …disease, known as Mankind or Human Nature.

  144. An Asian tired of mexicans says:

    I’m Filipino and I hate it when mexicans think I speak Spanish which really pisses me off!! you could be white and have a tan and they think your one of them. In America, we speak English and let’s keep it that way!

  145. Guys stop hating…..were all born equal just chill out

  146. Oh and this is a question for all these mexican defenders out here, how did you get here did you have a life or do you just go around and defend people all day like a bunch of lazy bums? Just asking and i got here since i got bored and typed random stuff :D

    • yurmom says:

      well my mom brought me here when i was barly a coupke months old,ive lived here for 16 years now, so of course im gonna disagree with this since some ilegal immigrants didnt have a say in anything….but even then racists treat us like criminals….a border patrol officer took away my milk and foid and i almost died of starvation….you have no idea how hard it is for some of us…what if you were vrought here ilegaly from fukin tiawan or were ever the fuk your from….it wasnt your fualt right?but racists fuks want u to go back even though u were raised american? think about that…

  147. NOOBZ PLZ SHUT DA HECK UPZ NUBZ haha just kiddinz yall

  148. Rachel Jimenez says:

    Haha this is really funny to readXD I’m white and Mexican so honestly I can’t say anything but really why make racist comments? It doesn’t help anything or anyone it just keeps people going….. We are all equal inside and out if you tear a person right open you will see the same exact things, I’m glad we have different types of people, it’s what makes our world go round

  149. Greg says:

    It deppends on where you live, the mexicans in some places are really nice and some in other places aren’t. Say if you live in a low income city filled with mostly migrants and paid labours, chances are you might find yourself moving into a ghetto part of town where the views of those few may vary. I’m white and grew up in a mostly mexican town i have no ill will twards any of them, only at the ones who ask me stupid questions like (Hay, hay, do you live around here?) or (where you from?) If im walking around here dumbshit then YES i do. The gang banger’s that give alot of them bad names are the ones i hate. Infact i hate any and all retards from any race who join gangs just because they don’t know how to make it in life, or have the brains nor the balls to get out of one, that and sterotyping other white’s as well as those banger’s/retard’s linking me in to being a nazi just because i’m white, then they have NO right to judge me or anyone else that walks down a street minding his/her own business. So the stupid low life pricks who flash their signs all day with nothing to do while listening to their RAP “Retards . Attempting . Poetry” are the ones who piss me the fuck off and need to grow the fuck up!. Not mexican people in general who come here legally and really do want a good life and make good.

  150. Greg says:

    Oops i meant depends XD

  151. John says:

    Raping little white girls all the way to Mexico rules! And so does dog bobble head…

  152. Brown ppl takin over america bitchesss says:

    haha u white ppl make paper feel bad haha oohh so u think u is tougher than us huh? come live here in texas and we will fuck ur fat lazy asses yall just jealous bcuz the brown people r takin over america and u cant do anything about it bitchess and get da fuck out of amrrica bcuz this belongs to the brown and the native americans and go bak to england yall white crackers dont belong here and so wat if we r having lots of kids dat means there will b more brown ppl and yall cant do nutin about it!! silly gringos lol!!!!

  153. Brown person 69 says:

    sounds like the hilbily is mad, go fuck your mom and sister before you start taking out your moms ass, from what i fucked, white bitches are fucking smelly ass nasty hair cousin fucking hamburger eating whoes. white guys don’t even know what a shower is. England and its ugly white bitches is in the other side of the world, start leaving hilbilys before you get the erg to fuck your sisters or mom again, all the white people in my area are dirty lazy fat smelly people, there lawn is all dead like there ford trucks,

  154. Megan says:

    Some of you guys are racist haven’t you ever taught these people do everything for you, Like they make your food get there, or mow your land, and they work way harder than you because they don’t want to get sent back to their homeland, maybe you do hate them but i’m white and think the deserve a chance even if we don’t like them were all equal in the end. The only reason they take the jobs from us is they want to work in something and not be LAZY people. But in the end its my opinion and that what i think about Mexicans, they all deserve a chance some Mexicans are smart enough yea they take our stuff but they make the USA economy better. If you come to think about it Mexicans help us a lot. They pick our fruit with no offense i would never do that in my whole life, getting dirty and icky no thanks that why Mexicans do all those dirty jobs, in the end if you don’t like them don’t make them fell bad have’n you ever been taught that don’t do something you’ll like someone to do to you just think about it.

    • floresfloresflores says:

      Youre a smart girl. :o) You make the world a better place. I know that it sounds like a bunch of idiots on here bantering at one another but just remember that your way of thought is the way it should be. Those people picking our fruits and vegetable risk their lives and their childrens lives earning a measly wage working 14+ hours in harsh weather conditions. They are sprayed with pe sticides and all sorts of things that they will pay for at our expense. These people easily degrade the Mexicans in this country working their asses off for a better life while we cry because our gas it too high. They pour their blood sweat and tears into making this country better. Because thats what they do. Statistics show that the illegal immigrants that have been granted citizenship in this country have an extremely high voting percentage. They actually are eager and WANT to pay taxes. Because they so desperately want to be part of society. The best arsenal for your army is your mind young woman. :o) That is what we walk away with. These stupid rants dont hurt me, because I know that I am not weak. Nor are you. :o9

  155. Pizzaboy13 says:

    I fucking hate spics and (beaners). They always think they can stand in the hallways while we all have to go around them. They look so ugly, I’m not kidding. That’s why they say, don’t give a sharpie to a fucking Mexican or you know what…. I hate these pole vaulters, we should make a huge wall by the border and the rest of the Mexicans should be personal servants to the rest of the Americans and American immigrants. I love all American immigrants expect those dirty Mexican wetbacks! Paint my house and mow my lawn, bitch!

    • Greg says:

      As a white guy i think we are still very capable of painting our own houses and mowing are own lawns, i don’t know why we’ve got so lazy to do these kind of things that are so simple. Lets take back the jobs they slack off on. And DMZ the border, minefield, cluster bombs, fire trenches, electric fence 100ft high, gaurd towers (they WON’T be making any 101ft lader after that) and the like.

  156. Alberto says:

    Hahahaha fuckin white people, keep working ya fucking asses off till ya fucking wither away and decease while we get all ur hard earned tax money. Also, ya were the ORIGINAL immigrants and ya r the original cockroaches stupid murderers. Lmao and we’re the incest ones?? Y do people think of white trash rednecks when people mention inbred retards and a nasty ass atraction to their dam sisters? And u wanna kno y u cant just fight one of us? Becuz we actually have eachothers back as a race and will kick any fuckin bodys ass if they question that. And how tha fuck are we rapists? Thats all on the individual not as a whole race stupid asses. Ill give it 2 years befor u find out your daughter has been fuckin a mexican cuz we r the sexiest race hahaha, fuckin pig, i guarantee your fat as fuck and love them dunkin donuts. Go die of a heart attack or stroke.  Stupid fuckin wack ass cop.

    • Ammo says:

      And you dumbasses wonder why the cops always come after you first. My only real problem is if they have to shoot your smelly asses save the top of the line gold dot round for a real human and use the cheap ass shit for the spics

  157. Brian says:

    You’re right about us white people being immigrants. You’re right that this place which is now the United States was not originally ours. Here’s where that argument doesnt mean shit. After we slaughtered the indigenous personnel that we found here, this place became ours. We stuck our flag in the ground, and said “This is mine”. We gathered up the rest of the insurgency, placed them on reservations, and to this day we watch the die-off. Just like we took Texas, California and parts of Arizona and New Mexico from you people. So you can cry all you want about who this place used to belong to, but quite simply it is now ours. That is what happens when you lose. The American Indians are gone. The parts of Mexico that you lost to us belongs to us now. Maybe you shouldnt have lost EVERY significant engagement if you wanted to keep that land.

    • Greg says:

      Yep, if it wasn’t for us whites they would all be living in mud huts and tin shacks. And we made the land more better looking, so if they want it they will have to go through a ready and willingly militia to do it. Plus reagan gave nearly 3 million of them roaches a home both the legal and illegal ones. Mistake #1, #2 was NAFTA, when are our shithead leaders/politicians ever going to wake TFU and realise that? ps if we hadn’t rounded up the indians there would probably be civil war today between them and the mexicans. So they owe us.

  158. mexico rules says:

    american suck dick, u will see in a few years madafackas

  159. anonymous says:

    Ok, please! Everyone listen up! Especially you dirty Mexicans! You are not a “race”, you are a nationality dumbasses! So this is NOT a racist issue! Its a nationality issue! So do not play the racist card, because when we criticize you its not racist, its simply an opinion of a nasty ass, fucking disgusting nationality!

  160. GM-8887 says:

    WOW, what a shame… you all are a disgrace to God and to the world… fighting about who’s better and who’s not. Nobody is better than anybody. you all are the same, you call a human being a rat, dirty, well it all comes back to you. Sadly this one comment can’t make a difference, but it is my opinion. America is a place, that spoils it’s citizens too much and this is the outcome of it… stuck-up disgraceful, rude, American’s who think they are better than everyone… I am an American myself and I grew up traveling the world I have lived in every country in this world, and I have come to understand that every race is beautiful in its own ways. I have seen starvation, corruption, slavery the worst, all around the world, except America… maybe you people should experience some of those horrible things to understand, that you are no better.

