Well, Florida…

… has served us up another big ole plate of Stupid…is it any wonder I kneel by my little bed every night and pray for nuclear war? This planet needs an enema, and I hope God sticks the nozzle right in Florida. What a pack of dipshits…and it’s the same three counties that fucked up during the Gore/Bush fiasco.
Can we just have a nice, benign military dictatorship? Please? Fuck democracy…we’re a Republic, anyway. When ‘Politician’ and ‘diseased, runny anus’ become synonyms, I think it is time for a change. Let’s use my aforementioned ‘raghead removal method’…if everybody went out and shot just one politician, from dog-catcher on up, we could all start over, eh?
Oh, and I had a thought last night…why do we let foreigners buy controlling interests in American companies? The Saudis and whoever else could foreclose on this country and cripple us without firing a shot. What fucking lemmings we are…
And FURTHERMORE: is it my imagination, or is every single gun company in America now wholly owned by a foreign corporation? Correct me if I’m wrong…sad, too, because now the only ‘deals’ I can find in gunshops and gunshows are shitty foreign made police pistols…fuckers rattle when you shake em. Oh well, at least all my Colts have tripled in value…

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