This is a copy of an email I sent to Col. David Hackworth, my former hero, the other day in response to his article from last Saturday…

Subject: When did you become such a pussy?

Man, you used to be my hero. Iím an ex infantry grunt, and damn proud to have been ready to die for whatever dumbshit reason I was sent to die for. Soddom is a piece of garbage that needs to die, and I only wish that I could be the one to have my foot on his throat when I blew his brains all over my boots.

Me and my boys were the point of the sword, and we didnít question who gave the orders. Remember Hanoi Jane? Now we have Baghdad Scott…that traitorous fuck should be locked away in a deep dark hole. Aiding and abetting was never more clear. I always wondered how you could sit next to Colmes and not chop him across the throat, and now Iím beginning to see. It scares me when Geraldo (tonight, Sunday 9-8) starts to look like a stud and a True American, and you start to sound like a spineless Libertarian.

Colonel, Sir, I have always honored you, and directed others to your writings…make me a believer again, I beg you.

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