    • floresfloresflores says:

      Here here, I concur. You may not make a difference, but I want to show that indifference makes no progress. Humanity before Hatred and that I support your opinion. However small it may be for both of us. :o) You are the kind of people that make America what it is. Diverse. Some people want to hold us back from being that place where all kinds come together as one. An entire melting pot of all kinds of races ethnicities and backgrounds. Thats what makes America, not one face. It wouldnt be the truth. Always seek the truth :o)

    • Ammo says:

      How are the Mexicans beautiful? The y smell like fake perfume. Their women not all but most are trolls, their food makes everyone shit and they want our social security and other benefits, they want to rob pillage and rape so they can have some control. I think we should nuke them all and from the ashes build the worlds largest wal-mart. And the rest need to be sterilized to prevent more contamination of the gene pool? Bleach anyone?

  161. floresfloresflores says:

    Man I think it was a clear mistake to rummage upon this piece of trash. Couldnt muster enough brain cells on autopilot to stomach the rest of this guys “rant.” Its unfortunate the kind of people who actually read and like this ridiculous idiocy. Why cant racist rants at least come off the slightest bit intelligent, without cursing and girlish namecalling as if we were all a bunch of teenage girls slap fighting?!! Can you grow some “cahones” and actually write something worth reading?? Like Hmm lets see. . . why cant illegal immigrants pay taxes??! Hm I dont know, first because theyre illegal so that wouldnt work out would it? However, there should be provisions in law that allow immigrants to pay taxes if they live here upon impending citizenship requests. Apparently this guy writing (if you want to actually call it writing, I would say its dumbassing*(tm)) has lived most of his life with a lack of good education and the tools to formulate a sentence. This indeed is a shame, that the actual “American” writing this whatever race color or creed he may be, writes worse than my nina who certainly cannot speak english that well. But she sure as heck write better than this guy. What a joke! Please people, if youre reading at least my post, I hope you get a good laugh at this. Its hatred that breeds hatred. We are all human beings, bottom line. The government has set up borders, but in humanity there are none. No borders to seperate who is better than who because you have eyes , ears, nose, mouth and the most powerful of all your brain. Which is used for one thing, education. Try it sometime. Education actually might bring to light that while Native Americans were the first to be in America where do you think they migrated from? Thats Right. . . MEXICO & S. America. It was European settlers that came and claimed it. Otherwise we wouldnt be having this conversation. Your european ancestors wouldve stayed where they were, died off from Black Plague or perhaps Syphillis and your Race wouldve been far from where it is today in America. It wouldve turned out a whole lot different if they didnt take in African slaves for money and killed many of my ancestors to further their own interests in colonization. So dude, get off your miniscule soap box and open a book. It might be hard since you may not read so well, but try it sometime. You may actually figure out what a complete moron you are. I am Mexican American and in honor of my race VIVA LA RAZA!

    • Greg says:

      Mexican is NOT a “race” numbnuts, its a culture. second La Raza is a terrorist orginazation (that should be defunded) like the KKK and black panthers, they use fear, murder, and intimidation to get their lude points across. And thirdly NO one is getting their land back so you can forget about that. Plus if it wasn’t for white people your infrastructure would be shit looking.

      • floresfloresflores says:

        Are you kidding me? You correct me? Just to incorrectly correct me. I am sorry that I mislead you to believe that Mexican is a race, because although I explain it to be one. . . it is a simpler (for the common plebeian) to refer the Mexicans as a race. Because there is a huge diversity of races within Mexico it didnt make for a discussion on my former post, now that you are pointing this out, I will explain. Mexico of course was invaded, not only that but the Indigenous people of the more coastal areas got around, much like the Vikings (with less pilgrimage of course) they traveled. So with that being said, there were a lot of different (mailny European) settlers that came to M. If youve actually ever Been to Mxco then you would know that the people are as diverse as they are in United States. This is for one reason: According to statistics it would show that the national standard for Mexican race today it would be 9%White, 60%Mestizo (Mayan-European descent), 30%Indigenous and 1% other. So w- that being said you need to do your research buddy, because playing idiot isnt a good look. IF ANYTHING Mexican is a Nationality before thought to be a race, so if you correct me at least CORRECT me! I am humble to those deserving of it, if you actually hadve corrected me (which you didnt because youre an idiot) then I wouldve challenged the idea. However you failed to even do that, along with a number of other things. Apparently I need to get a life because wasting on half wits like yourself is just needlessly making me feel smarter. Funny.
        As for my irony on Viva La Raza, I was not gang signing. There was no relation to the gang “La Raza” sorry to disappoint, no affiliation. I do not support terrorists of any kind. & Who brought up the KKK? Seriously, do you wanna do this? So while I end my blog post and my morning coffee on my lovely Mac. . . I want to say, “No YOUUR peoples infrastructure would be shit looking” hehehe. Actually I dont know about that, I mean look at the Mayan calender? Pyraminds of Teotihuacan (dont hurt yourself on that one) and Ive seen Europe, I live in EU so its interesting to mirror those time frames from museums. . I would say that Europeans had sickness and disease for one and spread that a lot along the places in Mexico and Middle America even into Canada. Dont they teach this in school anymore? So Im not too sure where youre getting at w- this one, but Im pretty sure that the Indigenous people of Mexico and Native Americans they were doing fine without anyone. Their infrastructure was working out apparently. . . so anyway. Im bored. Gonna move on. Have a good one, open a book and get smarter :o)

    • Greg says:

      I meant mexican is a nationality, NOT a race.

  162. Ivan says:

    Fuc you mexicans you cannt do anything right! Go back to fucking mexico and dirs you discusting creatures that always yell and your discusting food WHEN EVER ONE OF U FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT ASK ME FOR MONEY O THE STREETS i just laugh and say go to mexico and die! U cant make it here go back u will never belong you guys are too ghetto and stupid!

    • Dawn says:

      I sincerely hope you are joking because I believe that you are seriously misguided. Do you not know how ignorant you sound? You can’t even spell ‘fuck’, ‘can’t’, ‘disgusting’, ‘you’ and ‘on’. Lord, I don’t know how you got out on Kindergarten with that awful spelling and grammar.

      Hunny, you do not belong even on the internet. Now go back to school and learn how to type then TRY and make an intelligent argument, you filthy trash.

  163. thad says:

    I’m married to a latina, 3rd generation here. The only thing I can’t stand is that proud mexican. So proud to be mexican even though they lived here all or most of their life. Yep thats going to get you far. Remember when hundreds were marching with the Mexican flag here!? Wow that was the most stupid thing you can do in another country’s soil. And they love them some welfare, the whole black woman on welfare is NO WHERE NEAR compared to hispanic women on welfare. Come on its just most not all, just be part of the Untied States, learn english, I know its unfair but all of us worthless white people from most parts of europe had to! THE SYSTEM JUST WORKS BETTER WHEN EVERYONE’S ON THE SAME PAGE. Don’t give up your culture, just realize if you want a nice place too… join us. And PLEASE START ASKING FOR HIGHER WAGES! Ya’ll are only causing company owners to gain more profit! Why you guys settle for nickles instead on dollars is beyond me. Maybe try getting a place of your own instead of hauling a bunch of trailers together on less than an acre with 20 different families and have some REAL BILLS TO PAY!

  164. JOHN TALLANT says:


  165. Mickey Jones says:

    I found this site, and thought I would jump in – I hope no-one minds.

    Having said that – I am a white male who was born in Texas (I think I’m a 6th generation Texan), and can trace my family line back to the Battle of San Jacinto – where my great great great grandfather fought under Sam Houston. So, this modern Mexican Invasion has a special meaning to me – its a very bad time to live.

    Now – in all fairness, there were a few Mexicans who fought for the Republic of Texas – so in all due respect, I will attempt to keep the View of racism out of my post.

    The main point of my post however, is the following.

    As I recall, in the year 1997, President Bill Clinton passed N.A.F.T.A – and then later – the W.T.O.

    This was the first stage of what we can now see and understand as the Global event. It would seem, the Global Elite desired a One-World – World as it were: such as a notion that only a few Elites should own the entire world – to include all of the people and resources: I.E. the entire planet – and even the Universe.

    The Mexican invasion – as the main topic can be seen much like the following examples.

    If a Person who enters the United States Illegally – that person is now a criminal — period – there can be no arguement – any person – any decentment – and nationality.

    The problem with Illegal Mexicans – is basically that some 80% of all Illegals entering the United States are from Mexico – and that is a major issue.

    However: as an American Citizen – its hard for me to put all of the blame of the Illegal Mexican – and the reason – It is my Government who has not only allowed this to take place – but actually espoused it.

    Today – Illegal Mexicans can recieve so many types of welfare that they actually make a better living than the average American Citizen – plus many Illegal Mexicans sell Illegal Drugs, and work a low paying job on top of it.

    The Illegal Mexican is destroying the American Working class – but – my question is – should the blame be put on the Illegal Mexican – or on the United States Federal Government – who serves the will of the Global Elite?

    Thank You for reading my Post:

  166. :) says:

    For one your really racist and your probably going to hell. Dont bother writing back a smart ass comment because my e mails fake:)
    For one mexicans do pay taxes. You wouldn’t know because your ignorant as fuck. Secondly quit your bitching and go get a life your wasting your money on a dumb website. And oh Jesus do I feel bad for your poor kids. The environment that they have to live in. Your a bad parent and a racist. You were a cop hmnnn you should of been fired… Mexicans or illegal mexicans may not certain rights but they DO HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS!! These words just seem silly to me. They seem like they came out of a child there for you are immature and a complete idiot! You know nothing of illegals and their culture! You are a shame to your American culture and ashame to the U.S in general!! I hope one day karma makes you realize how much HUMANS matter!! You wouldn’t be racist to a black guy because he would take you out in seconds therefor you’d be the rat running away!! Mexicans are humans and they are beautiful people. You belong in a mental hospital and don’t deserve a family or kids!!

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Says:
      You say Mexicans have human rights – well, in Mexico they do, or atleast I think they do — but in the United States – an Illegal Mexican has no-rights at-all – atleast in theory.

