I’m glad Matthew Shepherd is dead…

 There is hardly a week that goes by where I don’t hear someone mention that little fruits name, and I just smile inside, happy in the thought that now only worms can crawl up his ass.

Of course, you can’t say that sort of thing, unless it’s in private with a group of people who have all been properly vetted for confidentiality. The infestation of PC and faggotry into our society has gone too far…they’ve won. They have taken over the mass media, and raised enough hell that people who are dependant on votes to keep their jobs cower when they speak.

I’m not talking about dykes…for the most part (except for those who make their living doing ‘activism’) they are harmless, and they hate faggots, too…in private. More than once in college I went to this gay bar with my dyke friends and watched them retch when two guys would kiss…and it finally got to where even the free booze and drunken bi-curious sex those ladies plied me with was not worth me seeing that, either. Anybody remember the mass retching that went on in the theatre during a certain scene in The Crying Game? Blecccchhh!!!!
Nope, the only thing I hate worse than a raghead, is a faggot raghead. Now, I expect some bunch of faggots to email me using their favorite word…’spewing’…with faggots, everything is always ‘spewing’…how ejaculatory. I’m ‘spewing’ hatred…I’m ‘spewing’ bigotry…blah blah blah blah, and all I have to say is, “well, DUH!!” Ignernt faggots, of COURSE I hate you…you hate yourselves or you wouldn’t be so nasty, with your nasty ‘sub-cultcha’ and your nasty practices and your nasty diseases, and don’t try to play that shit that AIDS is a heterosexual disease, cuz it’s not, it is always the result of someone somewhere doing some sort of deviant fucking, end of story.

I just wish you faggots would all have a Big Giant Deviant Fuckfest, get infected, and die, so I can have my TV back. Get going!!!

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