Hey, I Gotta Tell You…

These cunts who marry Ay-rabs, and then whine about losing their kids, like that major whiner-cunt Pat Roush, can just go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned.DUH!!!

What did you expect, you raghead wannabe douchebags!!!

Ooooh, lessee, “I sold myself to this dark-eyed romeo (gad, go fuck a spic…they’ll be greatful, and mexico is a lot closer to get your kids back from) and now I’m whining because because he, following his religion, beats me with a stick, and takes my kid back home where I have no rights at all?”

These loser sluts who apparently can’t get a decent Amurrican to fuck them, so they start bottom feeding…well, they can all just go hang.

By the way, if I see another fucking firefighter or cop memorial today, I’m gonna puke.

Where are the monuments and ceremonies for all the janitors, pizza guys, secretaries, and hot dog vendors?

I am SO conflicted by this whole 9/11 thing…if you would have asked me before 9/11 if I would have liked to see those shitheads in those buildings get blowed up…I would have enthusiastically said “Hell Yes!!!”

The Pentagon? Why not?

Congress and/or the Senate? Fuckin A!!!

Then it happens, and I gotta pick which victims make me sad and which don’t…

Every time an angel farts, another faggot croaks, that’s my philosophy.

One of my sons was almost in the Pentagon that day, and I’m glad his meeting was canceled, but I can shed no tears for that bloated military industrial bureaucracy getting center punched…

I regret the loss of the passengers and crew, and I hate it that the tools used against us were these subhuman wastes of chromosomes and skin we label as ‘ragheads’.

But, my basic philosophy still holds…don’t bitch about the ride when you bought the ticket.

Eight years of Clinton and her Whore, and thirty years of escalating decadence…

Yeah, we bought and paid for our future.



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