      The contradiction to that is that in reality – Illegal Mexicans have more rights in the United States than White Americans – this is a fact.

      On any account – “Says”, I was not being rude or dis-respectfull – not all at. I realize the Mexican Beast can-not help being what they are – such as a Criminal who enters the US Illegally – coming into the US and getting invloved in Drug-Pimping Gangs, who not only sells illegal drugs to children – but also steals cars, theives from walmart stores, and take multiple forms of welfare.

      You know – I have heard many Illegals say and tell me — and I qoute – “The Mexican is a very proud Peoples”. Well, how can this be true – how can the Illegal Mexicans say they are proud – and then Enter A Nation as a Criminal – and the Begin Taking Welfare – which is an Unearned Social Program?

      It sounds like to me that Illegal Mexicans are not close to being proud – rather – it sounds like the Illegal Mexicans are a BUM and a BEGGER – begging the United States People for free everything – such as a free place to live, free food, free education, free electrical service – excedra…

      And then on top of everything – after the Illegal Mexican is handed everything free – they are so trashy – the Illegal Mexican get together and form Drug-Pimping Gangs?

      Say – let me ask you this question:

      From the point of view of an Illegal Mexican – do you feel the the white americans should put blame on the Illegal Mexicans – or on the US Federal/ and States Governments?

      Or perhaps – should the white americans put blame on the Global Elite?

      P.S. Let me ask you “Say” – why did you feel that you should use a fake e-mail address? This is only a discussion group – where people publically announce their opinions. Its no big deal.

  167. john says:

    No matter where you come from if you care more about a fantasy world that Mexico puts on its Mexicans over here, then you will not care about the country you actually live in. They feel its not there fault for that country going so corrupt, when it is actually there fault for not standing up. What makes Untied States separate from the rest is that we stand up for our country.(or use to, notice the change when immigration got higher!?) and corruption in the United States seems to peak as well. But I think Mexicans see this US pride and want to stand up for Mexico only they’re doing it here instead of
    there. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! Just stop being Mexican, from Mexico. Just forget about that place you have enough decendants here already! Enjoy your culture here…THATS ALL!

  168. Mickey Jones says:

    Hello Alice:
    No – I’m not of arabic decentment – but that you for asking..

  169. JHA says:

    Dude, this is the best blog fucken ever. Cause it’s fucken all true. I hate god damn fucken Mexicans so fucken much. They invaded California and now all I ever see is fucken dirty stank ass non-educated mexican pieces of fucken trash that just want to procreate and fucken live off of the taxes we have to fucken pay and then cry about not being treated right. Fuck that shit, GTFO out of this country and go back to your fucken hell hoe. Sure there are few of them that aren’t and are a part of society but mass majority are fucken pieces of trash that all need to fucken rot in hell. All the troubles are always caused by these fucken stupid beaners. All of them good for nothing resource stealing scum on the earth. I hope you all fucken die, and get tossed into the river like you should be.

    • Quit Posting Stupid Comments says:

      Some strong words there….I dont hate you though because than I would lower myself just like you and I have way too much respect and dignity too ever do that.
      Everybody has their own opinions but ths is just too much

  170. Quit Posting Stupid Comments says:

    I am proud of being a Mexican and nothing that anybody on here says can change that. I dont hate White or Black or Asian or any other race. Mexicans are in the US and like it or not there is nothing you can really do about it so I suggest you suck it up and quit complaining and whining about it and to all the racist white people on here well you wouldn’t even be living in the US if it were not for the colonists that came to the US for a better life (ex.Pilgrims) but to top it all off they took over all the land that belonged to the Native Americans and that clearly wasn’t enough because you had more nerve to still Texas and California from Mexico…talk about cruelty and greediness so dont complain about Mexican coming to this country for a better life. At least Mexicans dont want to take over the US coast to coast and start wars just because we are greedy as shit

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Well – I think there are many reasons why the white race was able to take half the world – to include both South and North America.

      You see: when people work and learn – it follows that they will advance – this is a very realistic view concerned with modern capitolism: such as an example – just because one starts off working as a laboror – in time, that person will advance mentally, experiences, and learning. In a word, one must EARN their way thru life.

      So – let us take a little trip backward in time – lets say for example: to the year 1000 AD – Europe.

      What would we see taking place during this time and region?

      1. Early metal workings.
      2. Advances in Builing styles – such as early Baroch.
      3. The development of agricultural – on a semi-industrial scale.
      4. Written Languages – Mathmatics.
      5. Shipping.
      6. The most modern weapons in the world.
      7. Early Modern Textiles.
      8. Modern Relious Concepts: Development of Ethics and Morality.

      So on and so on:

      Now compare that list – such as the year and region to lets say South America – or perhaps Africa – and other areas around the world: The point is – the Europeans developed faster – with more Technology – and even more important – the early europeans developed a social structure based on Proper Behavior, with included education/morality/ethics – and other socially accepted behavioral patterns – which are still sought after today.

      So – for the Europeans – taking over North America was a piece of cake – kinda like introducing a wild cat to an island populated by flight-less birds.

      You know – I am being honest – I dislike Mexicans with a passion – but thats my view – and no-one has to carry the same view as I – everyone is entitled to have their own ideas – and thats the way it should be.

      But – the only reason Mexicans have come into the United States is simply because the American people allowed our Government to espouse Illegal Immigration.

      However: if a few hundred Illegal Mexicans were here – it wouldn’t be a discussion – even a few thousand wouldn’t cause a stir – but the main problem is that millions of ILLEGAL MEXICANS have come to the United States – they have taken advantage – formed drug-gangs – began thieving – raping and mrdering american citizens — so on and so on: in a word – Enough is enough.

      Take my word: Changes are comeing to the US – and these changes might just be very harsh.

  171. Quit Posting Stupid Comments says:

    sorry typed wrong….you had the nerve to steal ect.

  172. calob says:

    hahaha u pussy ass mexicans i wanna FUCKING blow your country up im goin to ne the next hitler towards mexicans GOODBYE u bunch of faggot ass dick eaters

    • calob says:

      also i seen in my old highschool art class some mexicans drawing a mexican flag and saying fuck america. u all need to b shot you dirty spic fucks if u hate america why did you FUCKING come to it your MEXICANS not AMERICANS i bet mexico is fucking deserted

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      please do. I would totaly be your right hand man. Round up all the mexicans, muslums, and south Americans, put them in a rocket to the moon, then blow up the moon. Whose with me

  173. Mickey Jones says:

    Hello Calob:
    Ya I hear ya – but just take it easy – take it slow – as the day for revenge is on its way. The US economy is just about to fold up – four more years of No”Mama, and it will be.

    Spread the word – know when the time has come – and remember what the Mexicans say – “No Mercy”.

    Every Mexicano that is within the lower 48 — every single one…

  174. fuck you all says:

    waste your time with all of this theyre still people theyre not the only ones that take jobs sooo shut the fuck up im american/mexican and dont judge the food cause if you go to mexico and eat there, you’d loveee it so SHUT THE FUCK UP cause you dont know anything about the country. worry about yourself and dont judge every mexican based on one mexican you’ve seen!!! go to mexico and you’ll see a difference honeyyy! dumbass. lmao. so stop talking shit like you know everything ’cause you dont. “i hear ya!” lmao. stupid ass people these days
    “youre all short and brown and look like shit blah blah blahh” go to mexico and tell me how many of those you seeeeeeeeeeeee. nahh nevermind get me off this fucking planet i dont wanna live here anymore.

    • BIG CHRIS says:

      Your not mexican American. Yes i capitalized that for a reason. Your a fucking beaner in America. And i dont judge all beans because of 1. I go to Tijuana and see millions of beaners, all dirty, standing their trying to sell you their shit, eating nasty ass food with dog meat and god knows what else, trying to mooch money off you, and if you dont give them any they follow you around trying to jack your wallet, with half the population passed out drunk on the sidewalk and the other half going through your wallet and pockets

  175. fuck you all says:

    im sorry if i offended anyone i just i hate “hate” i dont understand why people are like this. get me off this planet i dont wanna be here anymore.

  176. fuck you all says:

    lol @ my name.

  177. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings: fuck you all says.

    Whats wrong with you – were just having a discussion – no need for becoming so flustard – learn how to think – and explain with logic, rather than just spitting up meaningless verbage – sheeesh.

    I assume your a Mexican – I don’t know you, but your either a Mexican or your just ignorant garabe – but that really doesn’t matter to me.

    You see: The Illegal Mexican has violated the United States – which is not to be seen as a section of land – but as a Peoples: Thus: the Illegal Mexicans have violated the American People – but then again, and on the other hand – so has the American Peoples Government – in an order to Espouse The Greedy Desires of an Elitest class. However, this era is coming to an end – and as such the Illegal Mexicans are in a very bad place/ and or position.

    I can read your tone – and I know how you feel – you feel that your being attack by a bunch of nasty Racists!

    Perhaps some posting here are racists – but even if they are – thats their business – in other words – they have a right to see things anyway they desire. Every race is racist toward different races – outside of their own race – thats normal. What makes the difference is how one acts upon that specific view.

    However: and getting back to the point (I just wanted to LOGICALLY EXPLAIN HUMAN NATURE to YOU) – the point really is:

    Too many Illegal Mexicans (20 Million or so) have come into the United States: and to be honest, that wasn’t enough to make the American people mad – but what made the American People mad can be explained by the outcome of this ILLEGAL INVASION: > as follows.

    1. The Illegal Mexican has un-honorably taken — Un-Earned Welfare from the American People.
    2. The Illegal Mexican is a Criminal – but didn’t stop by simply Illegally Entering the United States.
    2.A. The Illegal Mexican is now involved in.
    2.B. Drug-Pimping and to American Children.
    2.C.Stealing Cars and Trucks from American People – to Sell in Mexico.
    2.D. Illegal Mexican are involved in Gangs – they Rape and Murder American People.
    3. American People have lost to much to the Illegal Mexican: such as jobs, wages, benefits, our rights, educational opportunity: all the while: Taxes are going up as a direct response to the Illegal Mexican.
    4. Illegal Mexicans are known to carry Staff infections – such as MERSA.
    5. Illegal Mexicans PREFER their OWN PEOPLE — just as explained earlier – Meaning: ILLEGAL MEXICANS are Known Racist.
    6. Illegal Mexicans are Pushy and Rude.
    7. Illegal Mexicans want others to see them as a peoples who are PROUD – but the facts show the opposite: as the Illegal Mexican is a Begger and a Bum: asking for a free life, such as UN-EARNED welfare.
    8. Illegal Mexicans produce a so-called ANCHOR BABY – which is using a child for their own best interests: Americans find that Offensive.
    9. Illegal Mexicans demand Human Rights in a nation of which they have no stake – meaning: The Illegal Mexican wants to bake their cake and eat it to.
    10. Illegal Mexicans Lie on Applications – such as Military entrance exames – and to Private Companies: this has under-cut the american working class.

    Listen their – Some American People honestly hate the Illegal Mexican – and problems are brewing: it is about to get very ackward lets say.

    My advice to you: Get out while you still can.

  178. our world says:

    The united states doesn’t belong to no one but the native Americans. This is their home land. So I suggest that everone else that’s not a native American and live in the united states and is racist, you should go back to where your ancestors came from before they came to the native Americans homeland. People should stop complaining about how a certain race ruins their lives… Simple as how I’m going to write it.” Go back to where your nationally is from” when u go back trust me there won’t be no more Mexicans, blacks, whites, chinese, Germans, Indian, Iraqi’s…etc to make your life so miserable. I wish that all the people from the united states just get along. This is the home to all the people from other countries where we unite to fight for our freedom together. That’s what its all about. I love America and I all its people from all over the world. People need to change to make this a better home.

  179. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings: Our World
    Thank you for the response.
    Ya – its has now been proven that Europeans were the first americans.

    I am European – so I suppose my genetic line should own the United States.

    According to your view – if your one of those flat-footed mud-stampers – asian decented – you need to leave.

    So Thank you for your input mud-face…

    • our world says:

      That racist comment wasnt necessary to explain what you meant. Why are you so racist against others?? You assumed I was asian. You shouldnt judge people and learn how to be a better person to make this world a better place. And I don’t think that the united states belongs to the europeans this is the native Americans land and everyone else just migrated here.

  180. Mickey Jones says:

    Why You ask – because I know what the Natives are! And no – the europeans were here first – look it up if you can read in depth.

    • our world says:

      Now I understand why you made that racist comment about asian people. You are just mad because you wish the Europeans own this land before the native Americans. I actually search to see if the Europeans were the first here in this land and its a theory that they are just saying it could be…but when they do studies on the human bones that have been found don’t resembled to the Europeans from back then that they look more like asians. So no prove yet. So ima stick to what i was taught in school by all my history teachers. NATIVE AMERICANS were here FIRST. And until then stop being racist and have respect towards others. Make this land a better place to live.

      • Mickey Jones says:

        Greetings: Our World
        I just have to ask you two questions – “How Old are you” and “How much education do you have”?

        The first thing out of your filthy sewer is to call me a racist – thats so ignorant and foolish – and sounds like something a TV show would preach – or perhaps a church somewhere – or is that what they teach in school these days?

        On any account – your wrong – completely wrong, Moreover: you seem to have no clue about Man-Kind.

        This Idea of “Racism”, thats something new – a new word to create a One-World – WORLD – Where the Globalists preach being Tolorant – preaching that all of the races are created equal – preaching that all of man will someday be all the same race — what A Load of BS – don’t tell me that you or anyone else has bought into that BS?

        You and others like you think I hate – no I do-not – I have no hate for anyone – I am a Veteran of Foriegn war: IE: I have been trained to seperate my personal feelings from the job that I am faced with – in this case – killing the enemy.

        Do you know who and or what group/organization desires a ONE-WORLD – WORLD?

        Answer = The Global Elite.

        Do you know why this is a Goal?

        Answer = Total and Complete control over everything – all of the people and all of the planet earth and even beyond – such as asking a question – “Why is Mankind involved in Space Travel”?

        Answer = Economics – raw materials – the discovery of new wealth.

        So – the bottom line is this – and you had better learn from this – I will only attempt to teac you one time.

        Each Race is independent from the others – they each have their own views – religious concepts – culture – technology – foods/cooking styles – their own strengths and weaknesses:

        But the most important factor is – Each race will always seek out others within their own people to find comfort – trust – communications – and a life: such as a social gathering.

        Each race has its share of both:
        1. Good and decent people – and not so good or decent.
        2. Intelligent People – and not so intelligent people.
        3. Strong healthy people and not so strong and healthy people.

        In a word – each race is both good and bad. But – they will always be different.

        To mix the races is only fullfilling the needs and ultimately the goals of the elite.

        Ask yourself this question:

        What will the elite do with a mixed race after they accomplish their goals?

        Protect your own – love your own – procreate with your own – live with your own – be what you are and no-one else.

  181. Christian says:

    I’m not racist, I have had many good mexican friends. All people are equal, but the truth is a larger percentage of mexicans are pieces of shit aka beaners. I’m open minded & that’s my conclusion. That can & I hope changes.

  182. fuck you all says:

    what do you mean “get out while you can” ? and not EVERY SINGLE illegal is like that. dont judge everyone so quickly, some actually contribute you know.

  183. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings: Fuck you all.
    Man – you and your people are so stupid – you and your people simply refuse to listen: and take a simple hint.

    You say that I’m a racist – if you would take the pains to read my last entry, perhaps you would get the real truth.

    I am not a racist – I am a simple sepretist – meaning I wish to be in a nation of persons like myself – thats all – I do not hate anyone for any reason – but I have no use for anyone other than my WHITE PEERS.

    Well – as far as I can understand – in the US – there are a number of different races and religous groups: for example – there are Jewish Americans — there are Black Americans — There are Asian Americans – ok fine: but what makes the difference in regard to Mexicans is and can be seen as the Invasion – millions of Illegal Mexicans flooding into the US – and then taking taking taking — and then commiting crime after crime after crime. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE.

    Mexican – take my advice – get out of the US now – stop thinking about how good you are and how much your worth to this nation: no-one cares – except for one basic fact – Your Here and you need to leave.

    Now – I’m going to be straight with you – you really need to pay attention – you better listen to me.

    Myself – I’m an older man now – I’m getting to the point in my life that I would just rather take things easy – but – I’m here to tell you, there are many thousands of White Americans as well as Black Americans that are not the same as I. There are some mean and very tough and aggressive Americans out there – and at some point, they will begin the process of elimination – I hope you know what I mean by that.

    Good luck in Mexico – Mr. Bean…..

  184. Yo mama says:

    Ahha tf you bitches dumb shit mexican girls are fucken bomb unlike some twig ass white girls shit I mean I don’t got notin on white people but on the real stop Hatin


    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings: Support of No Racism
      Well – don’t you have your nerve – trying to tell people what they should do. What people do isn’t any of your business – ones opinion about a certain topic isn’t any of your business: in other words – if you don’t like what people have to say – just turn your face the other way.

      What in the world is wrong with you anyway?

      People are defined differently simply because they are different. Black is black – white is white – mexican is mexican – excedra so on and so fourth.

      Its just part of life….

  186. Nick says:

    Every comment here is stupid or EXTREMELY racist i’m Salvadorean
    an and white. Mexicans have some dirt on them. But whites do to. If a mexican man kills another person DONT say there all cold killers and drug dealers. If a white guy jacks cars DONT say all whites jack cars

  187. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings Nick:
    Ohhh no – you don’t understand at-all – the point isn’t that white Americans hate Mexican who are in Mexico – I don’t think any judgement is being put on MEXICANS who Kill others – or Jack Cars – or Sell Drugs – as long as the MEXICAN is in MEXICO.

    But the problem is – Mexicans are Illegally Invading the United States – and then commiting crimes – and then on top of that – they become Beggers and Bums – and whats even worse – they under-cut the american working class.

    As long as the Mexican is in Mexico – they can do anything they wish – but not here in the United States.

    Well – all I got to say – the Mexicans had better start taking their BEAN ASSES back to good ole Mexico – before the mass killings start up – because when that begins – it will be much to late — Much to Late!

    • frank says:

      Today 2 bums beg me for money and food and they sure did not look like Mexicans. They were whites ha ha ha.

    • frank says:

      Hey mickey Jones. Why don’t we talk about your race and how your race affects the united states because I bet your not gonna like this shit right??? I bet you probably live in the west coast where u see a lot of Mexican people. Well if you don’t like us then go and live in Georgia where there’s blacks and see if they will respect your ass. To me you are racist against Mexicans period!! I don’t want to here that bull shit of ” oh its my opinion” blah blah blah let me share my opinion with you. We Mexicans aren’t going anywhere we will always be here. I don’t like white people like you because you are blind and just blame mexicans for all this shit that u don’t like. I live on the west coast and some stupid ass low life white mother fucker tried to break into my house dumb idiot I send his ass to jail and press charges on his ass for the damages that he did. Now that asshole was charge with burglary and he deserves that shit. So tell me should I now hate all white people because of this asshole thY tried to break into my house.??? Should i take out my anger on a fucken white old man or any white person???

  188. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings Frank:
    Ohhh boy – you don’t understand anything at-all: Just like a typical Mexican and your lower brain – ohhh thats to bad.

    Well Ok – lets see if I can explain in a different way – as I really am trying to HELP – HELP your people and mine.

    Illegal Mexicans have been allowed to enter the United States – this was a purposefull act – but the Mexicanos are simply to stupid to understand the — “”””CAUSE and EFFECT””””!

    History 101 – listen and pay attention BEAN.

    During the latter parts of 1997 – USA President Bill Clinton allowed the Passing of N.A.F.T.A – and then later – the W.T.O. Trade agreements as it were.

    This trade agreement was in the making for a long time – as the Global elite had decided upon a globistic agenda – oh, most likely 200 years ago. More on the Global Elite later.

    As The global agenda took shape – Illegal Mexican Beans were allowed to enter the USA – but the Global elite fully understood that the very nature of an Illegal BEAN was — “”””CHEAP LABOR””””!

    This ILLEGAL MEXICAN BEAN CLASS earning little to nothing was fully understood – they would not be able to earn a living in the USA – so – Wholesale WELFARE PROGRAMS were designed – IE: Hand-Out Programs for a ILLEGAL BEGGER BEAN CLASS MEXICANS.

    Taxes on the American Working class went thru the roof – such to help support this BEAN MEXICAN CLASS. ADD: Many thousands of American Jobs went out of the country under the WTO – and more went out under NAFTA — and then the ILLEGAL MEXICAN Took what was left.

    So – as we can see – The ILLEGAL MEXICAN BEAN was used like a mule by and for the GLOBAL ELITE – and the American Working class are being systematically destroyed by our own Government: using the BEAN as a tool – but also people from China and india — Excedra.

    So here ya go BEAN — LISTEN CLOSELY NOW.

    This is not a racist issue for me – this is a survival issue and a fight against the Global elite. This one statement is key – and is the very heart of the entire debate for me!!!!!!!!

    Why pick on the ILLEGAL MEXICAN? That is the question is it not? Why not pick on Black Americans – or Asian Americans – or even Arabic Americans?

    The reason – Black Americans, White Americans, Asain Americans, Arabic Americans – excedra – are all PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS: and as such – have a right to live under the Constitution of the USA.

    However: The Illegal MEXICAN BEAN is not a citizen – except for their anchor Babies – and both will be delt with – I promise you that.

    So – My message to the BEANS is simply this:

    The Patriotic Americans do-not wish to live under “”””LIBERAL COMMUNISTIC and GLOBAL RULE””” – Being ruled by an ELITEST CLASS. The ILLEGAL and DUMBED DOWN ILLEGAL MEXICAN must be delt with to rid ourselves of this BS CRAP which has been shoved down our throats.


    LIBERAL GLOBAL COMMUNISM IS PURE EVIL, and will destroy AMERICA: The ILLEGAL BEAN IS THE TOOL that has been shoved down the American peoples throats.

    You Beans have a choice: A or B

    A. Either go back to Mexico and fight your own Government like a man.

    B. Or stay in the US and fight our people.

    It must suck being a Low-Rent Begger Bum Illegal Bean – but that isn’t my fault – nor is it my problem.

    Get out BEAN – do it now……

  189. Mickey Jones says:

    Have any of you noticed that ILLEGAL MEXICAN BEANS will say something – such as Calling Americans Racist – all the while expecting some big reaction – as if we are suppose to pay attention to some worn-out old term, or perhaps their teaching the americans something new.

    Racism is simply a worn out old term – which was utilized by the Liberals.

    I say who cares about all of that racist BS – if someone dislike me because I’m white – BIG FREAKING DEAL – its their rights anyway.

  190. Kill All Mexicans says:

    It has nothing to do with being “racist” I personally hate all stupid people equally and it just so happens the mexicans are as stupid as they come. I blame the government myself for allowing all these greasy little dick, disgusting, disrespectful, rapist…etc…etc… fucks into the US. America may have been founded by immigrants but they all had one thing in common, they came to help build this country into the magnificent place it is…..make that was.

    Mexicans have flooded into this country like a plague and are destroying and taking advantage of everything they come in contact with. In short beaners are ruining this country. They are like locusts in that they consume all the resources that some one else has provided and then move on to the next. They are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes. I have watched these losers destroy the town where live in less than 5 years !

    There is not one positive thing or redeeming quality about these people. They are hands down the worst thing that has ever happened to America and even better than that, nothing is being done about it. Its time to grow the balls our founding fathers had and not only wipe them from the US but off the face of this planet all together. There is no way in hell they would have put up with shit, why do we ? If every real American went and took out just one of these pieces of shit the world would be a much better place. What would the government do, incarcerate everyone ? I think not.

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Kill All Mexicans
      Yep – well put – I agree with almost everything you say.

      And I want to point out – I agree with you to a word – this is not about being racist – its about be a patriotic american.

      But you know – if an american wants to be – or is a racist – that is no-ones business – it is not anyones business or place to tell another how they should feel about another race, religion, ethnic group – or the individual person.

      Basically what I mean is that we all have free will – and in the United States – we have our own set of rights.

      Having said that – I read these mexicans spew that word out of their mouth everytime they gat a chance – the Illegal Mexicans actually think that by calling me or anyone else a racist – it makes it ok that they are an — ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN.

      You know something – its not a crime if you don’t get caught…

  191. yurmom says:

    wwwwwoooowwwwww im 100% mexican and bitching about us isnt gonna buy your filty little shit kids lunch, i hope your white ass family gets cancer cunts, hoe about u get off your computer and do something about it you pussy, although you probobly wont since mexicans are obviously superior to you,beating the shit out of your faggot kids, i bet mexicans kick your ass all the time, your wont win, youll never win, vy the way your going to hell, so are your kids, faggot

  192. carlos rivera says:

    man fuck you homie you fuckn red neck cunt wit ur little chickn dick datz y we got white chickz over us cuz we got big dickz you dumb selfish bitch cum to ma hood nd say dat dum fuck mess wit one bean you get da whole burrito mathafucka i dare you pig idiot nd dam you really hurt ma feelings… Nd all ma latino people keep ya head up nd whoo hoo fuck redneckz jajajajajjajajaja little chicken dickz…..

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Bean:
      Ohhh boy – you must be one stupid spic: you don’t listen to anything I have written. Ohhh well, I hope your tough – I really do..

  193. Mickey Jones says:

    You folks know something – these beans must think they are some tough boys – they tell us they have invaded and there is nothing we can do about it — how do you fellows like that bowl of beans — LOL..

    • yurmom says:

      oohhhh boy oh boy oh boyy:) its true some PEOPLE here (as in human fuking beings) are being dumb,maybe i am too, let me ask you something, what the fuck was the point of this rant? will your kids magicly be fed if you got at least 50 people having a race war?mexicans are dumb, especialy the ones who bring there new born baby with them when the cross the border(im that baby) i have been in the u.s. all my life and dont plan on going to mexico, why? cuz things are worse there than it is here, and THIS is my country, i was raised here even though i was not born here,it is not my fualt this happened. you know why mexicans are hated and thought of as criminals and worthless scum? becouse YOU treat them like that, if you guys treated us kindly we wudnt feel so much pain and hate and resort to violence, but hey thats the world. i have freinds of many races, i love them all and are
      so dear to my heart, these freindly ppl of many decents who have made me one if them, they sir are the REAL AMERICA, ppl like you deserve to die….you deserve to go into war, fight for your country and die, cuz last time i checked, ranting about a subject so stupid isnt helping this country,its not helping your kids,its not helping you, ppl will not praise you for this. but theres nothing i can do about it, nothing except tell you this, mickey jones, life itself isnt fair, but the individual human being can
      make it fair,it wasnt my fualt my mom brought me here…ok? im sorry mexicans do this, but most of them do it becouse they want a better life for their child, you as a father should know right?? you are not a racists…no….yoyr a horrible cold hearted person…thats ehat you are…i hope u better yourself..or so god help us all…god bless you,god bless your kids, and god.bless.AMERICA

      • Mickey Jones says:

        Greetings: yurmom:
        Ok – in all fairness, I suppose I should put this up to you and all of the over bean invasion force.

        I am aware of what your own government did to your people back in the early 1960’s – I suppose you’ll have to reference dates for yourself – but I am aware that around 10,000 mexicans were slaughtered by your own government in Mexico city – because of a huge protest: I.E. The Poor Mexicans were protesting because they were starving to death and doing without anything to improve their lives.

        I am also aware that it is my and other americans own Government that has espoused Illegal Mexicans entering the United States – and then on top of that – The US Government designed and implimented whole-sales welfare programs for the ILLEGAL MEXICAN.

        The above two points are not the Mexican or the Americans fault – it comes down to both the Mexican and the American having a supressive and run-away Government on top of them.

        The point is — Both the Mexican and the American peoples must deal with their own Governments head on – I.E. – if the peoples of each prespective nation disagree with what their government is doing – it is up to each to deal with their own problems.

        However: What makes the Mexican Bean Invasion different from other immigrants coming to the US is simple to understand – as follows.

        1. Millions of ILLEGAL MEXICANS: Simply a Numbers game.
        2. The Crime that the Mexicans Bean Invasion Force has brought.
        3. The American working class is being under-cut at the wrong point in history: I.E. Due to the % of American Jobs being lost due to NAFTA and the WTO – and added to – The ILLEGAL BEAN WELFARE programs – the American people are in a very precarious position.
        4. The US government and various state governments are now practicing Racism against and toward the American people in favor of the ILLEGAL MEXICAN.

        Ok Mr. Bean – you say your people want a better life – Ya – I understand that – and once more I agree that the BEAN should have freedoms, a job, an education, good foods, health care, a home to live in — excedra – thats all well and fine.

        However Mr. Bean – your people need to man-up – go back to mexico and find your own way – stand up to your own government – take care of yourselves – as your problems are not ours – the American people have their own problems.

        The United States is close to falling – we now have a deficit of over $18 trillion – its time for the ILLEGAL BEAN to leave – have you not taken enough from the American People?

      • yurmom says:

        im not even an adult yet,so i dont know how i am suppose to man up and fight my governemt,besides i like it here,its my home,cuz i didnt have a choice wether or not i would ilegaly cross the border,i was brought here when i was merely a year old,im still ilegal,but in the process o becoming legal,so wgat do you think i should do?none if it is my fualt,like i said making a rant about it wont help,im sorry nothing will change,this country isnt failing becouse of us,its all our fualt,maybe its time for you to man up and accept the fact that every ilegal mecican isnt going back becouse your famous rant told them too,also you should stop saying BEAN cuz you look stupid saying BEAN every BEAN sentence

  194. Alan says:

    To all the racist fuckers:

    Firstable, How many mexicans do you guys know?
    It is true that immigration is a problem, but there’s people from all over the world in the US, so it’s all about racism. Some mexicans go to the US to be able to give their families an opportunity that unfortunately in our country Mexico they cant achieve because our fucking corrupt government want it that way, it is also true that some mexicans are just shit, and go to your country to commit crimes, but there’s asians, europeans and us americans as well who also do so.

    It’s absolutely false that raping a girl or family member is part of our tradition, and if you ever had a mexican person said that, well is a piece of shit, that’s it.

    In Mexico there’s thinking-people with common sense who are against the social injustice including the hatred to our people.
    You guys should remember that stupidity is international, and there’s shit everywhere and as William Blake said “To generalize is to be an idiot”

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Hello Alan:
      This is not about being racist – not for me! My input is based on the survival of both the American Peoples and the Mexican Peoples.

      You need to look at what the Mexican Governemt has done to the Mexican working class – and also what the American Government has done to the American working class.

      This really comes down to the Global Elitest – and what they have DEMANDED of the perspective governments – and others all around the world – such as China and perhaps India for example.

      Alan – No-One in their right mind wants a war – a war of any type and or on any level – such as a social revolution – or a civil uprising – Moreover: anyone – regardless if they are an American or a Mexican that says they actually want a war – well, they are simply insane. Trust Me – I’m a combat Veteran – US ARMY – 2nd ID – and I’m here to tell you and anyone else reading this – war sucks. Both the Americans and the Mexicans need to avoid any such problems – and should be trying hard to avoid any form of war.

      But Alan – open your eyes – look around yourself – now understand, I am not asking you to be a racist – or have any racist views: but I am asking you to be honest with yourself.

      Do you think the American people are doing ok?
      Do you think the Mexican people are doing ok?
      Do you agree with a wholesale ILLEGAL MEXICAN INVASION?
      Do you agree that the ILLEGAL BEAN has brought in criminal activity?

      Alan – do you agree that at some point push will come to shove?

      Its time for all Patriotic Americans to take this Nation back – in one way or another – and if that includes the slaughter of Beans – well, I’m sorry – I truelly am very sorry – But the American People must do what they must do – in order to have a prosperous and Free Life!!!!!!!!

  195. tom says:

    Spaggot= spick+faggot

  196. Alan says:

    Hello Mickey Jones

    Slaughter of beans? haha c’mon who do you think you are to even think about doing that?
    I dont agree with the ILLEGAL MEXICAN INVASION, I wish mexican people could have a good level of life over here in their own country, but unfortunately they cant. Since Carlos Salinas de Gortari created the NAFTA the problem began and it’s been on for years, people who governs us only want to keep the money and power they got by fucking up their own people.
    Answering your question, I think some mexicans are doing good cause they’re waking up, some of us wanna stop impunity, corruption, violence because some of us believe that MEXICO has all the potential to be an up-rising country.
    I dont agree that the ILLEGAL BEAN, as you say contemptuously, has brought in criminal activity, not everyone, im pretty sure of that.

    Now, if it’s not about racism, What do you think about MEXICAN people living legally in the US?

    And by the way, mexican people is not only brown and short as you guys think, you’d be surprised if you ever come to our country and find out that there’s a big variety.

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Alan:
      To put this as simply as I can:

      I feel that Mexico is a sovreign nation.
      I feel that the United States is a sovreign nation.

      The Mexican Invader has broke all the rules – and there fore – the Bean must be delt with – to include the anchor babies.

      Ohhh – just for your info – I hope the drug cartels at the border keep on killing each other – and some puss americans — please keep pushing – and become more violent – please do this.

      All Mexicanos must leave the US.

      Myself – I would rather the US fall than to allow the Beans to live amoungst us.

  197. Alan says:

    hahaha, oh yeah since you are superior we shouldnt leave AMONGST you, feeling unreachable and dont even know how to write your own language, but its ok, thats your poor opinion.

    I bet, no better yet, I assure there’re hundreds of mexicans living in your country and out of it who are miles better than your ass in many ways.

    I feel that Mexico and the United States are SOVEREIGN nations too. The mexican uneducated/criminal has broke all the “rules”, not the mexican itself.
    Ohhh, just for your info, I hope the drug cartels in the border keep on killing each other as well, and by the way, the real business of mexican drug dealers is the US, so it wouldn’t be a hugh deal if some US americans didnt love drugs, so why are you guys that special?

    All mexican shit must leave the US to let the US american shit expand themselves. Not generalizing

    Myself – I would rather you to stop being a close-minded patriot and drop the fuck that air of superiority, it does not exist.

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Alan:
      Well – I suppose your bean mind is to simplistic to understand – so be it.

      I have tried – and will try one last time to explain: In a word – putting this as simple as I know how >>>

      >>> The One World Order Will Fail – Period….

      >>> The Illegal Bean is nothing more than a tool for the One World Elite – more-or-less – The Illegal Mexican Bean is nothing more than a Mule.

      In the United States – We Americans have alot of trouble – Troubles that have been shoved down our throats.

      The majority of these troubles are not the fault of the Illegal Mexican Jumping Beans – The troubles are the Fault of the American People – simply because the American people have forgot their reasons for being here >>>> In a word – The American People have allowed the ONE WORLD GLOBAL ELITE TO DO AS THEY WISH FOR WHAT EVER REASON THEY WISH.

      This time is rapidly coming to an end – This message should serve as a warning to the ILLEGAL MEXICAN – If I were you and all of the other beans – I would get my ILLEGAL MEXICAN TAIL-END back to good ole Mexico, and I would take my Bambinos with me – and there I would sit and watch the Hell that breaks out in the US of A.

      From my estimates – You Mexicans Beans have about 8 or 9 more months – after that your taking your Tortilla into your own hands — LOL…

      Ohhhh ya – Please don’t expect Americans to show you or any other Bean any type of Respect.

      Its not that we hate you – not really – and were not really racist toward you – not really – the problem is that Your an Illegal Bean that has invaded Our Nation by the millions – You Beans have come and RAPED this nation – and at the Hands of our Government – you ILLEGAL BEANS ARE NO GOOD FOR ANYTHING..

      1. Your a Criminal – simply because you are ILLEGAL.
      4. YOU THIEVE — ohhh boy – ILLEGALS ARE THIEVES.
      5. And your Violent – Your dirty – your rude – your pushy.

      Bean – you had better take this warning – not from me – but from the adverse situation – Push is coming to shove – and soon.

      I’ll make this last statement – you had better listen – you better take this to heart.

      Me – speaking of myself – I’m just an old and worn-out Combat vet – But you know something – I have been using my combat experience and education to train young Americans in the art of killing for over a decade – young american men that have had enough – enough of the Mexicans – ya sure – but the main issue is American Men that are sick of our Own Government.

      The only reason why something hasn’t began yet – simply that its not time yet – but its close – very very close.

      Myself – I’m not a mean and agressive man – I’m just an old and worn out old bastard – but the others — LOL LOL LOL – they are rather mean.

      Get out bean – do it now – and take your anchor bambino with you….

      • :D says:

        “In the United States – We Americans have alot of trouble – Troubles that have been shoved down our throats”.

        What’s up, amigo? you haven’t decided if you want to eat at mc donald’s or KFC?

  198. Mickey Jones says:

    Hello BEANS:
    Why your here in America – why don’t you make yourselves Usefull?

    There are a number of SCREAMING LIBERALS that need to be delt with before you take your little BROWN ILLEGAL BEAN Tail-ENDS back to Ole “Mexico”.

    Hey look Bean – You owe the Americans alot – We really don’t care if you tend to the SCREAMERS for us – no-one will say a word..

    Thanks BEAN:

  199. Alan says:

    JAJA, oh my god what a smart comment mickey jones, the good thing is that you actually wrote it correctly this time so a BEAN doesnt have to correct you

  200. Alan says:

    one more thing, even if we’re not in your country, we’re still in AMERICA motherfucker, there’s people from 35 countries who are americans, how’s that? and like it or not you gonna have mexicans AMONGST you for a long long long time, so deal with it tiny brain.

    Bye, have a good day vet of war :)

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings BEAN
      Well – it was nice to have exchanged comments with your welfare grabbing Tortilla Tail-End: Now Listen – Be a good little bean now – stay down south of the Border where you brown ass belongs.

      Here in the states – I’m affraid you beans have been harrassing to many American Citizens, this can-not be allowed to continue on.

      I have heard that many african decented Americans are affraid of the Bean – with an emphasis on the Illegal Bean: and for good reason I would say – after decades of home invasions, and drive by killings being acted on the African American population in such places as LA – San Diego – All over Arizona – and even Denver – I think the Bean has done enough to scare them – we as Americans can-not allow that sort of behavior to continue – so leave the African American Peoples alone – they are very good and decent people.

      Alot of the African Americans are rather kind and easy going peoples – why would your dirty people try to hurt such a fine peoples – for drugs?

      But you know – The African Americans might be scared of your Beans now – but you know how things go – they might be scared today – but what about next week….

      Think about this Bean!

  201. Alan says:

    I would recommend you to read some history before you talk about invasion from we beans.

    So, we BEANS have scared african DESCENDANT americans? I cant believe you’re saying that vet of war. What about the white supremacy belief in your country practiced by many idiots with a mind like yours? I think the bean has done enough to scare them, as much as some US americans, asians and all races, cant you get it?

    I know that a lot of african americans are rather kind and easy going, I’ve known some of them.
    Some african americans might be scared of SOME beans, I dont doubt it, I’m actually scared of some of them as well. Next week some beans will probably be scared, yes, but you guys wont get rid of them, haha.
    I agree with you that the harassment of some beans towards US citizens shouldnt be allowed, but I dont think they’re completely innocent.

    And, I live in Mexico worn-out combat vet, so my ass, which is probably whiter than yours, and i mean it, is where it belongs.
    By the way, your shit jokes about mexicans are stupid and funny far from being what you think they’ll be.

    And to be honest, it’s hard to believe that there’s actually people living in the richest and most industrialized country in the world with a mind like the one you have, it’s like contradictory.
    Man, I know that so many mexicans are hogs like you say, but people from all over the world including your loved country are so as well. So, if you say it’s not about being racist, Why so much shit only to mexicans? Of course, if you are able not to answer the same shit you’ve been answering, not convincing to me

  202. Mickey Jones says:

    Hello Alan:
    Ok – you have asked a fair question – I need to answer.

    Your Question: “you say it’s not about being racist, Why so much shit only to mexicans:”?

    Ok Alan – I honestly believe there are good and bad people in every race – and yes – to include Mexicans. This is directly stating that I believe there are good and bad – white people – black people – Asian People – Arabic People – Mexican People — so fourth and so on.

    However: as I have tried to explain to you in previous posts – what makes the difference is the way in which the Illegal Mexicans have entered the United States.

    White Americans – Black Americans – Asian Americans – Native Americans – Arabic Americans — excedra – all have one thing in common – They are all AMERICAN CITIZENS. As such – they all have certain rights – and are all equal under the law.

    I suppose I should point out – there were and are Mexican Americans – so what makes them different – thats the question is it not?


    THE ILLEGAL MEXICAN has brought to many social problems into the United States.

    1. The Illegal Mexican is a criminal from the first step into this nation.
    2. The Illegal Mexican is a welfare hog.
    3. The Illegal smuggles and sells drugs to under-age children – African American children have been hurt very badly.
    4. The Illegal Mexican is a Thief.
    5. The illegal Mexican is a Rapist – both people and a nation.
    6. Illegal Mexicans are rude and pushy.

    Excedra: but the worst aspect of this Illegal Mexican invasion – can be seen as Social In-Justice against the American People.

    As I have stated: in many ways – one can-not put all of the blame on the Illegal Mexican – It is my Own Government that must take some of the blame – MOREOVER: The Globalist that Owns the United States.

    Alan: to put this in a simple way: —– The Illegal Mexicans Have Illegally Entered The United States – They have Taken Un-Funded Welfare – They Have Commented to many crimes – They have sold Illegal and Addictive Drugs to under-age Children – persons who were to young to know right from wrong – The have Killed American Citizens on US soil.

    The Illegal Mexican has not been a Positive Factor for the United States – or – American Citizens.

    Your people have gone to far!

  203. Alan says:

    mickey jones that’s all I wanted to read.

    I totally agree with you, the ILLEGAL in the States is a huge problem, there are MEXICANS who have become citizens as well, some members of my family live in the US legally and are equal under the law, they pay their taxes etc.

    One more question Mickey, What about the illegal non-mexican people living in your country?

    The illegal mexicans may have taken unfounded welfare yes, but they have been the PUSHING ARM of the working class of your country, you must accept that, many US citizens dont wanna do the job the mexican mules do, do they?

    Not all the illegals sell drugs to under-age children, some others ya, but I dont think a mexican dealer just came up to a children like “Do you want any drugs?” Do you? If an under-age takes drugs, is gonna get it one way or another, that’s no new.
    All the mexicans you’ve known have been rapist? all of them? cause you insist in that topic.

    Some illegal mexicans have not been a positive factor for the States and the US citizens, some others have for sure.

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Greetings Alan:
      As an American Patriot, and Military Veteran – I natural feel that all Illegal Persons should be picked up – and have their heads blown off. However, other races – Other than Illegal Mexicans that is, make up such a low precentage of all illegals – its hard to key in on them – so many go undetected. Illegal Mexicans are the focus at this time – and I expect they will be almost indefenetly.

      I disagree – the Illegal Mexican is not the Pushing Arm of the working class – in my opinion – the Illegal Mexican is a Hendrence to the American Working class: They Draw welfare and can simply under-cut the americans.

      Moreover: If an American doesn’t want to do a job – the pay will increase – that is – if the Illegal Mexican wasn’t creating a disruption in the economics.

      Yes – Illegal Mexicans have focused on the Poor in our nation – such as poor and under-priveldged African-American children. I have served as a social Mediator – and worked on several such cases – so I have seen this for myself.

      I am Pro-American – I am not Pro-Race: — however, The African Americans withn the United States have had a rough time making a living – raising themselves up – simply because they were poor and living in areas with very little future. Over the last 30 years or so – Illegal Mexicans have come into their perspective areas – got them on drugs – put young black children into drug gangs – and have seriously harmed the African American community as a result.

      My nation has tried very hard to help the Black Community – perhaps these efforts were not perfect – but this nation was making some head-way – the Illegal Mexicans have set our efforts back – simply because of Illegal Mexican Activity.

      Yes – Every Illegal Mexican is guilty of raping my nation – and this nation is its people – not a strip of land – but the people.

      Having said all of this – as I mentioned – all of the problems can-not be put on the Illegals – I do realize that Americans have a major problem – and it is our own GOVERNMENT.

      The United States Government is the Problem of the AMERICAN PEOPLE – and that is up to OUR People to deal with – not yours.

      Your people need to get out of the United States – go back to your nation and deal with your problems – and we will deal with ours.

      Look – I’m trying my best to tell you – CHANGES are coming – and to be honest – the American people simply do-not need Mexicans here – we will take care of ourselves – you do the same.

      • yurmom says:

        there are no changes coming, if so i doubt it will be towards ilegal mexicans, us americans have bigger probloms, but the BEAN wont leave, the BEAN will stay, conflict wobt solve anything,i really dont give a fuck what wiol happen,but i suggest you take down this rabt becouse all its doing is pissing people off,but if your rant ever gets as far as the news ir the white house in the presidents view, then ill think to myself,oh maybe he was right, i should help make all the BEANS go bacj to mexico by posting a rant as well, such a old worn out wrinkling vet should not worry about something so stupid,im only 16 but ill keep in mind your stupid rant

  204. Kill All Mexicans says:

    First of all hi Mickey and well said …. as are all of your posts ! Unfortunately I feel your wisdom is being wasted on a bunch of truly ignorant and uneducated mexicans that provide no point to there misspelled rants. I also might recommend using smaller words so that they may actually have a chance of understanding what you are saying without having to use Google.

    Second, to all of you mexicans posting here in this thread (that means adding your comments here on this page) I have only one question for you. What is it exactly that any of you have brought to this fine country that has been positive or beneficial ? Is it the way that you park your cars on the yard that we should appreciate ? or maybe the way you can fit that many people in those cars on the way to wall-mart to buy all your groceries with food stamps provided to you from the the taxes of hard working Americans ? (taxes are what you pay to the Government when you don’t work under the table) wait I know what it is, its the way you rape the economy of its fruits and resources and then send it back to mexico right ?

    Last but not least to all you “homeboys” that think you are all tough, maybe you should try fighting one on one like a real man instead of in a pack like a bunch of pussy’s (not that it really matters because you always get your asses beat anyway) Instead of whining and crying about us “Rednecks” and posting incoherent arguments, you should take the advice that Mickey has so generously donated (that means to give) and go back to your own country and instill in it what you so greedily seek in ours. (go ahead and Google that one)

    • yurmom says:

      there are stupid and smart mexicans, the stupid ones are the ignorant people your talking about, the smart ones are the people you know you wont refetence becouse you know were right and your wrong,and the smart ones(including everyone siding with us) are the ones who know this is just an ignorant rant trying to get to us, and people like you are lityle fucking pussies who simply plah follow the leader, a stupid fool of a leader, you would never in your fucking life say any of this in person, you would just stand behind your leader becouse following is all you know how to do

      • yurmom says:

        also wtf have YOU done for this country? pretending like your the fuking founder? mexicans,oh sorry i mean mexican AMERICANS will STAY in the U.S. like it or not, how about you round us up and take us back yourself? you know since we get our ass beat anyway,i would love to see you try big guy

  205. Kill All Mexicans says:

    P.S. the word … there (their), mexico (Mexico) and homeboys (Homeboys) were misspelled and not capitalized on purpose to provide and example of how stupid you are all making yourselves look. Not that you need any help !

    • Mickey says:

      Thank you for the compliment.

      You know something – what I was getting at is to basically suggest that the United States is close to falling – and the Illegal Mexicans can in many ways be blamed.

      I tell you this – you better be armed and ready to use it – and also – have some friends and or family close by.

  206. Britt says:

    I would usually say I dont discriminate and everyone is created equally in God’s eyes– BUT– Some fucking mexican “Norte” mother fucker broke into my house the other day. So I swear to God, next time some nasssstttyyy, loser, piece of shit, dirty, fucking mexican even says something to me, they’re gonna hear how I really feel about their nasty ass.

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Hello Britt:
      Well – to be fair – there is trash in every race – white trash, black trash, asian trash – American Indian Trash — excedra: but at the same time – there are good and decent people in every race as well.

      Having said that – what makes the difference to me – In my Opinion – and in reagrd to the Illegal Mexican Invasion – are the following views.

      Let me start by putting this out there:

      Do you realize that going back to the early 1800’s, and even earlier – there were present in our nation – Mexican Americans – Persons like Juan Seguin for example. This Mexican actually supported the so-called anglo-saxons – and became first a Texan – and then later an American citizen.

      The point is – there were Mexican Americans in our nation going back over 180 years in many cases.

      however: over the last 40 years or so – is when the actual ILLEGAL MEXICAN INVASION began – swelling to over 20 million Illegal Mexicans – persons who have invaded our nation at the hands and will of our own US Federal Government.

      Ok – so heres the hard facts and rather straight talk:

      I do-not expect others to agree with my point of view – but what I honestly think is that simply because the Numbers of Illegal Mexicans residing within the US are so high – and – the US Federal Government and the States Governments have decided to support the Illegal Mexicans – ADD to this: The Crime associated with the Illegals Mexicans — We Americans are living in very dangerous times – and we as Patriotatic Americans have a duty – that duty is to Preserve our Nation – which is Our People.

      Preserve – How one might ask?

      All Persons of Mexicans decentment must leave the lower 48 – and all other US owned areas – the One World Order must fail – and this action is not only for the good of Americans – but good for the Mexicans as well – we must have our Independance – just as they should have theirs.

      To be honest – I could care less if the Mexicans live or die – just as long as America gets shed of them – ALL OF THEM…..

  207. Alberto says:

    I feel so sorry for you people…even if you arent white…you are ignorant towards Mexicans when most do nothing to you…we do not take jobs, guess what you are foreigners..we were here first…you do not have good hearts and you won’t have a place In heaven..btw…if we do take your jobs oh well…the richest man in the world is a Mexican…so kindly stop ranting like idiots

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Screw Off Mexican:
      If you Drug-Addicted Mexican Beans want a fight — just go ahead and stay in the United States – you have forced your way into our nation and destroyed it – a fight is coming – and I hope like hell it starts soon!

      I have done my best to be nice and forward – to explain in detail what the problem is — and you refuse to listen – so be it.

      Arrogant Mexicans — screw off sh*t face….

      • mexicanbitch says:


  208. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings Americans:
    Heres an interesting take – looking for feed-back – just an interesting thought as it were.

    Many Americans are beginning to realize and understand that the United States is lost – not that its lost fore-ever mind you- but at this time in US history – well, we have alot of work to do.

    Ohh lets just add this:

    1. The Private owned Federal Reserve.
    2. NAFTA.
    3. WTO.
    4. The global Events.
    5. International Cooruption within the banking industry.
    6. Wide Spread racism – such as Affirmative action.
    7. Wholesale Welfare programs – un-earned social programs.
    >>>> Not to mention – the very point of this thread — “”ILLEGAL MEXICAN INVASIONS”.

    I suppose the point is — we all realize that Mexicans are pure garbage – we also know that Mexicans are some of the most criminally minded sub-humans in the world: Drug-Addicts, Thieves, Bums and Beggers – and overall – the Mexican is nothing more than a disgusting piece of filth.

    But we also know that its our own Government that allowed this Mexican Garbage to infiltrate our nation to begin with.

    So – getting down to cases:

    Lets say the Mexicans simpy stay – and the US continues to erode, which it will — why not simply let the MEXICAN FILTH remain – and aid in the real fight to come – MASSIVE CHAOS?

  209. mariana says:

    first of all this page is stupid cuz it shouldnt be illegal to come to another country just to make ur life better and i agree with all the mexicans like me that commented on this page no matter whaty other people say mexicans are way better and i am proud to be one

    • Mickey Jones says:

      Hello mariana:
      So what your saying – what you honestly think is that you and other mexicans can just do what-ever you want – when ever-you want for what ever-reason you want?

      >> Mexicans do not have to follow rules?
      >> Mexicans should not have any consequences to their actions?
      >> Mexicans are above the law?
      >> Mexicans are above the Americans?
      >> Mexicans can take what they want out of another nation?

      Do you honestly believe that Mariana?????

    • ingli ONLY says:

      Mexicans are far worse than any other group of illegal’s, but all are bad. The reason they are so dangerous is because the Mexican government is encouraging them to sneak in here, break our laws, steal our services and destroy our country by illegal voting. This is an act of war.

  210. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings Fellow Americans:
    Have you folks been reading the Mexicans?

    These Mexicans feel that we owe them – owe them what ever they want.

    Mexicans feel they can do what ever they want – and we have nothing to say about it.

    Well – Remember this – the Illegal Mexican is a major problem that must and will be delt with – but that isn’t our biggest problem – our biggest probem is a follows.

    >> Our Government plays host to the Ultra elite – the Global Elitest groups – such as the Bilderbergs – and the other power brokers of the world.

    >> I would be suprised to find out that these Globalists are actually the Mafia – or a variant of the mafia.

    >> If we as American Citizens desire a nice life – a good job with benefits and a retirement – a livable wage – and these other thing that we need and deserve – we seriously need to address the issue at hand – IE: Global Elitism.

    Spread the word folks – address the Issue at hand – and then take care of the Mexican Problem.

    One day – I hope these so-called proud to be mexicans will be in Mexico – and out of our business.

  211. Ivan says:

    Greetings Mickey Jones

    Look, mexican people can do whatever they want, as far as it is not harmful for others.
    Mexicans DO have to follow rules, should have consequences for their acts, mexicans are not above the law, if they were, there wouldnt be murders against them from a bunch of assholes who think they have the right to kill mexican people only cause they are white US americans even though they dont contribute anything to your loved nation. Mexicans are not above you US americans, nobody is above anybody, not even you, although you were born in the United States of America.

    I have been reading the mexicans, some just wrote shit but some others DID wrote good stuff, so WE mexicans dont feel that you owe us dont be ridiculous Mickey.
    Whenever the criminal mexicans in your country do shit, they deserve to be punished, I would be more than happy to find out that you are getting rid of them. But being working so hard to give their families a different way of living, even though illegally, I really dont think that’s a problem.
    Besides if the powerful people of your government are assisting to those Global Elite groups meetings, such as the Bilderbergs, they are doing so ILLEGALLY, cause the US american legislation does not allow meeting secretly with powerful people from other countries, did you know that? But whatever, if your government planned a self-attack where around 3000 civilians died, I dont think that anything matters for them except keeping the power and the position they have.

    Why illegal mexican is a major problem Mickey?
    In spite of the fear of many citizens, certain studies of UN have demonstrated that immigration contributes neither to the increase of the local unemployment nor to the reduction of salaries, much less if it’s about the USA, richest and most industrialized country of the world. The study was actually emphasizing that the immigrants contribute to the increase of the demand in the sector of goods and services in the target country.

    Mickey, is not that I am so-called proud to be mexican, it’s just that, as a mexican, is outrageous having been reading all this shit you have written about mexican people, as if you knew all of us, you say that is not about being racist, and then you come out with words such BEAN, welfare grabbing Tortilla Tail-End HAHAHA, c’mon dude, where’s your first quality education?
    I live in Mexico, and I’ve been so lucky cause I have had a good level of life, a decent education and I personally believe that having people from all over the world living around you, is kinda great actually, I mean differents cultures, different languages, the more you know the bigger you are. Talking about good and smart people of course, the criminals, no matter what their nationality is, shouldnt be allowed to keep going, or your main problem is that some mexicans are brown and short Mickey?

  212. mexicanbitch says:

    Fuck all you hill billy mother/sister/cousin mother fucking white pieces of shit. You dumbass’ would be lost without us Mexicans… we do the jobs your to stupid to do. Your just pissed because we’re taking over. PURO PINCHE RAZA!!

  213. The beaner who raped you that time. says:

    Hello, Mr. Brainless Redneck.
    The problem here is that some mexican with a dick bigger than yours fucked you once and left your little white ass sored for a week.

    You want mexicans out of USA? then you and your family should move to your original country too. Practice what you preach.
    How cool, you borned in the USA, wonderland, the promised earth, but having that much shit in that little blonde head of yours is as fucked up as being a drunk-illegal-not working-mexican (like you think).

    • Anton says:

      Mexicans unlike the straight forward Negro perverts, are sneaky when it comes to sexual harassing or defiling women. Mexicans either keep a close eye on a woman and wait for her to be alone until they move in with . Another tactic of there’s is simpler for them and that is the use of drugs, such as ecstasy, where the woman’s guard is completely down; that way there is little resistance. The first tactic mentioned is very common in the work place; the older men even keep their filthy eyes on young women during the whole shift.

  214. Mickey Jones says:

    Greetings America:
    You see what I’m trying to tell everyone – Mexicans Honestly feel they are above the law – the laws of our nation – which is the people.

    I have tried to be as nice as I possibly can – but I suppose one can-not be nice to a Mexican — they are simply to stupid to listen to logic and reason.

  215. Ivan says:

    haha mickey jones, you came out with the same shit “mexican are simply too stupid to listen to logic” you have written that like a hundred times, as the US american you are I assure you have a lot of smart stuff to say dont you? haha
    come on dude

    • Mickey J says:

      Hello Smart Ass:
      It won’t be me that shuts your mouth – ohhh no! But, your mouth will be shut at some point – just keep on keeping on.

      As far as skills – you work for me – don’t you know?

  216. Mickey J says:

    I suppose the Mexicans don’t want to work for me anymore – so sad!